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Monday, August 08, 2022

Red-Eyed Upright Cryptid Encountered Along Rural Michigan Road

A young woman was driving home from work late at night, when she encountered an unknown creature digging through someone's trash by the road. She slowed, then realized that it was not a bear, but something more hideous.

I recently came across the following account:

"One night in September 2005 I was driving home from work at around 11:30 pm. I was a waitress at a golf course in a fairly rural area of Michigan, thus the shortest distance between work and home was all back roads.

As I turned onto the road that I lived on, I saw what I thought was a bear. It was digging through the trash that had been set out in front of a house with a long driveway. It was most likely the length of the driveway that had caused the owner to set up a yard light, which was directly above the creature.

I was initially excited. I had grown up in the area and people often swore there were bear, but I had never seen one. Plus, it just so happened to be under the only light on that road. As my car slowed to a stop, I realized immediately it wasn't a bear. I wasn't afraid yet, but It was shaped all wrong to be a bear. Plus the fur was short and shiny, like a horse or a Doberman. As the car rolled to a stop, I had already seen enough to know it wasn't a bear, or a dog, or even a cat or a deer. It was shaped all wrong. It was deeply muscled. As it dug, I could see the muscles moving in its strangely humanoid shoulders. I am very confused by now, but I am still expecting to have a lightbulb realization. It was huge, the shoulders were very human and strong, but it hasn't looked up yet so I just kept staring, figuring my eyes were playing tricks on me. I had been at a full stop for less than 10 seconds before it finally looked up and It was like time stopped.

This is the part of the encounter I hate to tell for two reasons. One, even after all this time I still get goose bumps when I think about it, and two, I know it sounds crazy. The face was hideous, blood-chilling, terror-inducing. It wasn't flat like a man's, but not long like a dog's either. It had some sort of an elongated face, and a flattened pushed up nose, and eyes that glowed red with what I swear was their own light, not reflected light. The only light source was my headlights which were pointed at the road and the yard light above it, and the glow wasn't your standard animal eyeshine. It was like the color of a hot electric burner. The mouth was by far the worst of it, it was massive, think angler fish style, only the teeth were larger, broader and weirdly shiny, almost metal looking. I just stared at it, forcing myself to keep looking, knowing any moment I would realize it was a mask or a trick of the light. Then it started to stand, bipedal like a man, it opened that terrifying mouth, in what was clearly an act of aggression and I floored it. My car fishtailed, and I had a moment of terror as I realized if I went in the ditch it would be just me and the creature. Thankfully I got it under control and didn't look back. Werewolf was what my brain was screaming, but I'm not sure.

I have heard of 'Dogman' before, but no one has ever described him as having a pushed in nose, and a mouth like an angler fish, full of shiny teeth. When I got home, a lousy two miles away, I drove my car directly up to my porch steps and bolted inside. Thankfully, I have since left the state and have never seen anything like it again. So was this the Dogman or something else?" ST

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