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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Bigfoot Incidents Described by North Georgia Resident

A north Georgia resident describes various strange incidents around his home in the mountains near Hiawassee. This description is very similar to Bigfoot activity, like mimicking, throwing stones, etc.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"My family has owned this lot of land near Hiawassee, GA since the 1980s and my dad and his family would take vacations up there. It’s completely secluded from any form of city and other life, you have to drive for at least 2 miles on gravel road to reach another house. Tight narrow woods all around, a few more houses have sprung up since my childhood and made it less scary to stay there.

Anyway, this entire story starts from all the way back to my dad staying there. The place was a simple trailer, across the gravel road led straight to the top of the mountain the trailer was on, my dad would go up there a lot and just sit.

He told me a story about one time he was sitting up there when he was a teenager and he heard heavy cracking. Something sounded identical to a humans, but remember this is far away from any other house, this was basically their land. He said first the cracking came from behind him, then next thing it was in front of him. He said he stood up and screamed at it to leave their land and he said the footsteps disappeared. He didn’t hear anything walk off, footsteps that sounded right behind and in front of him just vanished, they were gone. He sprinted home and was terrified to go back out in the woods that day.

Now, it’s my turn going up the mountain (he didn’t tell me this story until after). I’m with my friend, but the trailer has literally no cellphone service at all. My dad says maybe you can walk to the top and because there’s less trees and I’ll get good enough reception. We end up climbing it and get to the top, and the same thing that happened to my dad starts to happen. First footsteps that sound heavy behind us and then in front of us, but then it starts to sound like we’re being surrounded, and we’re terrified. Then we hear turkey gobbles far away, which in retrospect was weird because the footsteps sounded closer and heavier than a turkey. So our nerves are eased just for a second, because, us teenagers could take on a flock of turkeys.

But then, what sounded like right in front of the trees, we heard a voice say, 'Hey.'  It sounded almost like my dad, but a different version, slightly more nasal? I didn’t have time to really process that it was my dad's voice. At the moment I was really just thinking someone said hey in front and you in rural Georgia, after hearing surrounding footsteps all around me. We both booked it downhill and back to the trailer not really telling if there were footsteps following us or not. A true flight or fight situation.

It wasn’t until we got back my friend said, 'Did you hear the voice too? Didn't it sound like your dad a little bit?” My mind was racing. I ran inside the trailer to see if my dad was inside and sure enough he was. I asked him if he went up to the top of the mountain, and he didn’t. I told him what we heard. That’s when he told me his story of what happened to him when he was a teenager. We never figured out what we heard.

Another story from the same place. The living room is basically surrounded by windows. I always hated it because we didn’t have blinds or curtains on all of them and I always got the sense someone was watching me at one point or another.

One night, as a kid, I saw a shadow in the blinds of something just slightly shorter than the height of the trailer, walking outside on two legs and very skinny in some parts. My parents made me sleep on the living room sofa a lot. On the outside of the house there were lamps which were always turned on and we had our own one orange street lamp. I was frozen with fear. It’s literally something you never want to experience again and trauma inducing. Your heart racing, every hair on your body standing and not knowing whether you should close your eyes and wait to die or stare and just hope it goes away. It ended up walking past the window and didn’t come back into my view.

Around that same time, we were fishing at a creek near our place we had various rocks and sticks thrown at us, but we brushed it off as falling limbs and stuff rolling down a hill. But now I’m wondering if it was something more?" VT

NOTE: This was most likely Bigfoot activity. Mimicking, walking around a residence at night, stones and sticks thrown, etc. Hiawassee is in north Georgia, up against the Appalachian Mountains, in an area well-known for Bigfoot activity. Lon

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