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Sunday, August 07, 2022

SCARY! Bigfoot Encounter Results in Missing Time, Bizarre Phone Texts, and Data Breach

A 73-year-old Canadian-Brit wrote about his various experiences. A semi-retired nuclear physicist, he relates his amazing personal Bigfoot encounter that still deeply affects him:

“Over many years, travelling to visit and work in many different countries, I’ve seen Sasquatch and Bigfoots many times, always, however, on the screen of some CCTV system or other. For whatever unknown reasons, nuclear installations, particularly those that are military ones, seem to have a peculiar interest for these creatures. Whether it be a civilian side or military installation, these beings are regularly seen trying to breach (and sometimes succeeding) the boundary walls and fences of these sites. I’ve been in many sites where an alarm will go up and a security breach is made. They've attempted to make it that most of these alerts are kind of benign. When some people see a keep out sign, it seems they have to try and defeat it. These bulks are easily picked up by security but in a very small number of cases, the trespasser will be a Bigfoot, sometimes more than one.

I've watched them somehow get past two, sometimes three, barriers before a security squad will get to them. You often see them trying to get over a fence, electrified or not, but another oddity is that you won't ever see them get out. In the past 40 years I’ve either watched this on a TV screen or seen an entry in a log book some 30 plus times. While shocking to see, it's not frightening, simply because it's like a bit like watching a TV show. I watched it live twice in Canada at the nuclear power plant in Macy's Bay in New Brunswick, but it's happened across the world. When logged for security purposes, it's written as 'curious juveniles who ran away without gaining access' and underlined.”

His most unnerving experience happened while hiking a trail in Wales on October 15, 2020.

“I always take part of every other day to do a 4-8 mile hike on a mountain forest trail close to where I live. At my age 73, I nowadays drive about five miles on a minor road to an entrance point where I leave the car and then hike my way into the forest. It's a lot like the places I’ve hiked in Canada, although the mountain trail hike tops out at just 2400 feet above sea level. It's a rough fairly steep track but that gives me a great workout. I had hiked my normal four miles in, sat on my usual large rock that I’ve stopped to sit on many times, pulled out my thermos, just about to pour my tea when I realized I wasn't alone.

No more than 40 maybe 50 meters before me sat a very fit looking, very muscular guy who appeared to be doing some kind of exercise routine. He was between two trees with his back to me leaping quite high as if trying to touch the branches high up in the tree. He had done this about three to four times, getting a little higher each time. He made no sound other than making a huge noisy blast of breath each time he launched himself upwards. I suddenly realized there was something not quite right about what he was doing. With each leap he took, the upper part of his body seemed to become transparent, vanishing. I can clearly see the foliage where his upper body should be as he leapt with his arm stretch upward. Both arms, head, and chest, almost to his waist, became see-through.

As I realized this is happening, I just thought to myself, How in the hell was he doing this trick? Then he suddenly stopped his jumping and turned to face me. He stared very intensely at me - a look that sent shivers down my spine. I don't know how long we looked at each other. It could have been five seconds but it could have been five minutes or five hours. It felt like forever. One thing I do know is that the stare seemed to be one of pure hatred yet, I couldn't take my eyes away. I can't be sure exactly what happened next. I think he took a few backwards steps into the trees, still giving me this intense stare, and hid himself behind a tree. I think he hid from me because one minute he was there and the next he had gone. I could however see part of his body. The tree didn't cover him completely.

I instantly thought Bigfoot, but, hell, man, this is Wales. We don't have these creatures here. Canada and many other places in the world, yes. My father-in-law told me of many strange things he encountered in his life, particularly in the west parts of Vancouver Island. I had no doubts whatsoever that what I was looking at was definitely a Bigfoot for sure. I’d seen these creatures many times and they're all a little different. Some are tall. Some are not so tall. Others, probably youngsters, are quite short relatively speaking. Some have red brown coloring. Others have all kinds of color from dark cream through to black. The one thing they all have in common is their heavily muscled build. The things I noticed when he turned fully facing me staring right at me for those seconds were his build he was incredibly wide body with very heavily defined muscles in his legs, arms, chest, even his mid-rib his body would seem huge. I’d hate to even guess how wide his shoulders were and the fingers of his hand on his left arm were lower than his knee. The other arm was held outward touching a branch. 

As we stared at each other, I realized what I thought was a well-worn clothing, was fur or hair growing very thickly on the head, shoulders, but less thick on the rest of it. The main thought I had in my mind was how damned ugly he was and the look he gave me was one of pure evil, absolute total hatred. I also realized my whole body was shaking. A wave of sheer terror was making my body have dreadful tremors and worst of all, I dropped my cup as I tried to get off the stone, but I just could not for the life move a muscle. All I could think of was getting away from there. The more I tried to move, the worse the tremors became and I felt as weak as a child. I’d never seen one up close and personal in the flesh. I had no desire to stay. I was willing my body to get away from the place but I could not move a muscle.

I suddenly started crying. I never felt such emotion in my life and there I was sat on a stone in the middle of a forest clearing sobbing my heart out. I couldn't cry hard enough. I felt totally hysterical and my sides hurt. I was putting all of my heart and soul into crying. Like a baby, I was crying so hard I felt like vomiting with the sheer effort to stop it. I haven't a clue how long I sobbed before I simply stopped. I wiped my eyes, got up from my rock seat, with no other thought in my mind other than I needed to get the hell out of there.

As I stood up, I realized I wasn't the same spot where I originally stopped. I was on a rock for sure but the rock I got up from was about two and a half miles closer to the entrance track to the forest. That realization sent another wave of fear through me. I just needed to get back to where I parked and get myself back home. I got up from the rock easily enough, which was comforting in a way. I took no more than two steps when I realized my foot was hurting like hell because one of my shoes was off. I went back to the rock and looked. I found nothing. I also realized one of my socks too was missing. Not on the foot of my missing shoe but on my other foot, the one with my shoe still on. My mobile phone which was in my jacket pocket started receiving texts. As I walked as fast as I could with just one shoe, the damn phone kept making the same tune over and over. I was repeatedly receiving text at a rate of knots. I pulled the phone out of my pocket and the first thing I noticed was these damn texts were overwhelming me. I expected the time to be a few minutes later than when I had sat down but from the time I originally sat down on the rock more than an hour and eight minutes had passed. My eyes were still too teary to even look at who I was getting all these damn texts from. I put it back in my pocket and continued hightailing it back to the car.

I was still receiving text when I finally got to the car, got in, started and got away from that place. The sound of incoming texts continued until I was about half a mile from home. I drove home as fast as I dared, but probably no more than 20 miles per hour. I just couldn't bring myself to go any faster. My whole body was shaking. I ached in every bone of my body. I just had to keep blinking like crazy to keep my eyes clear.

I got home, called my son who lives about 300 meters from me, made a cup of tea and felt totally out of it. The worst feeling I’ve ever had my entire life. I've worked in war zones, in some real dangerous places in the world, but the fear I felt and still do was totally overwhelming. My son arrived, he being the family expert on anything that remotely smells of conspiracy theories, whether they be Bigfoot through to government cover-ups. He told me I looked as if I’d seen a herd of ghosts all at once. He said I was more than pale. I was white. He noticed I was shaking badly as I tried to get the story up. He didn't dismiss anything I said, in fact he was going a bit over the top doing his detective work, firing more questions than I had answers for. I finally, after some time being grilled, remember the multiple texts I had and he hadn't looked yet and he snatched my phone from me and was absorbed in it for ages. Every time I asked who it was, he held his arm his arm up to stop me from talking.

Finally he handed my phone back and once again I felt a fear that made me shake all over again. I became as scared as I had ever been since that creature began staring at me. Every single text I received, all 78 from them were 'Welcome to ...” from different countries around the globe. The first one welcomed me to Ireland followed by Greenland, Canada, America, Japan... In total, 78 'Welcome' texts from 26 countries. Canada welcomed me four times. The USA three times. Russia was eleven. Georgia, Nigeria, Namibia, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia etc., all of them without exception were time stamped inside the same minute.

My son, at this point, was probably as pale as me. The next thing that happened threw me even more, if it's possible. When I finally went to bed that night I undressed, threw my lone remaining shoe and sock in a waste box and realized my underpants were inside out and back to front. They followed my shoe and sock into the box pretty damn quick. They all went to the trash dump the next day. I didn't really know what to do. Should I see a doctor, call the police, at least do something? I didn't sleep a wink that night and the following day was as bad. I still, to this day, can't get the creature stare out of my head. I also hurt the top of my head to my toes where I’d walked in the gravel road back to the car. I'd cut my foot badly and my whole body felt like I’d played a game of hard rugby. I was equally as worried about the texts.

My son suggested I contact my cell phone company house about them. Maybe they would have a reasonable explanation for them. I tried all ways to make copies of all texts I had. I looked on the internet to see if there was an easy way to do it but the optimum method seemed to be to screenshot each one separately. I tried but just seemed stupid doing one at a time and difficult to tell which order they came in. My son suggested I try the phone company. They're bound to have some way of helping preserve all these texts. I called them three days later explained what I wanted and asked very nicely if she could help. She said they would have records but not sure what they would include. She promised to get back to me as soon as possible the solution of some kind.

I did receive a call back the following day from a fellow this time and all he really wanted to know was if I wanted the records for a court case or any other legal reasons. I told him my phone had acted very strangely and I had a whole load of text and I wanted to keep a record of them. He asked a few questions, went through the whole security thing and he then asked me why I wanted them. He also mentioned that my phone appeared to misbehave and what did I think could happen with all those notifications that I thought was no real business of his. So I just said I was gonna get my phone looked at and needed those particular records. He asked me for details of my phone, which I thought they would have had on record anyway, such as the serial number and other things. I got a bit uptight with him and said send the damn copies and a bill for me for the cost. He finally said he would print out the record forms for that entire day and I would get them in about five days at no charge.

When I got up the following morning, my Samsung S7 phone was mysteriously factory reset. I wasn't able to get any of my data back. Not even my phone book and contacts, nothing. That has just about scared me as much as anything else. Is this even possible or is it pure coincidence that my phone reset itself. You can also guess that I never got any records of any kind from the phone company. My life right now is just about on hold. I've seen a psychologist twice whilst he has diagnosed me with PTSD. I don't think he believes a word of what I told him. He agrees I had some kind of traumatic traumatic experience.”

Transcribed source: Told to Steve Isdahl and seen at Important Bigfoot Information

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