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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Eerie 'Black-Eyed Girl' Stalks British Columbia Neighborhood

A girl explains her encounter with a black-eyed girl while sleeping on her balcony. A neighbor describes a similar BEK in a tree in the same neighborhood. Was it a corporeal child or a manifestation?

The following account was forwarded to me:

"In the summer of 2005, LaKesha, then 7, and her family (mother, father, two older sisters) had just moved to a new town (undisclosed) in British Columbia, Canada. The location they moved to was a group of townhouses on a cul-de-sac. There was a huge backyard that was shared with all the other townhouses in that one section. And there was a giant tree right outside of their balcony. Anyone who lived there had to cross by the tree to get into the townhouse complex.

Anyway, in the summer, because it was quite hot, she and her sister, 11, would sleep out on the balcony under the stars. They had a whole cozy sleeping bag arrangement out there. They did this almost every night. Until one night, everything changed.

“I had what I thought was a dream. I saw these hands come up on the balcony and the balcony was on the second story and it kind of pulled itself up. It was this little girl but where the eyes were supposed to be, it was nothing. It was just like black holes. And I just remember feeling so afraid.”

Things went blank and her next memory was, her words, “snapping out of it” and waking up her sister. She told her that a bug had freaked her out and that they should go inside. She never slept on that balcony again, after that, it was so unsettling to her. She also never told her sister why, thinking it was just a bad dream and her sister might think her silly.

Two months later, LaKesha was outside with some neighbor kids, hanging out by the tree. Her second older sister approached them and told them that they should stay away from the tree. She proceeded to tell them what a neighbor had told her.

Apparently, one of the neighbors in the complex had arrived home between 10:00 and 11:00 PM and was walking past the tree when he noticed a little girl playing by it. He found this to be quite odd. He walked up to her, asking her where her parents were and telling her that she should probably go home since it was late. She did not respond to him so he went up to her and he touched her shoulder. When she turned around to face him, he noticed that this little girl had no eyes. Where her eyes were supposed to be, there were just black holes. Frightened, he ran home. This little girl or whatever it was, chased him all the way home, back to his house. He was terrified by what he saw and told the neighbors to keep the kids away from the tree. He moved soon after.

LaKesha had not told anyone of her bizarre experience and she was shocked. Even the description matched what she had seen. What were the chances that another person would see what she saw in her dream? She no longer believes that it was a dream but rather something that really happened. “I remember feeling so afraid,” she recalled. She sensed there was something truly sinister about the entity and she still gets spooked thinking about it even today."

Transcribed source: Jim Harold's Campfire Podcast, “When Ghosts Attack – Campfire 551”, Uploaded May 5, 2022

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