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Saturday, August 06, 2022

'Humanoid' Werewolf Recently Encountered on Oregon's Central Coast

The witness describes, in detail, their recent encounter with a hunched humanoid wolf that crossed the road in front of their vehicle. Was this a werewolf? Another version of Dogman?

The following account was referred to me:

"This is a really odd story of how I came to see a literal dogman last night (8/1/2022) at around midnight. I live in a neighborhood by the way (near Newport, Oregon), but we are on the edge of a large forest behind our house. So not completely rural.

Funny part of the story: So, I set a live trap for a mouse last night (catch and release, I can't stand to harm mice). It triggered at midnight and the loud "POP" of the door woke me up. I decided I didn't want to just leave it in the cage all night long waiting for morning. I could hear him trying to chew through the wires and didn't want him to torture himself or get hurt attempting to get out. So, I decided I'd just take him outside immediately. Instead of releasing mice in the yard by my house, I always go about 3 miles away into a forested area. I'm not cruel enough to just release him by someone else's house, thus causing them a mouse problem! Irrelevant info, I know. Anyway.

Before I even got in my car to transport the little mouse, my stomach began hurting like never before. It was a horrible foreboding feeling that was almost telling me something terrible was about to happen. There was no reason for my stomach to just suddenly start screaming in pain. I essentially NEVER have stomach problems like this. Its exceedingly rare, I just don't get stomach aches. But this was painful on a scale that was so strange. I kept getting this deep sense of something being wrong.

I got into the car with the little cage, going down the street it was literally only ONE block away from my home that I instantly slowed on the brakes because of something enormous at the side of the road. At first I thought that it was the tallest dog I've ever seen. Its silhouette was blacker than the night. As I slowed my car from maybe 20MPH to 10MPH, it suddenly came out into the street light and walked across the street in front of my car. It wasn't running, but it wasn't going slow either. I suddenly realized it was no ordinary dog, but I knew it wasn't a bear either because it didn't have much of a belly. This was three to four times the size of a wolf and so I can confirm it was not a wolf. What I saw looked like a humanoid literally HUNCHED over on all fours (back erect in a hunch), moving with pace across the road. The head was distinctly WOLF-LIKE and enormous. It literally looked like a giant wolf head. The being had jet black fur, as black as hair can get. The legs were lanky.

My brain literally froze. Instantly, I began rationalizing. But it was fairly impossible to rationalize what I had just seen. The closest thing I can compare this to would be the Werewolf from Harry Potter that Professor Lupin turns into. All I can think of is, 'How did they know?' That's nearly identical to what this thing looks like as its hunched over and walking on all fours. Its horrifying. It was literally quite accurate to looking like that exact CGI rendering. On all fours, its backside probably about 4-4.5 feet in height. The head higher, easily reaching 5 feet.

Again, there was no way this was a bear or other "regular" beast we're familiar with as humans. There was nothing familiar about it. To anyone who might say, "Maybe it was just a really large dog that was sick and hunched." Definitely not. It was bigger than the largest dog breeds I've ever seen. To be over 4 feet in height (at the back, not the head) while hunched over, that's definitely not a regular dog. Impossible to be a bear as none are this skinny. The humanoid aspect of it could not be denied. You could tell that if it wanted to it could have easily stood up on two legs.

What's more insane is that I could feel its energy. The energy was dark, oppressive, and really just a sense of danger swept over me. It had a very other worldly energy about it.

I slowly continued driving, and quickly stared over to the left side of the road as I was passing to see where it had gone. I was able to see its silhouette by a bush, looking back at me, watching me pass. I didn't want to stop. I was scared. I went on with my mission to release the mouse. But I can tell you this, when I got home I RAN into my garage and shut that garage door as quickly as possible. I was panicked and truly terrified.

When you know what you saw, you know what you saw, they always say. I also know my mind didn't just "fill in blanks" or hallucinate this.

Last night, I looked up accounts of Dogmen, only to find people's descriptions/drawings were fairly identical to what I had witnessed. What are the odds of that? Now I am convinced it is real. I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd see something like this." RH

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