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Friday, August 19, 2022

Mysterious 'Leaked' UFO Photo Remained Hidden For 32 Years (PHOTO)

The Calvine UFO photo was taken in 1990 in Scotland and remained hidden, marked as classified for 32 years. It was recently uncovered. Was this an alien craft, or a manmade object?

In August 1990, two young chefs from a hotel in Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland, were walking through the hills in the Cairngorm range after their shift and suddenly saw in the sky what they thought was a huge alien ship. The object was diamond-shaped and hovered motionless without making any sound. Both witnesses were shocked and frightened and ran into the nearby bushes.

They remained there for several minutes with the object still hovering over them when they heard a noise like a jet and then saw the plane itself. In appearance, it looked like a Tornado fighter, which in those years was based at the local Leuchars MAB. The fighter flew past the object, and then turned back and circled it as if examining it better. One of the eyewitnesses had a camera with him and managed to take six pictures of the UFO and the fighter jet before the strange object shot up vertically and disappeared high in the sky.

Shocked by what they saw, but delighted that they managed to take a photo that later became popular as the Calvine UFO photo, the guys developed the film, and then sent the pictures to the editors of the Daily Record, one of the leading Scottish newspapers.

But not a single picture was published, because the newspaper immediately handed over the photos to the British Ministry of Defense, after which the pictures disappeared and the two young witnesses remained anonymous.

On August 12, 2022, the British newspaper Daily Mail published one of the photographs, which was somehow leaked from the Ministry of Defense thanks to former RAF officer Craig Lindsay.

An unnamed insider at the UK Department of Defense spoke about the photo to journalist David Craig. He also named Craig Lindsay, after which Clark tracked down Lindsay. He is now 83 years old and still lives in Scotland. And he feels relieved that this secret has finally been revealed to the public.

The Department of Defense is still attempting to hide this incident and the original photos, and also wants the names of two eyewitness chefs to be classified for another 54 years due to “confidentiality reasons.” Clark writes that he had long heard about the so-called “Calvine file.” Calvine is located in Cairngorm near the hills where the UFO was spotted.

Lindsay didn’t just keep a copy of the picture, he was the first official to speak to one of the eyewitness chefs. “I’ve been waiting for over thirty years for someone to contact me about this,” says Lindsay.

“The moment Craig Lindsay showed me the photo, I knew I was looking at something exceptional. Yes, it’s a black and white image printed on colored paper, and the trees and the fence look a little washed out as if the photographer took it in a moment of panic, which is consistent with their history. But the camera is focused on a strange diamond-shaped object in the center of the frame. Unlike many other UFO depictions, this is a clearly structured craft of unknown origin. It looks otherworldly and is unlike any conventional aircraft. And this is by far the best UFO photo I’ve ever seen,” says David Clark.

“Trust me, I am not a gullible, misguided conspiracy theorist. I became a cynic after seeing hundreds of unconvincing UFO photos and videos: blurry, grainy, out-of-focus shots of what could easily be flying saucers or street lights or even seagulls. But it was clearly something else. I have since analyzed the photo with Andrew Robinson, Senior Lecturer in Photography at Sheffield Hallam University. He is convinced that this is a genuine UFO photograph and if it is a hoax, then it is very complex, using expensive, sophisticated equipment and flying models, which is not something that could be at the disposal of the two chefs of the hotel.

According to Andrew Robinson, the flying object is definitely in front of the camera, meaning it’s not a fake created during the editing process, and its location in the scene appears to be about halfway between the fence in the foreground and the airplane in the background. But the camera is focused on a strange diamond-shaped object in the center of the frame. Unlike many other UFO depictions, this is a clearly structured craft of unknown origin. It looks otherworldly and is unlike any conventional aircraft. And this is by far the best UFO photo I’ve ever seen,” states David Clark.

Craig Lindsay

Lindsay arranged with the cook to have the negatives that the two eyewitnesses handed over to the Daily Record be collected and a copy faxed to the now defunct Department of Defense UFO office in London.

“And before I could get back to my desk, the phone rang and I was asked, ‘Tell me more about this. Can you get the negatives?” And when I visited the Department of Defense later that year, I saw this picture enlarged to the size of a poster on the wall of the UFO office. I asked how they were doing. They said the matter was under investigation. I was told to “leave it to London”, that is, they asked me not to interfere, which I did. Years passed and gradually I just forgot about the copy of the photo in my box. Now I hope that two eyewitnesses will come forward and tell their own stories,” says Lindsay.

At the same time, David Clark writes that, unfortunately, he does not believe that this object in the photo is an alien ship, but thinks that it was created by human hands, and possibly is a classified development of the US Air Force.





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