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Friday, July 10, 2020

Two Black Eyed Kids (BEK) Terrorize Glade Springs, West Virginia Resident

A young man is awaken by his doorbell at 2:30 am, wondering who it could be since he lived in a gated community. He is met at the door by 2 black-eyed kids. That's when the terror begins!

I recently came across the following account:

"I had never heard of the black eyed kids until I encountered them. Still not knowing who or what the hell they were I did what any modern young man would do, I Googled them. I shocked that I wasn't the only one. Had I not seen them for myself I would've just thought it to be another modern urban legend gone viral. Besides my girlfriend I've only told my brother who is into everything creepy and horror. I'm an accountant.

My girlfriend and I live in a small gated community in southern West Virginia called Glade Springs. The community has about 150 houses, a country club, and a steakhouse/bar called Bunkers. Now anyone can come through the gate during the business hours but after they close, the front security gate stops all traffic and makes sure you are a resident. If your a visitor they call the house that you're going to, to verify that you are actually expecting them. Sometimes it's a hassle but hey, don't have to worry about a robbery.

So imagine my surprise when my doorbell chimed at 2:30 am. I was jarred awake and wasn't sure if it wasn't just a dream considering I had just went to bed shortly before. I rolled over and looked at the clock noticing the time and when my doorbell chimed again I felt a cold chill run through my body. Not reading to much into it, it could be one of my neighbors has an emergency, right? I nonchalantly made my way to the door (now I see how foolish I really was) and opened it. Luckily the wrought iron storm door was still locked because who or what stood before me was NOT a resident of the community.

Two young boys stood at my doorstep (one looking about 17 and another looking about 10) wearing dark hooded sweatshirts and jeans. The young on had shaggy dirty blonde hair and would only look down at the stone steps and the older one had his hood pulled and his head tipped to where I could only see from half his nose down. My voice caught in my throat and before I could even ask what they wanted the older one spoke. His voice sounded forced and dry, there was no emotion or sincerity of what he said, "I'm sorry to bother you and your girlfriend but we need to come in and use your phone, we've been in an accident." I felt the familiar chill return to my whole body, how did he know my girlfriend was here? (I wrote it off as my Tahoe and her VW was in the driveway and I figured they just assumed) I tripped over my words, something about these kids wasn't right, wasn't normal... wasn't human. "Uh, um I can bring you my cell phone and you can call. I don't get service inside here so you have to stand on the sidewalk to call." I finally said nervously. Of course I was lying through my clenched teeth, I did NOT want these kids in my house.

"Well my brother really needs to use your bathroom Chuck, we have to come in?" the older one said. And that's when I went into complete a panic, he knew my name! "I'm sorry, are you from here, how did you know my name." The words practically shook out of my mouth. That's when he became slightly hostile and demanded to be let inside, and I told them I was sorry but I couldn't help them and just as I was about close the main door is when it happened. The both of them snapped their heads upwards and looked me straight in the eyes. Black. No iris, no pupil, no retina, just pure deep black. I was paralyzed with fear. For a second I thought those kids were just playing a really cruel joke and had snuck in the community somehow and had bought some of those freaky Supernatural demon sclera contacts. That was until I heard ringing (it was like a ringing sound that you hear when you have a hearing test done that digital high pitched shrill ringing) and then the flashbacks started. That's when everything went black.

The next thing I knew I was shaken awake lying in the mud room floor, my girlfriend standing over me with a worried look "what the hell Chucky?" She asked. I had no idea how to answer her, my head had taken a good whack against the slate floor and a bit of dried blood was stuck in my hair but other than that I was fine physically. I slowly remembered everything that had happened and looked at the door, daylight, I've never been so happy to see morning in all my life. I told my girlfriend everything that had happened and I honestly think she thought I had brain damage from hitting the floor, but she insisted she believed me. And then we Googled it and I believe that's when she really started to believe me was then.

I don't know who or what they are, or where they come from but they're not of this world. I know that for a fact. For some reason I had a lingering thought (I'm still not sure if they put the thought in my head or not) that they wanted me to know that even my memories aren't safe. They are very strong and seem to be growing in numbers. For some reason they seem to not be able to hurt you physically unless you invite them in, which I don't know since either no one has ever let them or the ones that have aren't around to tell they're story anymore. But they can get your mind, since that night I feel as though I'm being watched I see them out of the corner of my eye occasionally, I'll look at my girlfriend while we're at the movies or diner and her eyes will be solid black for a split second and worst of all they took one of my most precious and most often reminisced memories and turned it into something sinister, something that's now a constant reminder of the Black Eyed Kids." C

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