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Friday, July 03, 2020

Foundations of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) - Part IV

Foundations of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) - Part IV

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Trilogy, available on amazon.com while supplies last.

Government insiders have long known the truth about flying saucers as interplanetary spaceships. See https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2019/04/us-military-wants-pilots-report-ufos-despite-stigma/588232/

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Government Insiders

One of the more interesting government insider reports was brought to light in the pages of the APRO Bulletin by an anonymous young man, formerly of the United States Air Force, who in September 1952 was serving in the Air Force Reserves but planning on reenlisting for active duty soon to finish his military career in the United States Army. He presented his article in person to Coral Lorenzen, APRO Director, and a corroborating witness, who remained unidentified.

The airman’s report follows:

“In November of 1949, I was on my way to the West Coast to see my mother, who was ill. I went by way of Wright-Patterson field and had a three-hour layover there. Upon arriving at the field, I met a long-time friend of mine then stationed at Wright-Patterson. One of the current topics of the day was flying saucers; and I displayed my skepticism when he mentioned them.

“My friend became pretty disgusted with me, and got a pass to take me to a certain building at the field. He said, ‘I’ll prove to you that saucers are real. They are interplanetary spaceships, and manned by human beings.’ Of course, I laughed at him; but I went along. He took me to the building and showed me a number of suits which were similar to the apparel worn by jet pilots. They were thick, and green in color. The helmets that went with them were similar to divers’ helmets. I was also shown diagrams of the saucers that showed that the ships carried oxygen, and gave information as to the location of the controls, showing that the cabin of the ship was round.

“The funny thing about the suits was that they were in sizes ranging from what a two-year-old child would wear up to the size that would fit a six to six-and-a-half foot tall man. I don’t remember how many suits there were. Three, I think.”

Coral Lorenzen questioned the Reserve airman closely, attempting to trip him up on his story. For instance, she asked him how he could have gotten in to see these artifacts when they were all classified TOP SECRET; but he replied that the only thing he could figure out was that the “lid had not yet been put down” on it; and his friend had been working on the project. Also, the Reserve airman believed that his own military job classification while on active duty at that time may have lent the impression that he was somehow affiliated with the project and had a “need to know,” given that he was accompanied into the secure area by a authorized worker in that building. From the Reserve airman’s testimony, the APRO director concluded that since he made no reference to the “little men” story of the Hollywood journalist Frank Scully, he was not an ardent flying saucer enthusiast. His referring to the space suits as being tailored for “men of radically different sizes” gave his account a ring of truth. The color of the space suits did not jibe with the color of the suits in Scully’s rendition, either, which tended to make his story more credible, at least in the mind of Coral Lorenzen.

Whereas John P. Cahn’s scathing article in the September 1952 issue of True magazine, previously cited, cast serious doubt on the character of some of the key figures in Scully’s book, Coral Lorenzen could find no character flaws that gave any indication that the Reserve airman was lying. In her “Grapevine” column in the September 1952 issue of the APRO Bulletin (Vol. 1, No. 2), Lorenzen wrote: “He (the Reserve airman) had a steady look and was glad to tell his story. However, he stated over and over his wish to remain anonymous, because he has a good career coming up in the Army when he goes back on active duty; and if he were to be nailed as giving out ‘classified’ information, it could very well be the end of his military career in his chosen field.”

Another insider revelation came to Coral Lorenzen’s attention through the auspices of a dependable business man who secured information through his son-in-law who, in 1949, attended the United States Army Institute of Technology at Tucson, Arizona, where he was called out with a group of scientists and instructors to examine a saucer that had crashed landed in the high desert country of New Mexico. According to this gentleman, the object he saw and examined was round like a saucer; and the only evidence that the scientists could find that would serve as a clue to its means of propulsion was a “ring of a series of magnets.” The metal of the ship was extremely hard and light. However, there were no bodies in the saucer. The businessman’s son-in-law had taken for granted that if there were any alien bodies in the saucer at the time it had crashed, they had been removed before the party of scientists had arrived at the scene. Coral said that the witness to this downed disk “must be kept secret because he is still in the service.”

Based on the analysis of crashed flying saucers retrieved by the Air Force, government-contracted scientists readily determined that their propulsion system was based on the harnessing of electromagnetic forces, much as Nikola Tesla had predicted that future aircraft would surely incorporate into their designs. During World War II, it seems that American scientists had already begun to make strides in this area. Of this, Frank Scully surmised that any blank spaces left in the development phases of an electromagnetic propulsion system were going to be filled in by the back-engineering of crashed disks. In Chapter 2 of Behind the Flying Saucers, Scully quoted Newton as declaring in his famous Denver, Colorado, lecture given on 8 March 1950 that, “They (the scientists) had come to the conclusion that everything existing owed its shape and being to magnetic lines of force. There are 1,257 such magnetic lines of force to the square centimeter.” Ufologists have long maintained the saucers are a type of scout craft that utilize these electromagnetic lines of force generated by the planet to power up and operate in our atmosphere or in the vicinity of the magnetic field generated by the larger carrier ships, when in outer space.

In the September 1952 APRO Bulletin “Grapevine” column, Lorenzen also relates a yarn spun by a man who claimed that he has two brothers working in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who told him that the flying saucers are interplanetary vehicles coming from Venus, Mars and Saturn. According to this gentleman, these interplanetary ships, when they land, burn off from the “rim of a circular rotator” an area two hundred feet in radius. He also noted that the flying saucer occupants never appear outside of their ships without their visors down. In addition, these extraterrestrials look quite human in appearance, except for their eyes being “receded deeply into their skulls.” He also maintained that some of the “green fireballs” reported over military installations in the United States and abroad, were actually manned orbs conducting reconnaissance missions on behalf of an alleged “Confederation of Planets” that has prevue over our solar system.

The APRO director, after hearing this strange account, consulted a Wisconsin medical doctor as to what kind of evolutionary factor would cause the recession of the eyes into the sockets. The doctor didn’t believe there was any biological process that would push the evolution of the human species in that physical direction. However, he did note that any corpse, after two or three days, would take on such an appearance with the marked recession of the eyeballs into the sockets. If this account is to be believed, the man’s brothers, the CIA agents, most likely viewed the corpses of the alien bodies from a crashed disk, rather than live extraterrestrial beings. Since the visors were down on the disembarked flying saucer occupants, we can speculate that if the doctor is right, they look very much like we humans of Earth do.

Media Sensation

The flying saucer phenomenon became a media sensation in the summer of 1952. The 27 July 1952 issue of Parade magazine included an article promoting the Air Force’s new civilian sky watcher program, “Saucer Mystery- How You Can Solve It,” detailing how the average citizen could, by simple observation, secure important information about flying saucers and thereby be of great help to the national security interests of the United States. Coral Lorenzen lamented, however, that Parade used a fake photograph of a flying saucer on its cover as its “come-on” to attract readers.

And then on 4 August 1952, three national publications, Life (New York City), Quick (Minneapolis) and Time (New York City), simultaneously came out with articles about the enigmatic flying saucers. Life and Time featured brief histories of the enigma, winding up with the conclusion that, for the time being, flying saucers would have to remain a mystery. Life, however, focused its attention on the radar blips that were noted in the course of the now famous Washington, D.C. UFO sightings that occurred on 19 and 20 July 1952. The Life reporter hinted that radar technicians probably know more about radar than the “armchair generals who are going around loudly stating that saucers are mirages, hoaxes, hallucinations, etc.” Quick, for its part, commented lightly on the rash of flying saucer reports coming in that year from Boston, Columbus, New York City, and Sutton, West Virginia. The article, titled “Saucers, Saucers Everywhere,” informed Quick readers that during an average month in 1952, the Air Force’s Project Bluebook at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, was receiving and processing about 100 flying saucer reports, of which only 75% could be satisfactorily explained.

One week later, in the pages of the 11 August 1952 issue of Life, the editors ran a follow-up piece on flying saucers in its “On the News Fronts of the World” section. This article displayed some photographs of flying disks hovering over a Coast Guard station on the East Coast. The APRO director was pleased that this issue of Life upheld their previously offered theory that the flying saucers, or at least some of them, are interplanetary spaceships. And on the same day, an issue of Look (Des Moines, Iowa) magazine hit the newsstands with the photo of a flying saucer sketch made forty years back, in 1912, by Amos A. Wychoff, then 79 years-old, of Oakland, California. According to the caption, Wychoff was the supposed inventor of this “disk-shaped thing with wheels.” Allegedly, the airship was filled with inflammable gas and exploded soon after it took off, fortunately unmanned. Even Newsweek (New York City) jumped onto the flying saucer bandwagon. In its 11 August 1952 issue, an anecdotal piece was run rehashing cases, but poking fun at the saucers and those who sight them. The article upheld tenaciously the beliefs and theories of those who pooh-poohed the existence of flying saucers, after all the while never having seen one. These vocal skeptics were quick to dismiss reports of flying saucers as due to hallucinations, hoaxes, mirages or even “illuminated cobwebs,” as Dr. Donald H. Menzel seemed to think they are. Coral Lorenzen jested that perhaps these cobwebs were “carried aloft by the hot air issuing from the mouths of the Air Force mouthpieces in the Pentagon.”

Mysterious lights photographed, through a window screen, moving in V-formation over Coast Guard station at 9:35 a.m., 16 July 1952, in Salem, Massachusetts, from the files of Project Bluebook at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio

- Coral Lorenzen, “Grapevine,” APRO Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 2, September 1952.
- Most likely it was Jim Lorenzen, Coral’s husband. –R.K.
- Coral Lorenzen, Op cit
- Frank Scully, Behind the Flying Saucers (New York, New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1950)
- Published in conjunction with the Chicago, Illinois, Sun Times newspaper as Sunday supplement.
- Coral Lorenzen, “Saucer Bandwagon,” APRO Bulletin, September 1952, Vol. 1, No. 2.


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