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Monday, July 13, 2020

Small Hairy Hominids Observed by Fossil Hunters in West Texas Flatlands

A man and his daughter were fossil hunting in the flatlands east of the Davis Mountains in west Texas, when they encountered 4 small hairy hominids.

I recently received a telephone call from a witness 'RI' who lives in West Texas. He and his daughter had an encounter with 4 small unknown hominids during a recent excursion in the second week of June 2020.

RI and his daughter share a hobby. They enjoy searching for fossils, native arrowheads and other artifacts. This particular day, they were searching an area approximately 4 miles south of Fort Stockton, Texas in the flatlands adjacent to the Davis Mountains.

They had been out for a few hours when his daughter mentioned that 'something was following them.' RI turned around and he noticed 4 small upright hair covered beings scattering as he looked in their direction. He was confused as to what these were. He estimated that they were about 150 yards away from them and that they ranged from 2 to 3 foot in height. They had dark fur and reminded him of what people described as Bigfoot, but much smaller.

For about an hour, these beings would gather back into a group and continue to follow RI and his daughter as approximately the same distance. Each time RI turned to look at them, they would quickly scatter and attempt to hide.

RI asked if I thought that he should attempt to capture one of beings. I tried to dissuade him from doing so and recommended that I try to have an investigator in the area talk to him first.

I have contacted an affiliate of the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research to contact the witness. RI has agreed to take them to the location. Lon

NOTE: I'm interested in any further information on these small hairy beings. Are they simply juvenile Bigfoot or something else? Lon

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