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Friday, July 17, 2020

Can a 'Rake' Humanoid Attach Its Energy to Someone?

A Canadian woman only witnessed a pale humanoid when in the presence of her Swedish ex-boyfriend. Since then, the same entity has again manifested around the ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

I recently came across the following account:

"In 2012 my (then) boyfriend lived in Sweden. I live in Canada. He came to visit me and during one of the evenings I woke up to something strange perched at the foot of the bed. It was a pale, thin humanoid figure. It was completely hairless, and the legs seemed to be bowed in some way. It seemed to walk on all fours despite looking human. I couldn't see much of its face since it was looking away from me. It looked a lot like the creature from the fictional story "The Rake." When I gasped, it hopped off the bed and into the darkness. My partner heard me and woke to ask me what was wrong. I didn't tell him as to not alarm him while trying to rest.

In 2014, he was visiting once more and we were once again, in bed sleeping. I woke up to hear my boyfriend SCREAMING like I've never heard before. I immediately turned on the light and shook him to try and snap him out of it but he just screamed and then cried. After 30 or so minutes he finally was calm enough to explain what happened. Apparently he woke up to a pale, humanoid figure with a gaping mouth and black, sunken eyes basically on top of him. As he screamed the figure slowly backed itself into the closet whole staring at him, crawling on all fours. I felt sick. I never ever told him about what I saw a few years prior. There's no way he could've known and described what I saw perfectly like that.

Now...It's shown up again. My ex messaged me today (we're friends) and told me his now girlfriend has seen the pale "man." They were asleep and apparently she woke up to see this thing stalking around the room and it noticed her frozen in fear, so it crawled up next to her. My ex woke up and tried to console her. She described what she saw, it apparently was a perfect exact match to the thing we both saw. I only ever told him what I saw after his experience, and she has never heard of either of our experiences.

Is this just a mass coincidence of hallucinating while waking up? Is it a demon or some sort of haunting? I'm really freaked out." SH

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