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Thursday, July 23, 2020

2 Large Black Dogs Suddenly Appear Near Gillette, Wyoming

A young man and his Lakota Sioux friend are accosted by 2 large black dogs while in the yard at night. The friend believes that these are Skinwalkers and tries to explain their presence to him.

I recently found this account among others I found in my database:

"The story I'm going to share is a real experience I had on September 18, 2010. I was out at a friend's house (whom I'll call Jay), about 15 miles outside Gillette, WY at about 2am. Jay is a native Lakota Sioux and grew up in Wounded Knee, SD.

I'm white and I've always been into paranormal things, have had encounters with ghosts and seen numerous UFOs, especially when I'm playing with a green laser pointer. We were sitting there playing some video games and checking out some videos of new ones coming out soon. While watching a preview of a game I commented that the Japanese dude talking about it was giving off an alien vibe. Jay then said back to me "Why do you always talk about aliens?" of which he became notably disturbed sitting in his chair. I replied "I don't know, I'm just getting a weird vibe from him."

Jay then stood up out of his chair and asked if I wanted to go outside with him while he smoked a cigarette. I agreed and grabbed my green laser out of my bag to point at the stars a bit and maybe see another UFO. He's a few steps ahead of me and the sliding glass door is open already as I step out, shut the door behind me and take a few steps to the railing.

We're standing there for about 10 seconds and I point the laser around in the sky for about another 10 seconds. Then I point the laser towards the horizon on my right side just above a large bush or shrub about 10 ft tall and 15 ft wide, that's about 30 feet away in Jay's yard. As soon as I did this the huge bush starts shaking violently for a few seconds as we both say "WTF?!". Then the porch light crackles and makes a humming noise as it fizzles out in a second. I said "F this, I'm going inside!" Jay replies "Right?!" and being closest to the door is sliding it open.

I'm about 4 steps away and manage to take my first step as a noise on the roof and another on the other side of the porch happen at the same time. This noise is like some kind of bass or something, really strange, hard to describe but I'll never forget it. Before I can even take my next step I was hit by this sound and strong wind as I'm feeling hands touch me all over. I felt like I was in a tornado and doing 10 flips. I just hunched over, closed my eyes, and braced thinking this is it, I'm being taken. This chaotic wind and feeling goes on for about 5 seconds. Then its calm and I realize I'm laying on my back, I hear Jay telling me to "Calm down, just stay calm".

I open my eyes and my arms are crossed on my chest like some Egyptian pharaoh. Jay is standing there in the open doorway centered in my line of sight, and two very large black dogs or wolves are on each side of me growling and showing their very large teeth. I don't look at the dogs directly. Jay says "Just be calm, relax man." as he puts his hand out to pick me up. I oblige and grab his hand then stand up, shaking in shock and fear as the dogs stop growling. I mutter out "They're fast" to which Jay chuckles and says "Yeah" and takes a step back standing in the open doorway.

Just then Jay's girlfriend comes walking through the kitchen saying "What was that noise?!" She comes to the door next to Jay, sees me standing there on the porch between these two huge wire-haired dogs and says "Oh. Dogs?" a little chuckle and remains silent standing next to Jay inside with the door open.

Jay tells me to, "sit down and just be calm." I do it. When I sit down the dogs begin to growl again. I then look at the one on my right making eye contact with it. Its eyes are about the size of a softball, and look as if a spiraling green galaxy is in each one. They are majestically beautiful.

The beauty is quickly forgotten as soon as I look at them. My brain inside my skull feels like it's being squeezed down to the size of a baseball slowly for about 10 seconds. I closed my eyes after a few seconds from the agony and started to say "No, no, NO, NOOO!" At the moment I thought my brain was going to implode I had a very real vision of the Earth burning, and felt the loss and sorrow of losing everyone. I screamed out in the pain and said, "Please God, don't kill me!" at the top of my lungs. At that moment a pan or something fell in the kitchen clanging around in the sink, it startled everyone including the dogs, and my head was released from this grasp.

As both the dogs looked towards the inside, without a moment's hesitation, bolted as that strange noise was made again. They departed in a fraction of a second. I sat there bewildered and teary-eyed as Jay put his hand down to me again and helped me up, he said. "Let's get inside now".

I shut the door behind me and in a shocked state kept asking "What the f*ck was that? What the f*ck was that Jay?!" while holding back from bawling. He told me again to calm down and got me to relax. I asked, "Was that a werewolf or what?" Jay replied, "No" and chuckled. "Then what the f*ck was it?!" A moment of silence goes by as Jay is obviously contemplating what to say. Finally, he says this word I'd never heard before and replies "Some people call them Skinwalkers."

We then go into his room to smoke some weed so I can quit shaking. He says he's weirded out because they've never came to him before with anybody else around before me. I ask him when was the first time he seen them, and he said when he was about 12 years old. A lot of people he knew were dying at the time and he wandered into a field in the dark when a dog approached him. We have an in depth conversation for about an hour on the subject. I can tell he's not telling everything he knows. I'm asking him why they were so hostile to me, and if he made them come at me. He denied making them come and didn't really answer why they did what they did. He just said "They like the way you think."

Eventually I get calmed down and Jay insists that we should go back outside. I'm saying "F*ck that, they've probably been listening to us the whole time and I'm scared man." Jay says, "It'll be okay, they are listening, and they're waiting." All of the sudden I get this weird feeling that my dad is outside, not my birth dad, but my true father. It's a feeling I've never felt before and haven't since. So Jay convinces me to go outside with him while I have this feeling that I tell him about.

We go outside and walk for about 50 yards away from the yard in a field. We sit down and begin talking about stuff and we're hearing noises all around us. T tells me to relax, so I do. We then lay down and star gaze for a few minutes, as I'm poking my head up looking around the tall grass and seeing multiple dog-like figures walking in circles in each direction.

Jay then stands up and tells me to stay here as he starts walking away. I say, "Nope, if your walking I'm walking." He tells me I need to stay here as he keeps trying to walk back to the house after I get him to sit down with me a few times. Eventually he gets agitated I won't sit there by myself and we make our way back inside." SS

NOTE: Jay says that these are 'what some call Skinwalkers.' I'm not sure he's giving his friend the real story. I doubt that these are Skinwalkers, and may be spiritual sentry or protector beings. Interesting account. Lon

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