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Monday, July 27, 2020

Creepy Incident (Possible Skinwalker) Near Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana

An Attakapas native man is camping in the deep wilderness near the Kisatchie National Forest in south central Louisiana when he encounters a possible mimic being or Skinwalker. Very creepy account.

I had this account in my database, though this is the first time I have posted it. Not sure where it came from, but it is an interesting story:

"My friend Mack likes to go solitary camping on occasion, to be one with nature and the things that go along with that. He is also an avid gun collector and enthusiast. He heritage is Attakapas native ancestry.

I don't remember exactly when he said this took place but it was few years back and he decided to go camping on a whim. He packed his gear, a hunting rifle and .45 sidearm specifically, and headed out into the country onto a vast swatch of property owned by a friend of his. He had full permission to be there. This happened close to the Kisatchie National Forest in south central Louisiana. I won't be any more specific other than that. Safe to say it's many square miles of forest and wilderness.

He liked to hike in pretty deep and camp at a specific spot he found a few trips prior. So he made his way in and set up camp in his usual small clearing for the night. Skipping ahead a few hours it was now late afternoon when he heard leaves crunching and twigs being stepped on.

He assumed it was an animal at first and got up from cooking something on the fire to try to get a look. He gazed in the direction of the noise and saw a man approaching through the trees a good many yards away.

He has described his etiquette for dealing with other people in very remote places as always being cautious as more often than not people he comes across are armed like him. He tries to stay as friendly as possible but still keeps his guard up looking for any ulterior motives as you never can tell what some folks are up to out in the middle of nowhere. He'll make chit chat with them, find out generally what they're up to if he can, and occasionally share a meal, etc. He's never really met anyone nefarious as of yet other than this situation and maybe one other but that's a whole other ordeal.

So one thing that sets off small alarm bells for him is he knows he's the only one with permission to be on this property and secondly this guy is not dressed for the location at all. He said the guy was wearing a white t-shirt, short blue jogging shorts, and white socks and sneakers. Mind you Mack is miles out in the middle of the woods away from any paths, roadways, houses, or anything really. Nobody is going to casually stroll into his current location dressed like that unless they are lost/confused etc.

It was early fall but not quite cool (very normal for Louisiana) so there's a ton of mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects. You're not going to have most of your skin exposed if you can help it deep in the woods. I know that all too well from personal experience myself.

So Mack assumes something might be up and calls out "Hey there, do you need help or something?" pretty loud. Definitely loud enough to be heard. The guy keeps walking forward staring directly at him. Mack is starting to get unnerved and as I said I know this guy well and he's cool as cucumber in a tense situation. Getting more uneasy, as the guy is closing the distance, he gets to his feet and loudly declares "Hey man, can I help you with something or what?" The guys is 15 to 20 feet away from Mack now standing at the edge of the clearing and the forest.

The guy looking Mack dead in the eye, speaks, and clearly says "Help me." Mack said he was already starting to actually get worried at this point because he said the way the guy said this was as if something that didn't know exactly how to talk was saying help me or at least that's what he first thought. It did not sound right. The guy still unmoving says "Help me." Again, slightly more emphatic but really just slightly louder. Mack said this is when he picked up on what was truly wrong about this. He said the timbre of the voice was more female and actually sounded like a recording being played back and that the guy's lip and mouth movements weren't matching up with the phrase.

It's like he was just opening his mouth, emitting the phrase, and closing it again. Mack asked "What do you need help with?" not daring to backup or move whatsoever. The guy still standing motionless as well still looking directly at him said "Help me" again and repeated the phrase another three times slowly but not louder in volume.

Mack now totally unsure of what the hell is going on interrupts the guy by barking "Alright, you need to f*cking go now unless you actually need my help!." "Do you need my help or not?!" He continued loud and firm in tone. The guy didn't miss a beat and started up with the "Help me" again and made as if to take another step in Mack's direction.

Mack told me that he then did the only thing that made sense in the moment and drew his .45 semi auto pistol and pointed it at the guy telling him again "You need to f*cking go! I don't care what you want!" The guy starts to get more animated and agitated actually starting to say the phrase louder now over and over but not stepping closer or backing away.

Mack did what he thought was right given his current predicament, assuming he was dealing with an unstable or potentially dangerous individual, and discharged a round into the ground in front of the guy. Now this is where it gets fully batshit crazy. As the guy stops uttering the phrase, goes silent, and still staring at Mack full on backflips/somersaults (like gymnasts do) backwards into the woods and immediately out of sight. Now I know what you're thinking because I had and still have the same reaction. That sounds like bullshit for sure but Mack gave no indication of falsehood and told me this multiple times each time in dead serious demeanor.

Yet Mack said the guy backflipped away effortlessly as if pulled back by an unseen tensioned coil. He described it as completely humanly unnatural and totally out of place. The guy had just appeared and repeated the same phrase over and over eventually becoming almost frantic before Mack shot at the ground before him causing him/it to flee.

Mack said he stood there focused on the forest where the guy just flipped into and saw and heard no further movement. It was like the guy had never even been there. He stayed like this as the sun began to set and the normal night noises crept in. As I mentioned before Mack is a pretty unshakable fellow and actually stayed in the area for the night and next night before returning with no further incident.

When he had told me and some other friends about this of course we asked many questions. We asked him to elaborate on the guys speech sounds. He said the more he thought about it after the incident the more sure he was that it was definitely a female's voice coming from the guy. It was like he/it had heard someone say this and mimicked it like a parrot or other talking bird would. Almost like a lure. He doesn't know what it wanted. He/it (yea it might qualify as an 'it') didn't give any indication to follow or utter anything else. He/it reacted immediately to the gunshot and you know what followed there. He has been back to the property since with no other strange occurrences.

The only other minute detail that I can think of is he did remember hearing during the early morning of the first night what sounded like a gunshot off in the distance and it did sound eerily similar to his .45. He thought he may have heard it again on the hike back out. There are people that hunt in the area of course and it could have just been that. He couldn't be sure.

Since this incident (and one other he had in a complete different location) he did some online research of the whole Kisatchie area and found many legends, stories, and supposed encounters dealing with Skinwalkers and other unnerving bits of Native American folklore in the area. Not to mention mimics and other similar supposed creatures. A lot of his encounter lines up with these tales but there's nothing tangible to prove it of course but even as a skeptic it does make me wonder about strange things in the remote and untouched areas of our world that can't be explained." TN

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