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Saturday, July 25, 2020

8-9 Ft. Black Sasquatch Observed Near Beaver Bend State Park, Oklahoma

Two friends are hiking near Beaver Bend State Park when they encountered a 8-9 foot black hairy hominid, that eventually raced up a steep incline with unbelievable speed and grace.

The following account was part of a group of sightings reported to a colleague several years ago:

"A friend and I both saw, what we believe to be, a Sasquatch on May 14, 2016. It wasn't inside the Beaver Bend State Park, but was on a trail that was in the surrounding Ouachita National Forest in eastern Oklahoma.

As we were hiking we heard a strange noise. It was a very loud call that sounded like it was from something big. The voice seemed almost hoarse sounding. As it called, I noticed a glimpse of something black slip out of view behind some trees growing along the creek bed between us. A second later the black form came out from the other side of the trees and appeared to be strafing to it's right. It stopped for a second and I could faintly see the glistening of its eyes contrasting its entirely matted black figure. It only stopped for a short moment before vanishing from view again behind more trees.

At that point I was really confused what I was seeing, and we were trying to judge what could have made the sound. After what was probably only 15 seconds, my friend exclaims that he could see it. It was obstructed from my view until the last few moments when it appeared out from behind the trees that were blocking my view. It looked like an eight or nine foot person who was totally covered in black. It was running up a considerably steep ridge at incredible speeds. The oddest part is that it almost appeared to be gliding up the steep incline. It was moving incredibly fast, but it was perfectly smooth, almost like being on a conveyor belt. Each stride it took with it's legs allowed it to cover a seemingly impossible amount of distance. It seriously almost looked like some 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' nonsense.

At first we tried to brush it off as just an incredibly fit jogger. We expected the trail to lead up the way where we saw the humanoid form, but once we realized the trail led in a completely different direction it became hard to rationalize that we saw a human moving that gracefully through brush at such high speed.

I haven't told many people because I don't expect them to believe me. I wouldn't believe me if I hadn't been there. I was always skeptical of Sasquatch existing. I never thought a species of large apes could possibly evade capture for so long in a country as densely populated as America. The whole experience has only left me with more questions than answers. Why haven't we found bones yet? Even if they bury their dead, we'd have eventually unearthed SOMETHING accidentally at some point.

There's lots of points to be made about how seemingly unlikely their existence is; and yet, this sh*t happens. Life is weird." DB

NOTE: This is an area that, historically, has had lot of Bigfoot reports. The last Class A sighting reported to the BFRO was from August 2010, but I have received several since that time and have read others as well. The Ouachita National Forest in eastern Oklahoma and then into Arkansas is well-known for a variety of unexplained phenomena. Lon

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