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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tall Grey Upright Hominid Encountered in Indonesian Jungle

Two Indonesian men encounter an human adult-sized primate while riding their motorcycle through the jungle. The sighting was intimidating and frightening.

I recently found the following account:

"This happened to my uncle. On Christmas Eve 1994 he was riding his motorcycle with a friend on their way home from visiting my grandparents who lived in a small village in Indonesia. It had rained like crazy the week before, the bridge on the main road had collapsed so they had to take another route on a dirt road round the hill. They had been riding for a few minutes through the dark forest when suddenly something happened. My uncle hit the brake so abruptly they almost fell. Hundreds of monkeys were emerging from the bushes a few meters in front of them, making their way to the other side of the dirt road beyond the treeline. My uncle waited patiently until the last monkey disappeared behind the bushes. Just when he was about to start the engine, another monkey walked out of the bushes. This one, my uncle said, was unbelievably huge. Dark greyish and as tall as an adult. It was bulky and it limped a little as it moved. It was walking upright, very slowly, towards the bushes. And suddenly it stopped in the middle of the road. It turned its head around to look at my uncle. He said he had never felt so scared in his life before. The gigantic monkey stood there so still staring into his soul. There was a flash of intimidation and wisdom in its eyes that only comes with old age. And he could see that this beast knew that they knew they were in its territory. My uncle could feel his friend shaking violently behind him.

Let me tell you that we are not really familiar with the Sasquatch or Bigfoot legends where I came from, so whatever this thing was it was neither of these two. After what felt like minutes the staring contest was finally over when the beast walked into the bushes to join its troop.

My uncle waited for a few more minutes until he was convinced no more monkeys were showing up and caught them off guard before they took off. When they finally made their way out of the forest onto the main road his friend went "What the hell was that?"

My uncle was sure that that huge monkey they had just seen was the leader of the troop. It was just trying to make sure that its troop made it to the other side of the forest safely. But what scared him the most was that it never blinked while staring at him. It still gives him the chills whenever he thinks about the frightening encounter.

And as soon as he got home he called my grandmother to tell her that he had arrived home. He also told her about the beast. She said it might have been the 'Spirit of the forest' taking a form of a gigantic monkey. According to the local folklore, the forest is old and home to hundreds of ancient spirits. He was lucky He did not encounter the dangerous ones that the local believed were responsible for the mysterious disappearances of people who had taken a shortcut through the forest." M

NOTE: Is it possible that this was a Orang Pendek? Lon

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