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Monday, July 20, 2020

Lessons Learned From A Contactee: Woodrow W. Derenberger (1916-1990) - Part I

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First Encounter

Woodrow Derenberger’s extraterrestrial contact case came to the attention of the UFO community, and the world, when his story was picked up by the wire services in the second week of November 1966. Before that month was out, investigators from both the Air Force and the planet’s largest civilian UFO group, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in Washington, D.C., were interviewing Derenberger and searching for evidence of the alien presence on Earth in the alleged landing zone of the flying saucer, just outside of Parkersburg, West Virginia.

His initial experience with the flying saucer and a being from another planet took place on the night of 2 November 1966. Derenberger, a salesman for a sewing machine company, completed his sale in Marietta, Ohio, and was on the road, driving his pick-up back home to Mineral Wells, West Virginia, on the outskirts of Parkersburg just off Interstate 77.

About halfway between Parkersburg and his home, a big saucer-shaped craft nestled down on the South Hill Road in front of Derenberger’s pick-up truck. The object literally covered the width of the highway from berm-to-berm. Surprisingly, Derenberger was more curious than anxious about the UFO landing.

Derenberger noticed a hatch opening up on the side of the object. There was an intense light pouring out from the open portal, and out stepped a slim, seemingly fit specimen of a man, dark-skinned and middle-aged. Derenberger estimated him to be about 40 years old, plus or minus five years.

The ufonaut started walking over to Derenberger’s pick-up truck. The mysterious craft suddenly rose about 50 feet in the air, hovering overhead while the visitor approached Derenberger’s truck, mentally transmitting the thought to him that he desired the experiencer to roll down the window and have a friendly chat with him.

Derenberger complied, rolling down the window. The extraterrestrial self identified as being one “Indrid Cold, a searcher of the cosmos.” Derenberger hesitatingly gave him his own name. Cold could sense that Derenberger was now getting a little edgy. At first, the Earthling thought the craft might be some kind of experimental aerial platform from the Air Force or the space agency, but now he was worried about his physical safety. Cold reassured him, declaring, “Have no fear. I am the same as you are. I sleep and breathe and bleed as you do. I wish you no harm, only happiness.”

Derenberger also answered other telepathic questions from Cold about his employment and his home. Derenberger mentally engaged the ufonaut and projected the thoughts that he needed to work for a living and that he lived not too far from the landing zone. The contactee also let the alien know that the lights off in the distance were the city of Parkersburg in the state of West Virginia. Cold relayed some information about the social structure of his planet, as well. Derenberger received a mental image from the ufonaut projecting a scientifically advanced settlement on a distant world that was referred to by the local inhabitants as simply a “gathering spot.” He also garnered from Cold’s thought transmission that his native planet was called Lanulos, but that it did not orbit our Sun and hence could not be found anywhere in our own solar system.

After a few minutes, the ship then descended just a few feet above Derenberger’s pick-up truck. Cold backed away from Derenberger’s vehicle while the saucer landed back over at its original position on the roadway. Another ufonaut then opened the portal again, and Cold got back inside the ship, slamming the hatch behind him “just like a car door,” as Derenberger later explained to a magazine reporter. The contactee didn’t wait around to watch the UFO take-off, but revved up his pick-up and sped home as quickly as possible.

Derenberger would later remark that, “The papers said the ‘flying saucer took off with tremendous speed;’ but it really didn’t. I was the one who took off with tremendous speed!”

Taunia Bowman, Woodrow Derenberger’s daughter with photo of her famous father, maintains that the stress caused by media harassment caused her parents to divorce. See http://www.ghosttheory.com/2011/06/12/the-strange-case-of-indrid-cold-alien-from-planet-lanulos.

Disrupted Domestic Life

As many a contactee can attest, a close encounter of the third kind may do quite a bit in expanding one’s cosmic consciousness, but it wreaks havoc with the maintenance of a peaceful home life. “You should have seen him when he got home,” Derenberger’s wife, Ruby Nettie, proclaimed. “He looked awful. I thought he’d struck and killed somebody with the truck. He loves to play with the children, but not that night. I had to shoo them out. He just sat there in the kitchen, grey-colored and saying, ‘You’re going to think I’m crazy,’ and ‘you’re going to laugh at me.’ Then he told me what had happened.”

“I was in shock,” said Derenberger, adding, “That’s what the doctor told me.”

After Derenberger arrived at his home following the first encounter, Mrs. Derenberger states that, “He tried to make a report to the police and he couldn’t even hold the phone. I had to make the call and when I reported it, the officer said it was the third call like that they’d had that night.”

City and state police, as well as an Air Force sergeant and representatives from local media swarmed about Derenberger on the day following his encounter. “I consented to a TV appearance,” said Derenberger; but if I had to do it over again, there would be none of that. As a matter of fact, Cold appeared two nights later and we had another talk. I never mentioned it around here.”

No doubt, a seemingly unending stream of pressure and confusion has been brought to bear on Derenberger’s wife since her husband’s extraterrestrial encounter began to be the focus of a media blitz. Ever since the contactee’s appeared in the newspapers, the Derenbergers’ telephone has rung around at all hours of the day and night. The beleaguered couple had to have their phone number unlisted; but still inquisitive people kept calling. Mail keeps coming in on a daily basis from all over the world. Mrs. Derenberger clutched a fistful of letters from Germany, Japan and Okinawa that still remained unopened, as neither she nor her husband could read or write in any of the languages pertaining to those countries.

Derenberger himself also lamented that there were ten to fifteen callers almost every night, “just driving right up, some making all-night trips to get there, coming in the house. They think they’ll see the ship. It comes in often. Some of them see it, some don’t. We had one NICAP investigator out there who was carrying so much equipment, cameras, tape recorders, etc. he could scarcely get through the door. He didn’t see the ship.”

As time rolled on, however, it appears as though Derenberger paid a steep price for all the media attention his case had brought down on his household. The ongoing invasion of the Derenbergers private life was enough for Mrs. Derenberger to leave her husband, taking their two children (a son Greg and a daughter Taunia) with her. Taunia Bowman, Derenberger’s daughter, once remarked that, “Out at our farmhouse I was scared to go to sleep at night because there were guys with guns in the trees wanting to see what was going on and wanting to see the spaceships.”

Second Encounter

The inquisitive ufologist M. Spohn Marling from Flying Saucers UFO Reports asked Derenberger to provide an account of his second meeting with the mysterious Indrid Cold. Derenberger related the following: “That night, 4 November 1966, I was driving home from Pomeroy, Ohio, with a friend. I got these messages telepathically that Cold was there and then I saw the ship. My friend saw it, too, and several people in the area saw it that night; but nobody knew about my talk with Cold.”

Derenberger continued, “You see, Mrs. Marling, I wasn’t the person Cold planned to contact the first time. He’s told me since that he was really homing in on a car ahead of me, a fellow he’d kept under watch for several days and believed would be a good communicant. But the man’s car was so close to a busy intersection that Cold was afraid there might be an accident if he dropped down in front of him, so he chose me instead. He wasn’t sorry. He told me I’m receptive, a good communicant.”

Then Mrs. Derenberger interjected, “They aren’t making contact only around here. They are doing this all over the country. But they find the people in West Virginia more receptive.”

Lanulos and the Extraterrestrial Life Style

For the article in Flying Saucers UFO Reports previously cited, Derenberger opened up much more about conditions on the planet Lanulos, as well as the lifestyles of that distant world’s indigenous inhabitants. Perhaps this was because he realized that the readers of the UFO magazine weren’t going to laugh at him, since a good many of them had seen the mysterious objects zipping across the skies or maybe a few even experienced direct physical contacts with the ufonauts. This was evidenced in the letters to the editor which appeared in the previous two issues of that publication. Or then he could have considered the softer touch of the interview afforded by the female journalist, M. Spohn Marling, who didn’t press him as hard to answer questions he felt uncomfortable with, especially concerning his wife and children.

“It was at the second meeting, the night of 4 November, that Cold told me about himself,” explained Derenberger. The contactee continued, “He’s from a planet called Lanulos, orbiting a sun much like our own in the Genemedes star cluster. They have woods, streams, fields and oceans, the same as we do. They’ve taken samples of our vegetation and animals. Ours are much like theirs.

“Cold is married. His wife is named Kimi and he had two sons at that time. He has three children, now; one was born right around Christmas time, a little girl.”

At that point in the conversation, Mrs. Derenberger added that, “They’re time travelers.”

“That’s right,” Derenberger affirmed. “They’re in the fourth dimension. One reason they can’t stay here too long at a time is because they get younger down here instead of older. Their life span is 125-175 years; but if they stayed here too long, I think they’d go back in years so far that they might possibly forget how to manipulate their craft.”

Mrs. Derenberger told Marling that, “They have nine scout ships in this area,” providing the lead in for her husband to follow up with the details.

Taking the cue, he replied, “Yes, two men to a craft, except one ship that had four. On one craft there is a husband-wife team, Jitro and Elvara Cletaw.”

Marling wanted to know if Cold was still insisting that his visits to Derenberger were of a friendly nature, and that Cold had promised that no harm would come to him or his family in the future. “He reassured me,” said Derenberger. He’s told me on several occasions that the people on his planet travel and trade with other planets all the time; and that’s what they want to do here. Lanulos has many things that would be of value to us and we have many things that would be of value to Lanulos. Cold wants to have a friendly exchange.

The reporter/UFO investigator wondered if the Earth and our solar system weren’t too far away for a working trade agreement to be set up with the planet Lanulos. Derenberger replied that, “There is a landing base on the Moon, which is shared by many interplanetary civilizations. Those from Lanulos also have a mother ship up there, big as a football field and nine stories high, equipped with berthing docks. The scout ships land there and are taken aboard the mothership.”

NASA Knows All About the Space People

Somewhat skeptical, Marling opined that, “If there’s something like that up there, I should think that scientists over at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) would be interested in it.”

“Oh,” exclaimed Derenberger, “NASA knows all about this, knows more about it than I do. I took my family down to Cape Kennedy not long ago and we were talking with some of the NASA people. I told them Indrid had seen all the devices we have put on the Moon, has even waved at the cameras. He’s seen every astronaut who’s ever gone up and has waved at them and they’ve waved back. NASA said they knew all about it. I’d told them nothing new.

“And when I told them there were people on Venus and Mars just like us, they knew that, too,” the contactee affirmed.

“You remember that space probe to Mars, when we went off course?” Derenberger questioned his interviewer. Marling nodded and then Derenberger explained that, “Cold was responsible for that. You see, our scientists down here had stocked that with unsterilized equipment and the people of Mars couldn’t risk germs and foreign matter being brought in. Cold had to misdirect the craft.”

Further Visitations by Indrid Cold

Derenberger explained that Cold frequently visited his home when the weather was bad, or it was snowing or pouring rain. The extraterrestrial timed his visitations during these times because most of our aircraft were grounded. Reporter Marling wanted to know if there was a lot of Air Force activity around Derenberger’s home, to which he replied that, “We’re told the authorities and the Air Force aren’t out there; but we’ve seen some uniformed and armed men there often. We don’t know who they are.”

As far as anyone else being in touch with Indrid Cold, Derenberger replied, “Yes, there is a group that gets together. They know him. There’s a doctor, a minister and several businessmen. You see, Mrs. Marling, Cold comes here often. He’s brought me bread from his planet. It’s richer and coarser than ours, like old fashioned biscuits. He even brought some spirits, Yucatan brandy in a wooden bottle.

“I’m not a drinking man, mind you, but I drank some of this. My father-in-law said it was like eggnog. But I thought it was syrupy.”

“How did you react?” Marling inquired.

“I really got high.

“I tried to keep that wooden bottle. I’ve tried to take things several times to have the evidence that Cold was here. I even tried to steal something; but I never got away with it.”

More on Indrid Cold

Journalist and ufologist Marling wanted to know if Indrid Cold was as friendly as Woodrow Derenberger said he was, then why didn’t the extraterrestrial let the contactee take his picture, or give him something that he could show to satisfy the curious and the skeptics, or at least make an appointment with the Air Force or NASA or some other government organization that could “really pin this thing down?”

“He says it is not the right time, Mrs. Marling,” declared Derenberger, adding that, “He’s been in touch with the head of our government and our military forces agreed to show up at any place agreeable to them. But our government laid down certain stipulations, telling him we’d have to determine when they came, when they could leave and when they could have their ship back. Cold wouldn’t hear of it.”

“Do you see him anyplace other than your home?” the inquisitive Marling asked.

“Oh, yes,” explained Derenberger, “but I never indicate that I recognize him. I’ve seen him on the streets of Parkersburg. We just barely nod. He wears clothes he’s bought right here, at a local department store.”

“Hmm,” Marling mused. “What did he use for money?”

“That’s just what I asked him,” said Derenberger. “He told me that someone around here had something of great value. I could only guess he’d hocked something, but I don’t know.”

Time Traveling Extraterrestrials

Since the space people from Lanulos inhabit the fourth dimension, that of time, just like my friends the Venusians, I am speculating that it would be easy for them to go back into the past, retrieve rare silver and gold coins, and then return to the present where they could secure cash for these items from pawn shops. And without being too obtrusive and knowing the outcome of horse races and lotteries that took place in bygone days, it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to time travel to the past and place bets, winning sufficient money to meet their needs without attracting too much attention from the Internal Revenue Service or law enforcement agencies. They could easily blend into our society without the need of obtaining Social Security cards under false pretenses.

Back in the 1990s my friend and fellow contactee Rob Potter of the Promise Revealed from Mt. Shasta, California, was driving down in Southern California in Yucca Valley, on his way to Gabriel Green’s house for a strategy meeting of the inner circle of the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, when he went into a Seven-Eleven convenience store, after tapping off his gas tank, for the purpose of buying some sandwiches, snacks and soda pop for the road. As he entered the store, he turned around, his eyes catching a gleam of sunlight glancing off the highly polished chrome of a two-toned, sky blue and white 1955 Custom Bel Air convertible, pulling in to a parking space in front of the establishment. There were three in the car, two young women who looked like teenagers and a gentleman who seemed to be in his early twenties. The man was driving and the two girls were snuggled up in the front seat with him. The male just jumped over the driver’s door and ran around to the passenger side of the vehicle, showing courtesy and opening the door for the two female teens. The radio in the car was playing an oldie from the 1950s, “Maybellene,” by Chuck Berry.

Seeing a classic car like this 1955 Custom Bel Air convertible pull up into the parking lot of a Southern California convenience store, Rob Potter of Mt. Shasta wondered if the driver and its two passengers might be visiting extraterrestrials.

Rob waited a moment and held the door open for the three. They thanked him for his kindness and then proceeded directly to the cash register. Rob’s “proverbial spider senses were tingling,” so he held back in the store to watch the three and observe. Rob somehow knew that he was in the presence of some extraterrestrials. The young women were wearing bobby socks and poodle skirts, with white blouses; and the gentleman driver was wearing high-riding blue jeans, white socks and a clean, crisp, white tee-shirt, with no breast pocket. He purchased three Milky Way candy bars and a pack of Camel cigarettes, which he promptly stuffed under the right sleeve of his tee-shirt.

Rob telepathically projected a question to the gentleman, asking if he was a Venusian or some other kind of extraterrestrial. The young man immediately turned his attention to the back of the store and said, “Great day for touring, isn’t it?” On a telepathic level, however, Rob received a message from all three, “Yes, friend, we are from Venus!”

Rob, although somewhat stunned, acknowledged the gentleman and said, “Sure is. Have a nice trip.” Then the young man and his two girl friends waved to Rob as they left the store, got back into the Bel Air and drove off down the highway.

After going to the cooler to get some soda pop, and then picking up some chips and snacks from the aisles, Rob went over to the cash register to pay for the items. “Are they regulars in your store?” he asked the clerk.

“No, I’ve never seen them before. But nice car, that’s for sure,” the clerk replied. “Oh,” he added, “Here’s something interesting. He paid me with these old silver certificates and silver Franklin half dollars. I bet they are worth a lot to a coin and bill collector.”

I am only presenting this information because it confirms what Woodrow Derenberger was saying about some extraterrestrials being time travelers. Wouldn’t it be something if the Custom Bel Air was itself a time machine, much as Doc Brown’s De Lorean in the Back to the Future movies? And while I wouldn’t walk a mile for a pack of Camel cigarettes, I wouldn’t put it past an inhabitant of Lanulos, Mars or Venus to bridge the expanse of space and time to do it. (END OF PART I)


Editor’s Note: If you would like to ask the Cosmic Ray any questions about Venus or life on other planets, do not hesitate to send him an e-mail at rkeller1@mix.wvu.edu. The doctor will be appearing with Omnec Onec, the Ambassador from Venus, along with premier ufologist Laura Eisenhower, at the Promise Revealed Meet the Venusians Mt. Shasta Summer Conference, to be held Wednesday, 26 August 2020 through Sunday 30 August 2020 at the Siskiyou Masonic Lodge, Mount Shasta, California. For event information or to purchase tickets, please call Rob Potter at (530) 925-3502. Until then, in the profound words of Venusian Moon Base Clarion Commander Aura Rhanes, “Work, study, and meditate on all good things!”

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