Saturday, July 11, 2020

MIB Supposedly Following Roswell Crash Researcher

An individual, who claims to have knowledge of the Roswell crash and recovery, states that he has been followed by 'Men in Black' entities who are trying to retrieve his 'journal.' Is this account credible?

The following account was recently forwarded to me by a third party:

"I believe the "Men in Black" or what we would call them are following me. They are tall with the stereotypical black suits, glasses and hats...but in some cases they even wear what looks like cowls or even black bandannas over their mouths. They have pale skin. They haven't approached me yet as I think they are trying to get a journal from me somehow without having to confront me although haven't had an opportunity. How they discovered I was creating a journal of my knowledge I am unaware although I believe it to directly coincide with some of our work in the past. They are very subtle, and never directly looking at me, sometimes walking within a crowd or surprising me of how close they might be standing without me knowing unless I am actively looking out for them. No matter how aloof or involved they may seem in anything, they are too frequent around me to be coincidental. I'm not sure who or what they are, but they seem "alien" from what a human's natural interactions or emotions would be. Here is what I know and believe to be absolutely true. It may be very soon that they confront me directly asking about it and I feel this to be true. If this happens I fear they will forcefully take it or something may happen to me.

Those that opt not to believe me, great. Those that share my knowledge or can provide any helpful info please contact me. Here is what I would like to tell the public after all these years. When I was hired to do what I did, I had no idea the direction or scope it would go, as did many of the people I worked for back then. It started as a research and development on understanding UFO activity for the government. It ended up all bought and paid for by huge multi-million dollar cabals and military engineers and corps that I can only begin to try and understand now.

We think the aliens have always been here. Only through one scientists study were we actually able to create something that interfered with the vehicles stability in the air. And even this was by accident. The Roswell Incident was a craft and it was brought down by a scientist testing a new kind of energy device. At the time it had nothing to do with Military, except for when they found out what had happened.

The scientist was testing a kind of energy operating on a higher frequency on an unknown vibration scale at the time. The technology is still hidden from the the public and is very complex for anyone without training to understand (including me). It was brought to Arizona as a weather test to bring rain to the area. The energy was made to reverberate outwards in a line to the sky and began to show that more rain would come into the area. Eventually it was found that "stars" would begin to blip in and out or even wobble when the device shot the energy at it. These weren't stars, they were "UFO." The scientist became obsessed now with these new UFO's and more sightings began to be reported. Eventually he determined his device was able to somehow interfere with these lights in the sky (then coined "fast walkers") flight just by pointing in their direction...eventually bringing one down in Roswell.

The craft operated on an energy we barely understood and still don't. The scientists and Military soon deducted the crafts actually operated on a resource that we were unaware of, and that this might actually be reason a desert is in fact a desert void of water, plants and animal species. Whether purposely, accidental or simply lack of concern, the alien crafts as well as perhaps the alien themselves consume this resource that we are slowly perhaps affected by, ignorant of it's very existence until recently.

So in some ways the beings are parasitic to our planet...even though they may have been here longer than we have. But it's hard form me to say they are good or bad when I don't even understand the resource they are taking from us. Some believe though. that the earth at one point must have had a lot more of whatever this energy resource is. causing longer life and even more variations in animal species.

They do have the craft somewhere and have been making money off its technology ever since. There WAS a balloon crash in Roswell apparently, but it was a direct malfunction of a balloon to detect Soviet nuclear activity from high altitudes in a different area for reasons unknown. How does a balloon crash?

The Beings at Roswell

There were six of them recovered in Roswell, and back in the 80's it wasn't as big of a secret as it was now. If you remember or lived in the 80's it wasn't uncommon to see UFO's on mainstream news investigating nuclear facilities. Of course in the 80's there were no living beings, they had all been preserved in special kind of plastics after the crash. One of them had been alive but soon just kind of stopped.

When I saw one, I wasn't thinking as people do today about them, having the fears and stories of abductions already pre programmed into my understanding. Think about a very small extreme version of a human with Asian descent and you would be closer than a lot of the fiction on TV. We were biologists working with what we thought were animals, and went about everything in a pretty fascinated yet professional kind of engagement. The beings were small, a lot smaller than the beings now portrayed many times. They were actually only half our size. When you see them in such an atmosphere, your mind treats them more as perhaps mutated humans than an "alien." Their eyes were larger than human, but not so dramatically slanted like the common understanding of a "grey" and much rounder. Grey is also misleading as there skin is more brown than grey but I also can't prove that grey colors don't exist. Their anatomy was unlike a human as the insides were very odd yet clean. Back then robots weren't common, but some of the materials inside could have been seen as robotic by today's standards. No wires or anything recognizable...just too clean inside to be discerned as entirely organic, and materials unlike growing tissues inside that were neatly and sparsely oriented.

In any case, the crafts quickly seemed to adapt to the old devices so they haven't been able to bring one down on their own terms since. As for the MIB, I have no idea." VM

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