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Monday, June 15, 2020

Headless Shadowy Humanoid Seen Climbing Tree in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A thin headless humanoid was encountered climbing a tree in a wooded area in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The location is known for strange activity and sightings over the years.

"First some side information: I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and was doing an amateur paranormal investigation in a small wooded area. There is a large recently built church, in the area (off of Derry St.). I call the area the 'Broken Bridge' due to having a few bridges around from horse and buggy days. The area is notorious for having high amounts of paranormal activity.

About 10 years ago, early summer I was visiting the area with my girlfriend around sunset. We were laying in the grass next to the creek that separates the Broken Bridge area. Shortly we heard this giant 'snap!' as this tree limb from pretty high up fell to the ground maybe 50 feet away from us. This 'figure' stood up from the spot if fell and started running extremely fast and far away. The figure, the best way to describe it, was a shadowy humanoid. It was about 5 or 6 feet tall, and had long, skinny limbs, but where a head would normally be, there was none. Basically picture a 'Slenderman' type character, just formed of shadows and headless. That's what I saw years ago. From that day on, I have come to that area at night multiple times without seeing it again.

More recently, two friends and I were doing an amateur paranormal investigation in the same area. Aside from seeing normal shadow people (with heads and normal limbs) waltzing around the area, some unexplained voices and such, nothing has stuck out and spooked me like what happened. We were standing between a field opening and a few isolated trees. These trees aren't very large, small enough to be climbed, but not a lot of footing available as we've tried climbing them before. My buddy Matt shined his flashlight at one of the trees while myself and another friend were looking away. A loud scratching/clanking noise was heard for a second and Matt quickly became terrified screaming 'something just climbed that tree, something f*cking humanoid climbed that tree' (side note the tree was maybe 60 feet or so tall, and the thing was climbing from the very bottom). Spooked we backed away and left the area. Later that night, Matt was obviously spooked, which isn't an easy thing knowing him.

I drew out the 'creature' I had seen years ago, and his face becomes pale as he tells me that is exactly what he saw climb the tree. I have no idea what the hell this thing is, nor do I know any similar animals in the area. In central Pennsylvania we'll get the occasional bear. This humanoid wasn't a bear, neither of us believe it was.

Description in detail: it was headless, skinny, shadowy humanoid figure made a loud scratching/clanking metal type noise and climbed a tree that doesn't offer much footing. Don't know what the hell it was. Sketch provided below." BT

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