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Monday, June 01, 2020

Glowing White 'Crawler' Humanoid Observed at Lake Kootenay, British Columbia

The eyewitness is terrified by a large white crawling emaciated humanoid while vacationing at Lake Kootenay, British Columbia

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"To give you some background, my family owns a trailer home which sits on a cliff overlooking Lake Kootenay, in the south of the Canadian province of British Columbia. This trailer was used as a sort of a summer getaway destination, as my parents and I visit for about a week or more each summer. The trailer itself is quite old (it was turned into a home by the previous owners in the 70’s), but it’s despite its age, it’s still a very enjoyable place to experience the warmest months.

The trailer sits in the middle of a cedar pine forest, with a small clearing on the side facing away from the water to park vehicles, as well as a driveway connecting to the road which is about 110 feet away. The nearest town is roughly a 15 minute drive, and there are no neighbors. I sleep at the opposite end of the trailer (which I call the ‘cabin’ as there is an additional dining room and porch built onto the trailer), with their bed at the front end and mine at the very back. There are two windows next to where I sleep, with one facing parallel to the lake and the other towards the previously mentioned parking area.

Due to the positioning of our cabin in a mountain valley, around 9 pm in the summer it gets very dark very quickly. Since we sometimes are outside after this time, there's a bright lamp mounted on the front end of the trailer which completely illuminates the porch area (facing the lake) and partially lights the parking area. This creates an orange glow that can get spooky, especially when raining.

Around 11 pm one night, I was still awake sitting in bed and reading. I keep the blinds of the window facing away from the lake open as to provide a little light for reading without having to turn on any inside lamps. The light momentarily gets dimmer, so I glance outside. What I saw was a large, almost glowing white creature which was moving through the semi-lit area, casting a shadow over my window. It had very long and spindly limbs, and I could see contours that looked like emaciated ribs on its side. It was hard to estimate a height, because it was moving bent over, in what I can only describe as a crawl. Just looking at it instilled so much fear that I couldn't look away, despite how much I wanted to. The creature moved at a fast walking pace from the front of the cabin and into the treeline.

At the time, I wanted to believe that it was some form of very sick, hairless bear as we frequently saw bears in the area. Looking back, the limbs were just too long to be a bear, and too skinny. Also, I would think a bear with mange would still have some hair or discolored skin, but this creature didn't. It appeared entirely to be a white color, and the light from the lamp reflected off its side making it 'glow' a little.

I wish I could provide any form of evidence that what I saw really happened." MO

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