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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

'Mission Creep': The Unfortunate Path To Using Reptilians As Riot Control

Will there ever be a point when alien forces or combatants are used for riot control by the powers that be? The writer seems to believe that this option is available and ready.

By Matt R.

In many "alternative" news circles, there have always been rumors of plans for the use of aggressive foreign troop peacekeepers in America. Like with many conspiracy rumors, this is a partial truth. Although it was true in past generations, there really aren't any overseas troops who are trained harder than our own regular, or special forces. Modern Chinese, European, and Russian troops simply have not faced the grueling living conditions that made their past generations so formidable in reputation. If we're going to cross that line of calling in foreign forces, we are going to use those that are genuinely more intimidating. Especially for non-lethal riot control, where the average foreign troop would fare absolutely no better than a local.

For almost a decade, Lon Strickler has allowed me to share my Reptilian experiences on his site. At times, the scenario I was putting forth seemed extremely improbable. I testified that our own police and military forces would eventually be so overwhelmed by civil unrest that they'd resort to alien troop assistance. Specifically, from Reptilian types. As I saw in a MILAB training exercise I was made to participate in, that is exactly what they've been strategizing.

Now it should be clear why.

We literally just saw civil unrest become so severe that the president had to hide in a bunker. A moment so embarrassing that he is now claiming he was "inspecting" it. I was not surprised to see that, at all. I've been telling you it's only a matter of time.

I've seen many recent mainstream news complaints about all the secret police that were deployed recently. No uniform markings, insignia or name tags, in most cases. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/06/ag-barr-defends-his-black-clad-secret-police-force-its-ok-they-wouldnt-want-to-talk-to-people-about-who-they-were/

That was exactly the same situation I reported in my anti-riot training abduction, with the Reptilians!

Here is the exact quote from what I wrote in 2012:

"My name is Matt R_____. I served on the New Orleans Police Department during Hurricane Katrina. I stayed with the department for almost 2 years after the storm ....().... Probably the most interesting of my abductions is the one that took place in 2005, just a few months before Katrina. I was abducted by reptilians, and then forced to help them train in anti-riot techniques. This training was coordinated in concert with a US military group of indeterminate affiliation. They wore Dark BDU's, no insignias."

I'm glad I made note of this detail at the time. It seemed odd that they were staging such an elaborately expensive training exercise, with blank dark uniforms. Why cut such a specific small cost? Now, it's becoming more clear why.

When Reptilians are permitted to operate here in a crowd control role, they too will not be allowed to wear their own insignia. But, we'd also be hesitant to let them wear our own military's uniforms (for liability purposes).

What you will have instead is a replay of what Russia did in Eastern Ukraine. Insert Russian mercenaries & special forces who wear nothing actually proving they are such. Look at the public reaction to this practice. Absolutely nobody likes it. It's a terrible idea, suitable only for failed states.

One of the primary reasons I ever went public with this was because I knew this surprise deployment of unfamiliar forces would backfire. It's too contrary to our values and culture.

The best way to go about this would have been to use more honesty. Admittingly, we work with multiple other alien races and let them deploy here through existing frameworks. Either use an existing private military contractor, or let them create their own.

As much as people complained about Blackwater in New Orleans, at least they were liable for civil lawsuits and criminal court consequences. That's why, contrary to rumors, they were extremely well behaved there. Surprise deployment of forces with zero identification whatsoever, human or Reptilian, is not something that leads to anything but further distrust. You don't "shock and awe" your own backyard.

Of course the question is, when would they actually use these Reptilian forces. The second they do that, it's an admission that aliens exist, and we have secretly been working with them. That's not something they will admit to lightly. It would only be after most other forces have been depleted. We have recently gotten very close to that brink. The only question is, what is the next terrible decision that will trigger the next round of civil unrest backlash? My feeling is that it will likely be some sort of bi-partisan "mandatory national service" plan.

Perhaps this is why they're pushing disclosure. They certainly don't have enough public support for a draft against China. But, there's plenty of hostile alien races we could use as an excuse. There are a few Insectoid types not friendly with our military at all. Of course, most of these draftees will end up conducting literal local infrastructure ditch digging (for half the salary you'd pay union construction). The outrage against that will be totally justified.

For a more in depth context of my experiences, you can listen to this interview I did in late 2014. I've done several others, but this is still the most comprehensive. At least, among those not now behind a paywall: https://m.soundcloud.com/panamaorange/civilunrestreptilians

I'd also suggest reading my last two articles. My last few abductions have been very revealing, in what I've experienced of our military's biotech experimentation. We are already well past the point of deploying "enhanced" troops. Recent events are certainly going to motivate them to ramp up this process.



I can also be reached at circlepanama@gmail.com or Twitter @ panamaorange

NOTE: I do not endorse or impugn any of the narrative posted by the author. It has been presented solely as the opinion of the author, without any input by myself (unless I was quoted). The narrative has been published, as received, without any edits. I will state that I believe that there are other humanoid beings living among us, either alien species or entities bio-engineered from terrestrial lifeforms. Beyond my statement you are left to your own conclusions. Lon

(Mission Creep is the gradual or incremental expansion of an intervention, project or mission, beyond its original scope, focus or goals, a ratchet effect spawned by initial success.)

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