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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tall Pale Humanoid Approaches Shocked Camper at Ovens National Park, Nova Scotia

A young camper is approached by a tall pale humanoid while sitting on a trail bench in the Ovens National Park in Nova Scotia at night. Was it a spirit or an actual living being?

"Before this incident, I had never had a paranormal experience in my life. That being said, my boyfriend seems to have enough for the both of us.

We went camping in the early fall of 2016 at Ovens National Park, Nova Scotia. We had just arrived back from spending the summer in western Canada and hadn't seen each other in four months. So we decided to spend some time together and go camping with another couple that were close friends of ours. We booked the cheapest cabin at the campground for two nights and headed out.

The first day we spent there was pretty uneventful. To give some context, the park is famous for its sea caves that are carved into the rocky cliffs of the Nova Scotian east shore. The first day we hiked the trail that overlooked the caves (or the Ovens as they were called) and we were able to go down into some of them. That night we had a campfire, but turned in early. So we sat inside the small cabin and started playing cards. My boyfriend was being a sore loser, and seemed to be acting kind of strange. He abruptly said he was going for a walk and left the cabin. I was pretty annoyed and just let him go for a while and didn't chase him.

After about half an hour I started to get a bit anxious and called his cell. This is where things started to get really weird. He didn't answer at first, but he called me back right away. When I answered he seemed to have calmed down a bit, and I asked him where he was. He said he was sitting on a bench on the trail, then he asked where I was. This confused me a bit because I hadn't left the cabin since he left, and I wasn't likely to since I'm terrified of the dark. I told him this and this suddenly freaked him out. He said he was coming back to the cabin. It was weird because he's generally pretty level-headed and hard to actually scare.

So after about two to three minutes I hear running footsteps coming to the cabin and my boyfriend comes tearing through the door. Then this is what he told me:

He had walked out to the trails to get some fresh air and sat down on one of the benches to look out at the ocean. The moon was pretty bright that night. so everything was illuminated pretty well. Then he said he heard someone walking by and he saw this really tall and pale figure stop and look at him, and then continue on. For some reason he assumed this was me coming to look for him, and that's when I called him and told him I was in the cabin. He said, that in retrospect, the figure was inhumanly tall and pale and couldn't possibly be a person. He was not himself for the rest of the night and didn't seem normal until lunch the next day. Do you have any idea about what this might have been?" LB

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