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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Canine Cryptid / UFOs Encountered in Bulgarian Village

A Bulgarian youth describes several bizarre encounters, including incidents with a cryptid canine and UFOs, while living in his village.

"I lived most of my life in a village named Malak Chiflik in Bulgaria .It wasn't a small place but everybody knew each other and everybody knew about the weird stuff that would happen once in while, but nobody spoke about it.

My first encounter with the strange happened when I was 7. It was night time and my friends and I were at the only park there. Our parents were at a restaurant nearby and some of the older kids were also at the park. At one point I was alone sitting on a slide when the street lights went out. So I am sitting there in the dark and I look at a house that is across from the park. Above it was hovering a silver flying saucer. I watched it for 5 minutes before it disappeared. I decided not to tell the others, but when I approached them they asked me if saw it.

On the same night around 12:30 am my mom and I started heading home. As we are walking we are nearing a turn in the road near a little dirt road on the right side of it that leads to a couple of houses. Suddenly my mom stops me. I ask her why and she just 'shusses' me. So I look at what she is looking at and there is a "man" walking in front of us with really long arms that were reaching his knees and a head that was turned 180 degrees looking at us. It disappeared at the turn of the road and a couple of seconds later there was a bright light. We stood there for a bit before continuing. Even today my mom rarely speaks of it.

2 months later, in the middle of the summer, most of my peers had gone on vacation or visiting other family. A couple of the older kids wanted us to go and pick cherries at this large cherry tree belonging to a man that lived at the edge of the village. A few local adults, when they saw where we were heading, warned us not to go but (of course) we didn't listen. Before we even reach the place we hear some strange noises behind some bushes. So we decided to check it out. Past the bushes was an open field. On it was a dead cow and feeding on it was an unknown creature that would fit the description of a dogman or werewolf. It turned its head towards us. Its red eyes looking directly at me. It grimaced at us, showing all of its teeth. We started running and didn't stop until we were at the center of the village.

Later that same night, it's time for me to head home. The road that leads to my neighborhood is kind of surrounded by forest. As I am passing by a cornfield I hear a growl from a little path that goes into it. I look at path it is pitch dark. The only thing I can see are red eyes and the grimacing smile that starts to form. I start running and that thing chases after me. It gains on me and I swear it said, "you are mine" in a very deep, menacing voice. At this moment my neighbor's dogs start barking and I see them rushing towards me from up the road. Thanks to them the creature it lost its momentum for a bit and I managed to reach the gated fence. I climbed over and sprinted across the yard and into the house. The dogs continued barking for a while. Even today, 18 years later, I sometimes have nightmares about it.

A few years later, in the evening evening, I was playing at the park when I looked at the sky and saw a bright yellow star falling down. As I watched it suddenly stopped and started doing some maneuvers before flying up and disappearing. Two weeks later, a friend and I are near the place where I encountered that beast when he spots the same object falling down in the distance. We watch it as it stops and hovers above a forest before landing into it.

The next day we are there again with a bunch of kids telling them about the star when we see the field next to that forest in flames, which would disappear and reappear on a different spot. Maybe someone could explain that but it was weird." KH

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