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Friday, June 12, 2020

Strange People / Humanoid Encounters in Tennessee, Long Island & Ohio

3 different frightening encounters with strange people or unknown humanoids in Tennessee, Long Island & Ohio

The following strange accounts were recently found:

"I’m staying in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains right now, in a cabin in the woods. There are other cabins nearby, though. I was dead asleep last night and my boyfriend was still outside in the hot tub and he came inside yelling for me and woke me up. He said that he started hearing something big moving around in the forest, and he thought it was a bear, but he shined his flashlight and it was like something small moving through the grasses that he couldn’t see. There were multiple of them but they were covered by the grass and moving in different directions. He only saw one, but it was a little ways in the distance, and he described it as ‘long and tan and skin colored like a person that was on their belly slithering around’ but moving really fast and graceful. Then clear as day he heard a woman’s voice scream ‘help me! Someone!’ And he says it was the weirdest sound — like it didn’t sound like a real person. It sounded rehearsed and fake, and he couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Anyone know what this is? We’re freaked." SG


"This experience really just confuses me more than anything and if anyone has any information or has seen something similar please let me know. So this was a few years ago while I was in high school probably around 2011-2012 on Long Island, NY and I was probably like 16 give or take a year. I was walking with my friend from one end of the mall to the other just talking and looking for more of our friends to hang out with.

As we were getting close to one of the exits I see this tall man stumble through the crowd of other mall goers. At first when I saw him I looked away because to be honest I thought this man has some kind of disability or handicap and I didn’t want to be rude and gawk at him. But then it clicked in my head that something weird was up with him. He had almost wet looking greasy black hair that was messy, choppy, and shoulder length and dressed in a khaki suit that was too big for him even though he was a tall dude. His skin didn’t looked like it fit him either. It hung on him slightly and looked like it wasn’t attached to him. The weirdest part was his face though, and to this day it just really confuses me. I know it’s so weird but he just had two black circles for eyes and a black open frown on his face. Like just solid blacked out holes with nothing behind them. He had no nose, eyelids, eyebrows, teeth or lips.

He stumbled past me and my friend and I looked at her and asked if she saw that but she said "no" because she was on her phone. However this girl from another group of teenagers in front of us started freaking out yelling “did you f*cking see that?” And all her friends said "no." I looked at her and she looked at me and I just nodded my head and kept walking cause I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t know if it was a costume but like what kind of weird costume would that be to just wear to a mall one afternoon. Like I said if anyone has any clue what this could be I’d love to hear it. I think about this man all the time and it still makes me feel a little sick because it just doesn’t make sense." MI


"In 1973, when I was young, my family lived in an old farmhouse in rural southern Ohio. The closest house was about 1 mile away. The house we lived in was on a working farm with a barn, a windmill water pump, several acres of fields, a small creek, and it all backed up to a line of trees about 1/2 mile behind the house.

The house was built in the 1850s. It had a root cellar and two stories. The upstairs had three large bedrooms and a small bathroom with an old, metal, claw foot bath tub. Wide stairs terminated at the top at the north end of the large landing and a walkway ran from the top of the stairs along the west wall past my sisters bedroom before turning east. The walkway then passed my parents room, my room and then ended at the bathroom. At the landing (the north end) there was a large window. I should mention that the ceilings were about 20 feet tall. So the window on the north wall started about 8 feet above the floor. My room was on the south end of the landing/walkway.

One January night I needed to heed the call of nature, so I got out of bed and walked to the door. Across the upper walkway/landing was a figure. It was about 6 feet tall. Its face was silvery white and glowing. It had spiky lightning bolt like hair and its body while bipedal and humanoid was ill defined and not glowing. It was standing at the top of the landing, 40 feet away from me and it was looking at me.

I screamed!

After what seemed like an eternity my sleepy parents entered the common walkway area. By this time the creature had disappeared. My mother sent my dad downstairs to check out the house while she comforted me and checked on my younger sister. My sister slept through the whole incident. I stood rooted to my doorway out of terror while my dad investigated the downstairs. While my dad was downstairs I heard the sounds of metal banging. It wasn’t very loud but it was loud enough for my mom and I to hear. The sound only lasted a few seconds.

When my dad came upstairs he reported that there was nothing downstairs. I asked him what the metal banging sounds were and he said he hadn’t heard anything.

I’m not sure how but I somehow managed to go back to sleep that night. I know my mom sat up with me until I did.

This was the only time I saw something strange at this house. We moved that summer." PS

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