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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Massive Dark Bipedal Entities (Possible Bigfoot) Seen at Port Angeles, WA Residence

A Port Angeles, Washington resident reports continued sightings of massive dark bipedal entities in their yard. There has also been a number of other unexplained incidents.

"On January 10th and 11th (2020) a huge storm rolled into Port Angeles, WA (Clallam County) and covered the town with a heavy coating of snow that essentially stopped the town. Since we don’t have the means to rapidly clear snow from the streets, so most people couldn’t leave their houses for days.

I hadn’t been able to work so I ended up sleeping during the day and spending all night baking to keep the house warm with the oven. On January 12th at 2:30 in the morning I was standing in my kitchen making baked donuts and had just put a fresh pan of batter in the oven when I decided my back hurt from standing so long. So, while my donuts were in the oven, I prepared a bowl of marijuana to take in the bathroom and smoke while I waited. I wanted to hear the oven timer when it went off.

Normally I’d go outside but this particular time I was sitting in the bathroom on the closed toilet seat since there’s a window right there. I had prepped everything and had my lighter but I had not yet gotten high or hit the bowl. I stood up off the toilet seat to open the window. We keep a knife in the sill to keep it from being opened from the outside, so I removed that and lifted the curtain. The snow meant everything was quite illuminated outside and the minute I lifted the curtain I saw it.

It was probably at least eight feet tall, standing under a tree in the corner of my yard. It turned at an angle as it was watching something off to the side of my yard. When I opened the window and saw it, it saw me and turned to look at me. It was a massive, dark bipedal figure with a clear head and shoulders like a human although I never saw a clear neck as the shoulders were so massive the silhouette of the head just kind of melted into the shadow of the rest of it. It was too dark for distinguishing features but light enough that I could clearly see the head turn towards me.

When I opened the window and saw it I was immediately struck with terror, but when it turned and acknowledged me I experienced the most fear I have ever felt in my whole life. I was completely paralyzed, unable to move or do anything but stare at it. When it finally turned away after a few moments I was released from the terror and I pulled away from the window and immediately ran to tell my stepfather there was something out in the yard. I just started to sob, I was so frightened, and my stepfather and mother immediately knew something just wasn’t right. He went to the bathroom to look out the window.

But by this time the thing was already gone, having turned away while I was still at the window. But my stepdad noticed that suddenly there were three deer in the backyard who had not been there before and they were very skittish, trying desperately to find a path over a fence in our yard that most of the deer casually stroll around. I assume they must have entered from the corner of the yard in the direction of where the thing was looking, evident by their tracks in the snow. I think they were still making their way from the front yard to the side when I saw the thing. So at the time I never saw the deer, just the thing pointing in that direction.

We do live more in the city limits. However there’s a lot of dead-end roads leading to small forested patches, and the deer live in our yard quite a lot. We have had predators like cougars use our backyard as a hunting ground so I suspect the thing I saw was hunting deer when I interrupted it.

In the morning my mom made her way through the snow where I’d seen the creature beneath the tree. She came back in very confused, said that there were unusual imprints beneath the tree but that they didn’t go to or lead from anywhere, they stretched only for several feet then disappeared.

Our house has had unusual activity in the corners of the property, and many times when we would be outside smoking in the late hours of the night the frogs and all outdoor sounds would cut suddenly, and the forest would become so deathly still. It spooked my mom and I both on multiple occasions before this point and my stepdad, who is a skeptic and a doubter of most spiritual topics, had ushered us inside a few times following different occurrences of this silence.

This is the only occasion I have witnessed this particular creature, however since my sighting my mom has become very aware of something when she is outside and frequently complains that she sees movement from her peripheral but that when she turns to look there is nothing there. One night however she saw a very dark, shadowy human figure dart from the tree line across our neighbor’s yard at an inhuman speed. She was very sure that what she saw was not a person.

I am unsure of the exact timeline of her sighting but about two weeks after my initial sighting, I had another strange encounter. This time I was outside on our balcony smoking, about the same time at night. The main section of our house is on the second story so the balcony overlooks a small section of roof and then the backyard. We used to keep chickens and they would frequently get attacked by predators. So part of our routine outside includes shining a flashlight around multiple times a night. I was flashing it around the yard when a massive, furry shape passed directly in front of the beam of light and crossed the yard. It was much taller and wider than a human but it was not touching the ground, and it moved so fast the only part of it I saw was the shiny reflect of light bouncing off of black fur. The patio door also became stuck closed and I had to beat and scream for someone to let me in. It wasn’t locked and my mom was irritated initially that I had been screaming for her to let me in when the door was unlocked, until I told her what I saw.

There are a couple of UFO sightings we had around the same time, one which she saw coming home from work and one which went on for several weeks and was witnessed by both of us as well as my stepdad, but for brevity I will leave it at these for now." K

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