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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Bizarre Humanoid Encounter Near Apalachicola, Florida

A Florida Panhandle resident describes a frightening encounter he had with an unknown humanoid that was feeding on the carcass of a raccoon.

I recently received the following account:

So, I'm not really sure how to say this without sounding insane, but in my neighborhood north of Apalachicola, Florida there's a creature that lives around the local backwoods. I've seen it once, and it scared the ever living hell out of me on that summer night of 2005.

It wasn't super late at night, but it was pretty damn dark, and I had to go to the back gate dumpster compactor to drop off trash from my house. Walking up, I saw a funky lookin' silhouette by the compactor door. It was hunched over, and I thought it was digging through a trash bag for something. As I got closer, however, I got a view of this creature's back. It had a raised spine, tight skin, nasty scars and boils all over. I just kind of stood there, and all of a sudden it shot up (I don't know how tall, but a couple heads on me and I'm 5'9") and turned to look at me. It had these sunken eyes, two protruding fangs/tusks coming out its mouth. Also what looked like a slimy black tongue (might've been a different color but it looked black in the dark), and a gash from the top of its head to where I presume the nose would be. It looked like someone had just bashed it over the head. It had these dark red stains all over its mouth region.

Out of fear I immediately cast my gaze downward. In its hands was a raccoon, heavy emphasis on "was". There wasn't much left of it. The raccoon was nothing more than a red lump in its hands, with only the head still really identifiable. It stared at me for what I felt like an eternity, then jumped into the tree above the dumpster without doing anything. I guess I wasn't a threat.

I haven't seen it since, but every so often I leave something to eat out for it by the lake, next to the drainage pipe opening in the retention pond. Everytime I go by there what I leave is gone, so I guess it likes what I leave. Good enough for me. It had haunched legs, like an animal, and the tree has a lot of branches that are pretty low hanging. I guess it has human rationale. And the gash wasn't like a hole, it was more like someone/thing cut it across the face or hit it hard enough to crack its skull open.

I've heard of a lot of weird things around this area, but nothing describes what I witnessed that night. I still believe it is around since that encounter 15 years ago. LL

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