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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Huge Bigfoot Scares Boy at Grandparent's Floyd County, Georgia Home

A young witness encounters a huge Bigfoot while living with his grandparents on a mountain in Floyd County, Georgia. He and a friend have another run-in with the creature years later.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"Back in 2007 my grandparents and I lived up on a mountain in Floyd County in northern Georgia. Our property was against the Bartow County line. It's a warm September night just a couple days after my 9th birthday. I'm in my room playing 'Call of Duty' on my Wii and my grandpa walks in and asks if I can take the trash out before it gets too cold. I say sure and pause my game and slip my shoes on.

I walk out into the garage and open the garage door to throw the bag into my grandpa's truck. I turn on the light on the outside of the garage and walk to my grandpa's truck. I was somewhat afraid of the dark. So I kind of speed walked, throw the bag in and hoped to make it. However, I did not make it, and I hear the bag land on the ground behind the truck. My head drops and my heart starts to pound for some reason like I know if I go behind the truck something will get me. You know the basic kid paranoia. So I run to the back of the truck, pick the bag up and toss it inside and turn around to go back into the garage when I see something. The driveway turns off a gravel road, then curves to the left and up a hill. The hill smooths out a little but doesn't level off completely. Right where the hill gets less steep I see a dark figure just standing there. In the light coming from the garage I can just make out its silhouette. It appears to be a person at first but then my eyes adjust on it and I can vaguely make out hair covering its entire body.

I stand there frozen with fear - like if I turn my back it's gonna sprint up and get me. So I hesitantly walk backwards toward the garage while keeping my eyes on it, and it seems that every step I take it takes one also. I finally reach the gap in the garage door and run as fast as I can inside.

When I get inside I run into the living room for my grandpa and say, "Grandpa, get the gun! There's something in the driveway. It's big and its walking on two feet. I don't know what it is but it scares me." So my grandpa gets the gun and we go outside on the front porch which is a good 40 yards closer to the part of the hill I saw it at and it's not there.

My grandpa says, "You sure you saw something?" I dont say anything. I just nod. He drops the gun from his shoulder and says, "C'mon. You havent put a new trash bag in the trash can yet." We both turn around and walk back inside.

Several hours go by and nothing else happens. Until about 1 am. I wake up from having a dream of what I saw. I lay in my bed and look at my curtained windows and can see that the front porch light is on. I find that safer because it acts as sort of a nightlight for me. So I'm laying there looking at my window when I see a huge shadow walk right in front of my window on the outside, and I mean huge! The window was about 2 feet off the ground, was about 4 foot tall and was about 2 and a half feet from the ceiling. And this shadow was tall enough to cast a shadow big enough to where it looked like someone was sliding a wall past the window.

I could hear the boards creaking out on the front porch and could see how wide this thing was from a side view. This thing, whatever it was, was at least 2 feet wide from the side. And it was absolutely huge. I didn't want to go get my grandparents because I didn't want them to get mad for waking them up at 1 am and for them to come out and see nothing. So I just watched this thing walk back and forth past my window and before too long, I fell asleep again.

Fast forward to the summer between my sophomore and junior year in high school. I had moved off the mountain but was still going to the same school. Anyway, like a week before school got out, me and my best friend Kevin thought it might be a good idea to go up to the mountain and see if we can find it. Without hesitation I jumped at the opportunity and said, "Hell yeah. Let's go." So the following weekend after school ended, I meet up with him and we brought some camping gear along with some food and a 30-06. I tell him we can camp out at the house I saw this thing at and he agreed it was the best place to start.

So we make it to the night and he's like, "Let's get out and walk around." I say okay and we both get out of the tent. I instantly felt like I was being watched. I shouldered the rifle and I felt the adrenaline filling my veins. Kevin puts his hand on the barrel and lowers the end of the gun to the ground. "Don't do that, you'll make me nervous." So we start walking around the woods. We find some small game paths and hear a few noises, but we don't find anything. So we both look at each other and decide it's not worth it so we start walking back to the tent which will take at least 30 minutes.

On our way back we can hear things in the woods that sounded like tree knocks and whoops. We get about a hundred yards from the property we're camping out on and suddenly a rock flies through the woods and lands within ten feet of me and Kevin. Then it's like it just unloaded on us, rocks were landing all around us with not much time between impact. We hear all sorts of whoops and hollers coming from different directions, almost like we were being surrounded. I tell Kevin to run and I'll be right behind him. So we start running towards the property and hear trees snapping behind us. I stop for a split second, raise the gun a fire a shot into the air. Then all goes silent. Kevin stops just in the clearing of the property and looks back at me. I look back at him and we both run onto the property and book it out of there as fast as the pickup truck we drove will take us. I haven't been up there since." BI

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