Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sasquatch Thwarts Rape Attack!

Sarah in Portland, Oregon wrote to Beyond The Darkness with an interesting Sasquatch encounter:

“This isn't my story, but because I'm a frustrated anthropologist (frustrated because I cant find a job in my field) I'm trying to keep my skills sharp by collecting other people’s stories. I live in Portland, Oregon and in my neighborhood word has gotten around to my neighbors that I'm always open for a story. A lot of them are pure gossip but I'm saving them for a paper on micro status changes in progressive neighborhoods. Exciting stuff for us eggheads, but occasionally I get more unusual stories. Hopefully I remember to ask all the pertinent questions.

My neighbor, we'll call her Annie, is an avid outdoors-woman. Ever since I moved to the neighborhood, which was about 10 years ago, every weekend and holiday she was off somewhere hiking in the mountains, forest or high desert plateau. Then suddenly, last September, she sold off all of her camping and climbing gear. After a month of being a home-body, took up windsurfing. Early in January she knocked on my door and asked if I wanted a strange story. I could tell that something was eating at her and invited her in, having just put on a pot of tea. One pot of tea and a plate of gingerbread cookies later, I had the whole story out of her.

Back in September she had gone hiking on one of those last beautiful days before winter and the rains, back in the deep country of the Columbia River Gorge. She told me the exact location but I don’t feel right about releasing this information. Several hours into the hike she started to notice a distant stinking smell like rotting eggs and manure. Because she was hiking along a small seasonal creek she thought maybe something like a deer had disturbed some skunk cabbage in the area. It was a little late in the season for skunk cabbage but not impossibly so. Annie said the stink didn’t dissipate for about twenty minutes, then it was gone. As the trail climbed to a higher elevation she began to feel like she was being watched. Because she still had miles to go before she reached the campsite, she didn't stop but remained alert, as mountain lions are known to be in the area.

This went on for about ten more minutes then, as she was coming around a boulder, someone grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her to the ground. Stunned and with the wind knocked out of her, she lay there for a moment when a short fellow with facial tattoos and a machete, threatened her and shouted at her in Spanish. We have a problem with undocumented immigrant gangs growing Mary Jane in the backwoods. Most of it was cleared up when Washington State and Oregon legalized recreational weed, but gangs still grow for the purpose of selling in Idaho. Annie doesn't speak any Spanish but thought the guy was gonna rape and kill her given that he straddled her and grabbed her shirt trying to rip it off of her. That was when the most horrific roar came from the bushes. So loud that Annie said she felt it reverberating in her chest. That was also when a tall (she initially placed it at about 10 feet tall, later said it might have only been about 8 feet, as she, rather terrified at that moment) hairy person grabbed the guy on top of her and threw him into the trees. Perhaps, needless to say, Annie didn't stick around. She ran back down the trail until she collapsed about an hour out from her car, by her estimation. When she came around, she was laid out on the trail head covered in leaf litter. She swears she was too far from the trail head when she passed out and she certainly wouldn't have had the piece of mind to cover herself in leaves.

It was getting on to twilight at that point so she limped to her car and drove back to Portland. The next day is when she sold all of her camping and climbing gear. I asked her if she noticed a smell during the attack. I asked her what she felt had saved her. Annie was very hesitant to answer but of her own volition finally said it had to be Sasquatch. Because I felt I had to play the devil's advocate at the time, I asked if it could have just been a hunter in a ghillie suit. She shook her head and was very adamant that a hunter would have used a gun and not thrown a guy a good twenty feet. Also she added she didn't think any human could make the sound of that roar. Again I asked her if she noticed a smell during the attack but she was a little too busy running away to notice. She did mention that when she came to at the trail head, her clothes had a strange funk on them but she had thrown them out. I did ask her if I could share her story and she was okay with it but doesn't want to tell it ever again and if asked about it will flat out deny it happened.

I think I was her confessional that day. We're still on friendly terms but I respected her request to never mention it to her again. She windsurfs almost every weekend now but she refuses to go back into the forest. And to be honest, I don't blame her. One last note, I emailed the county sheriff's office with details about the attack minus the rescue by Sasquatch. If the guy that attacked her was still out there and alive law enforcement needs to be aware that there is a marijuana grow near a walk in a campsite.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness – March 13, 2017

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