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Weekend 2 Cents: Ghostly Doppelganger, Tulpa...or What? -- Boomerang-Shaped Military Aircraft? -- Ryan Sprague...UFO Journalist, Author & Podcaster on Arcane Radio

Ghostly Doppelganger, Tulpa...or What?

Danny Heath wrote in to Beyond The Darkness to tell of his weird encounter:

“When I was six or seven, I was riding my bicycle home from the store and I passed a partially destroyed building. As I rode by, an older friend called to me from a second floor window. There was no glass in the window. He said, "Hi." I waved and continued on my way. From this house, I could see my house so I arrived home about a minute or two later. I walked into the living room and I looked right into the face of the same guy who had spoken to me a couple of minutes ago. I did not speak but I ran to my mom and lost it crying. I had seen a ghost. Or is it a ghost if the person is still alive? I think I freaked out my friend when I finally calmed down enough to tell everyone why I was crying. I think he thought it was a premonition of his death or something. He lived another 35 years. I have never forgotten this.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness – February 27, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Boomerang-Shaped Military Aircraft?

Fort Wright, KY: On Feb 16th 2017, the space station was visible in our area. My husband and I watched it (great). Several hours later I woke up to what sounded like a fleet of aircraft flying very low over our house. We are used to some noise we are located under one of the incoming flight paths for CVG.

When I went to check it out a minimum or 10 aircraft seemed to be lined up flying in formation heading NE and then one by one turned west towards the airport.

The weird thing is the third or fourth aircraft was behaving differently than the others. It was hovering then it would ascend and descend rapidly. This went on for at least 5 minutes. I went to every window and door to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I saw the same thing in every possible place. Also I saw flashing lights orange, yellow and red. I watched the aircraft as it descended towards the airport almost touching the tree tops on my street. It was boomerang shaped with the same flashing lights located on rear of craft.

I don’t really recall specific feelings. However it does seem the more time passes the less I remember. I experienced blurry vision after. I have lived here twelve years and have not experienced this before.

I realize there are several other possibilities. DHL cargo carriers and some type of military installation located in Hebron, KY.- MUFON


This week we welcome UFO journalist & author Ryan Sprague to Arcane Radio. Ryan is a professional playwright & screenwriter in New York City. He is also an investigative journalist specializing in the topic of UFOs. He has written for numerous publications, including Omni, Open Minds Magazine, Phenomena Magazine, and UFO Truth Magazine. Speaking on the UFO topic, he has been featured on ABC News, Fox News, and The Science Channel, and is a regular on The Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum. He is also the co-host for both the Into the Fray & UFOmodPOD podcasts. His first book, Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon is now available via Richard Dolan Press. This should be an interesting show! Join us on Wednesday March 8th - 10PM ET / 7PM PT - go to and click 'Listen Live' to listen & chat.

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