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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ghostly Knocks & Cat Phantoms

In a video posted on February 23, 2017, titled MY GHOST STORIES, Kat Rose, who goes by the name Kat on her Youtube channel KatsWonderland, described the various strange things that happened at her parent's farmhouse in northeastern Washington State between 2002 and 2007:

“I would say that the bulk of my paranormal experiences all occurred at my childhood home. The house I grew up in where my parent's still live to this day is over a hundred years old so already it's laying out the ground for there to be some residual things. It's old. It's been there a long time. That foundation, it's the same one that was there over a hundred years ago. I would say that the more intense activity started happening when I was around 12 or 13 and there was kind of, I guess, like an episode, a season in time, where we would hear knocking at our door and I know that sounds like the classic thing. There was always three rhythmic knocks on our front door. It kinda just seemed like a joke at that point in time. It seemed like somebody, some kids, were running up to our door and they're trying to scare us, you know, 'knock knock knock,' and they're running for it. That went on for probably a few weeks. I cannot count how many times I went to answer the door thinking it was gonna be the mailman and, you know, UPS, or something, and there was nobody there. And it just got increasingly eerie as time went on because we could never find any trace of anything having happened. I remember one day when it all kind of climaxed.

My sister and I were home alone and my mom was out running errands or something like that. I think we were watching TV in the living room which is right near our front door and we heard three knocks. We were not in the habit of opening for someone that we didn't know when we were home alone. Just because we were home alone but we did go and look out the window and, of course, nothing was there so already we were like, 'Ugh, it's happening again.' Obviously neither one of us was very excited about that but it happened and it seemed like there was nothing else to do. So we went and sat down and no sooner had we sat down that we heard the door, the three knocks, again. We kinda hurried over to see, like, we're gonna catch somebody this time because we were right near it. Then we heard three knocks on our back door. Now our back door is not just like around the corner, it's clear on the other side of our house and we lived in a pretty large old farmhouse. So, at that point, we're thinking, there is no way that this is just one person who just knocked and then booked it around to the other side of the house and knocked there and so we both ran to the back door and, of course, there was nothing there.

So we're standing there by the back door kinda looking around, trying to figure out what it could be, and it happens at the front door. So this time my sister runs into the other room to look out the window by the front door and I stayed by the back door and, of course, she doesn't see anything. So she starts to come into the kitchen which is kind of near the back door where I was. She's telling me, Like, there's no one there, I don't know what is going on. And, I had my back to the door, so I didn't see, I couldn't see out the window, at that point, and, while I was standing, not but two feet away from the door with my back to it, there’s three knocks and it scared the living daylights out of me because the back door has a window on it. So I, you know, looked around really quickly to see if I could see anything. Nothing there. Like no trace of anybody. So that was kind of the terrifying moment in time when we realized that this was not someone playing a trick. This can't be. You know, this cannot be explained. My sister was not directly facing the door but she could have seen in her peripheral but I think she would have had an actual person come up on the step and was knocking on the door. You know, I feel like it would have caught her eye and it didn't. Nothing like that happened. So that was really scary. The crazy thing was, after that day, with all the crazy knocking on the doors, it never happened again. Not once. Still to this day, I can't explain it and I don't really know what was going on there.

So the next series of unfortunate events. This one is not that scary to me. It's very fascinating. I want to say that I was 14 or 15 when this all kind of started accumulating. I don't remember distinctively the first time it happened because, again, like with the door, it started out rarely happening, you know, it was very sporadic and when it did, it seemed easy enough to try and rationalize it. I remember that we had cats that lived indoors with us. And there were several days, I think several days in a row, where I would be laying in my bed and it would be like early morning, like probably around 5:00 AM, and for whatever reason, I was awake and all of a sudden, just like out of nowhere, I would feel like this impact at the foot of my bed. You know, just like one single solid thump basically. And what it would feel like is when one of my cats would come into my room in the morning sometimes and jump up on the foot of my bed. You know, to come say 'Hi' to me or whatever. So that's what I thought it was and so I would look down to the foot of my bed, totally expecting to see one of our cats, and there was nothing there. And then I remember there was one night where I decided to close my door. I'm still trying to convince myself that it was one of our cats so I closed my bedroom door.

Throughout the night this was happening. And then it happened two separate times in a row in the morning when I was laying in bed awake. The first time it was probably around 6:30 AM or something and it just threw me majorly because I knew that I was awake. Not fifteen minutes after the first one, it happened again. And so, at that point in time, I'm thinking this just doesn't seem normal. It's weird. I had started to believe in the possibility of paranormal activity but I didn't understand what kind of paranormal activity that could be. Later that same day, I was talking to my older sister whose room is next to mine, or was next to mine, and I was explaining to her the story and she turns so pale and she says, 'Okay, I'm not kidding, the exact same thing has been happening to me.' I remember just being so freaked out at that point in time because, like, I'm not the only one experiencing these weird, abnormal disturbances. So it would happen really consistently like that and then it would go for a few weeks with nothing. And over time it just kind of fizzled out. It just sorta stopped. And my opinion, at this point, was that maybe we had a ghost cat and I know that sounds a little crazy and to some people that might seem ridiculous but if people's spirits can stay around why couldn't animal's spirits?”

Source: Quoting Kat Rose / KatsWonderland from the Youtube video MY GHOST STORIES

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NOTE: as far as paranormal activity in an old farmhouse, the phenomenon experienced by Kat Rose is fairly benign...though, to a child, it had to be scary. Trickster entities, especially those that have a habit of knocking, usually indicates an Earthbound energy seeking attention. Cat and dog spirits can be uncomfortable. My female Dalmatian / Beagle 'Angel' was pestered by a cat spirit when she was still alive. She'd lay down on the couch sleeping, when the cat spirit would literally jump on her. Needless to say, Angel was a very nervous dog because of these incidents. Lon

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