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Friday, March 10, 2017

BEK Family at the Mall

On February 19, 2017 Youtuber and, I think, airplane pilot, Steph Evalyn, related her bizarre real life experience:

“Keep in mind this was before I knew anything about black-eyed children, all this stuff. Also there is a witness to my story so I know I wasn't going freaking crazy. I wasn't hallucinating. I wasn't whatever. I wasn't on drugs or anything like this. It was just a normal day.

It was summertime. It was mid-June, I believe. It was 40 degrees (Celsius). Boiling hot. And I had a day off from work... and also because I remember it was so nice to not be working and to be relaxed and to be at the mall. And it was like sunshine outside. Everything was happy. I ate sushi which I frigging love sushi. I stayed at the mall until about sunset but it wasn't like completely dark yet. Okay. It was just like that time of the day, you know, the sky's looking all beautiful. Like pinks and purples and stuff like this. So the day was finishing and we were leaving the mall. And I went to the car with my friend and most people had left at this time so there were not a lot of cars in the car parking. It was just my car and in front of my car there was like a big jeep with like huge massive windows. And I sat in the car with my friend and we were trying to like find a radio channel because I like to drive with my music so were trying to find some music before we started driving.

So we were sitting there chilling and trying to find music, whatever. Taking like my sweet time. And while we're taking our sweet time we see this family like come out of the mall. Now we both did this exactly, like, we just stopped what we were doing and we just started to stare at this family. There wasn't anything particularly super strange about this family like we stopped to notice them. It's just like this feeling they gave. First of all, it was the feeling. We both looked at them kinda scared. And they had a daughter who had long black hair. She was wearing all black. And another child that had black hair. It was a boy. Short black hair and just all black. They looked kinda like Emo children, let's say.

First, like the parents were kind of protecting them but they were, like, kinda, like, (makes a shooing motion with her hands) come on, let's go, let's go, let's go. We were like, what the hell is going on? Then we noticed that the parents and family were walking kind of disturbed. They just looked disturbed. I don't know how else to say it. Something just looked off with the way they were walking, the way they were acting. It just wasn't normal. Then they started to, like, approach the jeep that was in front of us. And the girl was trying to glance at me and my friend and her mom kept doing this to her (uses hands to haphazardly cover face) like don't look. Basically, the way I can describe like how they looked, is if you seen the film Coraline and the normal parents versus the other dimension parents. That's how they were.

They get into the car and then this girl, as soon as she steps in the car, she turns around like super quickly, like behind, and because it's a jeep it had huge windows... like we could see clearly. She looks at us. I will never forget this. She looks straight at me - in the eyes. It was like she was burning into my soul. Her face went from normal to, gosh, like, her eyes went black and I mean black! I'm not even kidding. Black! Like they went black and like her face... It just went, you know like this... (using her hands she pulls her face down so that it looks like it is melting). Her eyes are black! Her eyes are frigging black! She had no... I mean like her eyes were covered, like all of this around here (using her fingers, she traces the outer edges of her eye sockets). It was just frigging black. Oh my god. And she let out this scream as she was looking at me. She was like (mocks a scream). She looked like she was possessed. She wouldn't stop doing it. But like her eyes were black. Her family in the car just weren't saying anything. They weren't stopping her or doing anything. They were just all sitting like robots. And the thing was we weren't thinking about paranormal stuff. We weren't talking about this kind of thing and we just manifested it or whatever. And it was during the day, okay? Okay, during sunset. But it wasn't dark, okay? It was light. And we could see everything. We could fully see her black eye sockets. It was only recently that I researched the black eyed children and then that, like, rang a bell. So that was, like, could it have been?”

Steph never said what happend after the girl screamed but in the comment area of the video, she indicated that she drove away.

“If your all wondering, I obviously DROVE THE HECK OUT THERE AFTER THAT! AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE!!! DIDN'T LOOK BACK! and that was the last time I ever went to that mall."

Source: Youtuber Steph Evalyn, “Are Black Eyed Kids REAL? My Encounter with One | Paranormal Storytime ( NOT CLICKBAIT)” Published on February 19, 2017.

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