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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Abducted From The Foothills


Kelly, 68, recalls a UFO encounter that happened when she was six (1953).

In 1953, Kelly, her mother and father and her brother (who has four years older than her) had gone to the San Gabriel foothills to picnic. She can't recall if it was a Saturday or Sunday in the Fall of that year.

Kelly and her brother played in the woods while her father looked for deer.

Around 4 PM, they decided to head for home. As they were packing the car up, Kelly's father alerted them to something in the sky. They saw an “orange elliptical object streaking in a very fast pace in a downward trajectory towards the ridge of the foothill that we had had our picnic on.”

Kelly remembered being awestruck because it looked like something on fire. It was very bright.

Her father was very excited. Her father thought it was a meteor at first but quickly changed his mind. “I think it's a small plane that's on fire and it's crashing.” Her father then indicated that because there was nobody around and somebody might have survived, they needed to get up there to see if they can help.


Kelly's very next memory is being at the top of the ridge. She is in the backseat of the car (sitting behind driver's seat), her brother, who is asleep (beside her in backseat, sitting behind passenger seat) and mother, also asleep (in her passenger seat). Kelly's father is not in the car.

She tried to wake her family up by shaking them but they won't wake up.

Looks out car window, to her left hand side, and can see figures kind of off to the side (she estimates that there are three of them) standing on the road. When she tries to look at them, she can't see them clearly. They look like shadows to her.

She looked out the driver's side window and observed a disc shaped object sitting in the clearing. It was grey, black door or opening. There were square or rectangular windows around it. It was around 25 feet in length.

At some point she looked away from the disc to look at the figures, when she looked back at it, it no longer looked like a disc to her.

“It looked to me like a log cabin, with steps going up to it with strong Christmas lights. And I immediately had the thought in my head: It's a restaurant. My dad has gone in to get something to eat. I want to get something to eat.”

She then has fuzzy memories of being assisted out of the car and into the craft.


Her next clear memory was being inside the object, inside a plain circular room. Everything looked grey. It opened up to another circular room. There was an opening. In that circular room there were several tables. She observed several people laying on the tables, one of whom was her father. Could see beings working on the people on the tables. Some of the beings were very small and thin. Some were taller. She could not see them clearly.

“My vision would blur when I tried to see them clearly. I had a sense that they were moving very fast at that the activity was very methodical and very fast and kind of at a frantic pace.” Her attention was re-directed to the room she was inside. The room was softly lit but she could not determine the source of the lights. Directly in front of her there was a curved console against the wall with a podium type console in front of it. It was small enough that she could see over it."


There was a person or a being standing behind that console looking at her.

“He was male. To me as a kid, he appeared to me, he had kind of a uniform on, he had a cap on. Dark. I'm not sure. I would say maybe dark grey, dark black. It was a he. I could see him better than anybody else. He was small. He had a pale face, a small mouth and he had large dark eyes that, to me, kind of slanted and kind of went around the side of his head. And I had a good friend in school at that time. Her name was Patty... She was Japanese. To me, as a kid, I thought, I guess I was trying to synch in my mind, what is he? What does he look like? And to me I thought he looked the most like Patty of anybody I knew. But definitely he didn't REALLY look like Patty.”

She observed no nose or ears, that she could recall.

Kelly claims that she had an immediate telepathic communication with the being. The being asked her:

Being: “How come you are not afraid?”

Kelly: “I told him, I don't know. I don't know.”

Kelly then asked the being (she can't recall if she did this verbally or through her mind) who he was and where was he from. The being told her to look to her left.

“It was solid wall, like this wall (pointing to the wall in the studio they are conducting the interview in) but when I looked at it, it started to ripple like water to me. And as it started to ripple, it became like a television screen only more transparent like a window. I could see stars against a dark sky and it was changing very quickly. Everything was changing on it very quickly. And he said, do you know what you are looking at and I said, I'm looking at the sky. And he said, You're not looking at the sky. You're looking at space. And he said, See, you wouldn't understand.”

Kelly claims that, even as a child, she recalled the feeling of being belittled.

“That's how I felt. I felt kind of stupid at that point.”

At that point, the communication ended.

“I got the impression that he did not want to communicate with me or he did not want to continue to engage me in conversation.”

Kelly then noticed that behind her there was a curved seat along the wall of the room. There were three people on the seats that appeared to be asleep. She could not recall if they were humans or something else. Her memory was just fuzzy at that point. There was also a man standing up by the seat. He was very human. He appeared to be not fully conscious (Kelly likened it to him being drugged) and she could see that he was terrified. “I felt that he had something wrong with him and he could not interact with his surroundings and I felt sorry for him.”

Kelly tried to walk towards him. She blacked out.

[The interviewer asks her about the size of the craft's interior. And she acknowledges that the interior of the craft was far more spacious than the vehicle she saw in the clearing.]


Her next memory is her entire family in the car. It's now night-time. They are no longer on the ridge.

They are now overlooking the San Fernando Valley. The lights from the valley are shining. They are driving down into the San Fernando Valley.

Her brother is still half asleep. Her mother, sitting in the passenger seat, looks sick. “She does not look well”. Her father, in the driver's seat, says to himself. “How did it get so late so fast?” The family never discussed that night.


Her brother, Bobby, developed terminal bladder cancer in 2000. Kelly and her husband went to California to be with him. He was in bad shape but during one of their chats, Kelly brought up the night. She said that even though he was groggy, when she mentioned that night, he was suddenly wide awake and fully focused on the conversation. Kelly told him that she remembered a log cabin restaurant being on top of the mountain.

“I don't remember a cabin being on top. I'll tell you what I do remember. He said, I remember being on top of the ridge and there was an ambulance with flashing lights everywhere and he said there were people standing on the side of the road. And he said, I've been asking myself for all these years, what in the hell was an ambulance doing on the top of the ridge, on the ridge route, with people standing on the side of the road.”

He passed away not too long after.

Source: Quoting Kelly, from the Youtube video, “My First ET Contact Experience - 6 years Old” - Published on 25 Apr 2016

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