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Monday, March 06, 2017

Knock, Knock...

I recently received the following account:

In 1989 while my husband was stationed at Yokota AFB, in Fussa, Japan, outside of Tokyo, we had quite an experience. One night while my husband, myself and three sons were sleeping, there was a loud knock on the bedroom door. It knocked three times at 3:00 AM. I got up to see if it was one of the kids but they were all asleep.

A week later the same thing happened again at 3:00AM. The knocking was much harder this time. My husband got up to check but I knew it was not a human. I would not let him answer the door.

Shortly after this we got orders to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio and there was no more knocking. We found a home to buy so we moved in while waiting for all our things to come from Japan, which took a month. We all were in sleeping bags. The boys each had their own bedroom and shared a bath, while our bedroom and bath was on the other side of the house. The first night we were there, at 3:00AM, the knocking started by banging on our bedroom door. I was quite upset and asked my husband why did it follow us all this way and what does it want?

At this point I will tell you that since I was a small child up to now, I am 67 years old, I have seen many things not normal. I've also heard many things and had experiences that are unexplained. I have been told that I have the ability to see things and know things. I think it is from some people in my family who have physic abilities.

We heard no more knocking for now but when we went under the house, it had a very large crawlspace, we found a sawhorse that had a bible opened up to a verse. I can not remember what it was, but it had a red ribbon laying across it. We left there since I felt it was to remove something bad.

Our belongings came and we got settled in and my oldest son's friend from Japan came to stay with us for a year since his parents were being transferred to Texas and he did not want to go there right away.

We all started feeling a little odd at times in the house. One night the boys and I were watching television and cable box started spinning the channel finder and switching from side A to side B. It finally stopped and I put back on the show we were watching.
It scared everyone.

A couple of nights later the knocking started up again. First on my bedroom door then the next night it knocked on two of the boys' doors. The next night it went wild and knocked on all bedroom doors lightly then went again pounding harder and harder on each door over and over, until it finally stopped.

A couple of nights passed and it started again, over and over, so hard that you could see the doors shake. This went on and on night after night for several months, then suddenly stopped. We then noticed that the dining room floor seemed to be spinning or swirling very lightly but we seemed to be able to feel it if standing still. If company came and sat at the dinning room table they would say they felt sick or they leave soon after.

A few months later, we heard a knock on the front door and I froze. I felt that we were in serious danger. My oldest son, who was 18 at this time, and I both answered the door. There were three young men, late twenties or early thirties, who looked like they were poured from the same mold. All were identical, blond hair, sunglasses, dark suites, tan trench coats, same black shoes. All three were the same height and had identical hair styles and cuts. One of them said "we would like to talk to you. Can we come in?" I said "no I am cooking dinner right now. What do you want to talk to us about?" he said "we are from LDS and are spreading the word." He talked in a deep monotone voice. It was like we were in the 'Matrix' movie. They told us that they were going to each house in the neighborhood. After they left, we went behind a bush to watch where they went. They walked three blocks up the street and got into a big black car. I believe it was a Lincoln town car. A man was driving wearing a dark coat and black hat like a fedora. They drove off.

We now were feeling other things in the house like the thermostat would click off and on. We felt it was synced with the base's jet engine repair area called 'Area B.' When the engines were on and being tested the thermostat would turn off and on in sync with engine sounds.

I will say Wright-Patterson AFB has some weird things there. My husband worked in the former Project Blue Book building - 'Foreign Technology Division.' Top secret place. It is where all the alien stuff went on and I believe still does. 'Hangar 18' is real if you have ever heard of it.

I will say that all we went through, it did get my husband. I found him in a catatonic state on the dining room floor and the doctors could never find anything wrong with all the testing. Now 2017 and he has never been the same since that day. Everything I have written is 100% true. Paula M.

NOTE: Here's a slide share from a supposed witness to 'Hangar 18.'

The National US Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB is very interesting. But try asking about the Roswell Crash, Hangar 18 & alien bodies...the response is usually 'crickets.' As well, the Kecksburg crashed craft was supposedly taken to Wright-Patterson. I'm not saying all of this information is fact...though the account is intriguing. Lon

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