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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cloaked 'Predator-Like' Humanoid Encounter

I received the following account over a week ago...and have been corresponding with the witness since then. I'm not sure what the witness encountered, but it is similar to other reports I've received in the past...in particular the 'glassine cloaking effect' that somewhat parallels the Predator alien from the films. I have posted several images that the witness describes in their narrative. If you have any input, feel free to offer it:

Hello, I found my way to your website while doing some more research to try and figure out what it was I saw last summer. I live in a very rural stretch of Western Washington state. Here`s my story:

It began in late July, when I was forced to make semi-regular patrols around the property on which I live (heavily wooded, very hilly and wet with a creek and swamp at the bottom) when I was made aware of local drug addicts attempting incursions upon the property. As most of you likely know drug addicts have a natural tendency towards violence, especially the breed we have in my neck of the woods. I began carrying a rifle as I made my patrols because as the old adage puts it "Better safe than sorry". Very quickly I found their tracks at the bottom of the hill, and I even managed to claim a gas can as a kind of war trophy. That lead me to believe they may be aiming to perform illegal logging on the property, which intensified my patrols. Soon after I ran into a rather unsettling shape in the forest.

I was on another patrol, standard, routine procedure when I passed an ancient cedar tree. I`d been past it a million and a half times but I suddenly felt as though I should take a seat underneath it, and rest a while. I sat down under the trees boughs, and set my rifle and daypack at my side. I sat in the silence and stillness for a while, taking in all the sounds the woods have to offer, I almost felt as though I had entered the same state of zen I had the year previously, kneeling beside a natural spring after heavy rain. All was well, the world was fine and everything would be okay. I felt wonderful. I opened my eyes and rolled my head to my right to look out into a grove of alder trees. Glancing upwards I saw a humanoid shape.

It was roughly 15 feet up in the air, and had the distinct shape of a human head, neck and shoulders but no discernible bottom, it just seemed to fade away. The only way I can describe it is similar to the Predator films, in which the titular creature uses a cloaking device. It was very, very similar to the device. At its edges it seemed reality itself was embossed in that shape. I sat and stared at it for probably about 3-5 seconds before an overwhelming feeling of dread and anxiety overtook me. I should add that I`m very tough to genuinely scare. I`ve been through a great many nasty situations that don`t bear mentioning and suffice to say that this shook me to my very core. I was almost petrified, scared out of my mind of what would happen if I dare move. I finally mustered the strength to remove my glasses and wipe them on my shirt, and re-donning them I could see the shape was still there. The dread grew in intensity tenfold every few seconds and my naturally calm, rational mind took hold again. I began counting down in my head:


When I reached "Zero" I thrust an arm under my rucksack`s shoulder strap, grabbed my rifle and sprinted home, saying a quick prayer as I ran. I haven`t encountered it since, but believe me - There`s more to this story.

I began asking around online about my experience, if anyone had seen anything similar. I was told time and again "Talk to Wen", "Wen`s the person you should see." I contacted Wen and we talked over my experience before forming some theories. In that time I was still performing my patrols, although I made a point to avoid that area as best I could. I eventually decided that expediency dictated I visit again, and soon after I did. All was well, and it stayed that way for a few months, even getting to the point at which I`d talk aloud into the woods about my problems. I once even left a gift of food for whatever was there. But, after talking with another party (who shall remain nameless) activity picked up again. I still didn`t see the shape but I certainly felt that anxiety.

Early in my patrols I found a strange, L-shaped hole as well, very near the spot. It was very cleanly made, not something an animal would scratch out of the dirt. The hole was very fresh when I first found it September third of 2016. I made sure to take photos of it. As Summer wore into Fall and Fall into Winter strange things began occurring at the hole as well. Namely, large scratches were appearing near it, about 2 feet long and perfectly straight, as though someone dug their shoe into the leaf litter on the forest floor and scraped hard as they could. I took photographs of that as well but sadly those are lost, more on that below.

I continued my patrols, making totally sure not to bother the hole too much and keeping an eye on every angle around my in a complete sphere. I made sure to start affixing my bayonet to discourage anything jumping from the bushes, or out of a tree if the rifle was slung over my shoulder. We have much to learn from mother nature, don`t we?

When I returned approximately a month and a half ago for pictures of the scratches near the hole things got worse. Usually the anxiety sets in just as I would pass the cedar, but this time it hit immediately as I stood on the porch, camera in hand and ready to document my findings. It got worse and worse each step I took towards the hole, climaxing as I took my photos. I wasted no time, I got my documentation (the lost pictures) and hurried back to the house, praying again. As I closed the door a thought occurred:

"It was windy."

The hole is at the bottom of a ravine filled with large, old growth trees. It suddenly got terribly windy when I was there, if stormy days are anything to compare, I would say winds were reaching 30-40 MPH at the bottom of a ravine filled with wind-blocking trees. Temperature felt like it dropped by about 20 degrees as well. I've been back since, but not often. Each time I visit I say aloud that whatever is there does NOT have my permission to come with me back to the house, and most assuredly nowhere else I go. I've been there with a friend as well, but nothing strange happened any of those instances. I`m including pictures of anything relevant that I still have available.

Pic number 1 is the area in which I sat a week or so before the first incident. Behind me (to the left of frame) sits the Alder grove. To the right is the trail leading in. The rest are of the hole, along with a cheap "Survival" bracelet for compass heading, a zippo lighter for scale and an AK-74 rifle magazine to illustrate depth. The hole is located at the top of a small natural ditch, and when I first came across it there were several large gouges in the leaf litter on top of it. I apologize for not having more recent pictures for comparison. I (hopefully understandably) have been generally reluctant to return. Thank you for your time.

Here are the images provided by the witness:

The following images were recently forwarded by the witness. One has an outline of the anomaly they witnessed:

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