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Monday, March 27, 2017

Dominican Humanoid Encounter

Location: La Caleta, near Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Date: 1974
Time: night

Victor Grimaldi, (who is currently the Dominican Ambassador to the Holy See) at the time lived in an area close to the Las Americas Airport. One night he noticed an object that was obviously not a normal aircraft traveling at very low altitude over the area, it seemed to be in a descending trajectory, apparently landing in an a wooded area. Curious and accompanied by a neighbor both went into the heavy brush in an attempt a possible landing area of the strange object. They made their advance through the tangle of brush and shrubs but making sure they remained quiet so not to give away their approach. Soon in the distance they noticed a weak glow. They quickly approached the location and hiding behind some bushes both men saw sitting within a nearby clearing what appeared to be a small disc-shaped object, about 5 meters in diameter.

Moments later they saw two short humanoid figures, similar to humans that appeared to be crouched down next to the disc, apparently busy performing some type of “repairs” or possibly “recharging” its energy source. They both held in their hands an object that gave off flashes of light and sparks, they seemed to be applying this implement on the bottom section of the craft. In awe, Grimaldi and his friend watched the spectacle for about 30 minutes, until suddenly becoming afraid of being found out they quickly retreated from the area.

Two days later, Grimaldi, alone, returned to the site, during the day of course, and at the landing site he found an area of pressed down brush and areas of scorched grass. He never spoke about it until years later.

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Source: http://www.diariolibre.com/opinion/lecturas/ovnis-y-extraterrestres-a-la-vista-avistamientos-y-experiencias

Translated by Albert S. Rosales

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