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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: The Fourth Kid -- Apollo Astronaut Says Aliens Have Not Visited Earth -- Denise Stoner...Experiencer / Abduction Researcher on Arcane Radio

The Fourth Kid

Cole in South Bend, Indiana called in to tell of his weird ghost encounter:

“This is something that happened to me a couple of months ago...close to a year ago now. The Michigan state line isn't too far from where I live. A buddy of mine and I we have a hobby...we ghost hunt all over the place, graveyard hop and such. One specific place in Michigan we went to. We'd never been there before but we discovered online and decided, hey, let's go there this weekend.

Well, so we got there and we parked. It was an abandoned railroad bridge and we parked the car. We were getting our flashlights, throwing our coats on and, out of nowhere, another car is coming towards us on the other side of the road]. This bridge is in the middle of absolute nowhere so any car out there is gonna be a red flag. It could be a local. It could be police, any of that. My instinct is I pull out my phone and started recording, you know, who would come up on us. So, my phone is recording and out of the car jumps four college kids around our age. I happened to catch that on my phone. So we figured they were cool and we were talking and having a good time and we're getting to know each other, having fun at the railroad bridge. We didn't catch much ghost activity out there. They were out there for the same reason we were.

At any rate, a little while goes on and I noticed the fourth kid that was with the three other kids that got out of the car. He was kinda hanging back a little bit. The three of them were all in a group together and fourth one was sorta like the odd man out. He wore a grey sweatshirt. He was there but it was like he wasn't part of them. So a little while goes on and we're standing around talking and I noticed there was only three of them and the fourth person wasn't there. I said, Hey, where did your buddy go? They said, Who, it's just the three of us? My friend that was with me said, Yeah, that's right, there was another one that was with you, a kid in a grey sweatshirt. So I know he could validate what I saw too. They didn't believe us. They said there's no way there was a fourth person with us. I realized, Hey, I recorded when you guys got here on my phone. Sure enough I pull the video up and there's... I caught the fourth person getting out of the backseat of their car. They couldn't believe it. They were astounded. They had never seen this person before in their life. Incredible.

I still can't believe it. I still have the video to this day on my phone and it trips me out each time I watch it. They had no idea. They said it was just the three of them that set out that night to go by that bridge and they had never seen that person before in their life. It was crazy. In the middle of nowhere. (Noory never asks Cole to send the video over nor does he do any follow up.)”

Source: Coast to Coast – March 3, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Apollo Astronaut Says Aliens Have Not Visited Earth

Alan Bean, 85, is one of only 12 people to have taken “one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind” on the moon.

The lunar module pilot was one of two crew members on-board Apollo 12 who walked on the moon days after it launched on November 14, 1969.

The crew’s primary mission objectives included an extensive series of lunar exploration tasks by the lunar module and the deployment of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package to be left on the moon’s surface to gather seismic, scientific and engineering data.

Mr Bean has logged 1,671 hours and 45 minutes in space — 10 hours and 26 minutes of that were spent on the moon and in Earth’s orbit.

His experiences in space have led Mr Bean to develop some interesting theories about the possibility of alien life.

“I do not believe that anyone from outer space has ever visited the Earth,” Mr Bean told news.com.au from his home in Houston, Texas.

“One of reasons I don’t believe they have been here is that civilisations that are more advanced are more altruistic and friendly — like Earth, which is better than it used to be — so they would have landed and said ‘we come in peace and we know from our studies you have cancer that kills people, we solved that problem 50 years ago, here’s the gadget we put on a person’s chest that will cure it, we will show you how to make it’.

“Just like some day, say 1000 years from now, when we can go to another star and see a planet, that’s what we would do because we will know how to cure cancer, cure birth defects, so we would teach them.” Read more at Astronaut who walked on the moon: ‘why I know aliens haven’t visited Earth’


This week we welcome experiencer, abduction researcher & regressive hypnotist Denise Stoner to Arcane Radio. Denise is the Director of the “Florida Research Group” affiliation of UFORCOP, MUFON National Abduction Research Team (ART) member, Florida MUFON Field Investigator, Star Team Member and Former Florida MUFON, State Section Director, and Chief investigator. She also holds educational forums for public and private gatherings for abduction experiencers. Her involvement in the UFO field spans more than 20 years. Denise has an educational background in business and psychology, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in regressive hypnosis. She worked as a paranormal investigator in the homes of abductees that felt they had been visited by spirits following abductions. This should be a great show! Join us on Wednesday, March 29th - 10PM ET / 7PM PT - go to www.arcaneradio.com and click 'Listen Live' to listen & chat.

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