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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: 'Black Light' Humanoids -- Mystic Claims MH370 in 'Parallel Realm'...Will Return in 25 Years -- Tall Grey Alien Encounter

'Black Light' Humanoids

The following information was forwarded to me:

I saw a repost of your recent illuminated humanoids story on the humanoid encounters subreddit recently. I saw something really similar and wanted to share. I'm just gonna copy and paste the post on Reddit I made about it. There are a lot of similarities between encounters. I wanna ask about some more details. There's something to this stuff. Not that there isn't to most paranormal stuff but I KNOW I saw this and I wanna see what other details he/she noticed if possible. Maybe something could be a clue. Or at least more info. Like how they moved, what the witnesses were thinking, anything, what colors they were glowing and from what angle or how far the glow went. Here's the post.

Okay, this happened in the summer of 2013. I had a buddy who was hanging out with me a few days, and at some point one night we decided to walk around the block. It's a pretty quiet suburban neighborhood. Once we started walking down the middle street everything got strangely quiet. No crickets, frogs, wind, nothing. It seemed like the breeze stopped as well. We kept walking, and about halfway down the street is where we saw them. There was a minivan in a driveway with the hood up, and there were these two things peering into the engine like they were studying it. They were white, and they had no faces. There was a soft glow coming off them like they were reflecting a blacklight, but it seemed like there wasn't really a source for it. The white flowers in the yard had the same glow. They looked about normal height. Two arms, two legs. They sort of jumped when we came into view, like they were surprised. Then they half hid behind the van, and me and my friend both immediately had this feeling like we COULD NOT look at them no matter what. That was probably the most scared I have ever been. I'm usually not someone who would react that way, I would snap a pic or run or look closer or something. But we couldn't let them see us seeing them. We both kept walking forward and watched out of the corner of our eyes, and they watched us, while also trying to position themselves behind the van. I got the impression that they weren't used to hiding much because they would look at us, then look at the van, then at themselves, then crouch behind the van a little more. We kept walking looking dead ahead until we got to the end of the street, and all the sound came back, and I could feel the breeze again, and everything felt normal. I wasn't really sure if I was gonna say anything to my friend. But at the same second everything went back to normal we both stopped and exhaled really hard. So he felt that as well. I asked him if he saw those white people, and for most of the walk home he wouldn't talk about it, he'd just tell me to shut up, that we weren't supposed to talk about it, couldn't talk about it. I kinda felt like I shouldn't as well. That, and the fear when I saw them, were strange emotions. I can't really explain why but they just felt different than normal feelings or thoughts. I have NO IDEA what those things were. I haven't heard other stories like it really, and I know they were real. Normal human guys in white suits with black lights couldn't have made me feel that strange, and they couldn't shut off the sound like that. I dunno. We didn't talk a lot about it, but earlier this year we did, and I told him the story like I remembered it. He looked pretty freaked out, and asked me if I remembered them crossing the street in front of us. Which I still DO NOT. He told me it was right after he fell, or laid down, or whatever, and all of the sudden I remembered right before we saw them, I looked over and he was laying down on the side of the road, stiff as a board and not responding to anything I was saying. Just blinking really really hard. I thought he was joking around at first but after a few seconds I got a bit worried. Eventually he got up, and we just kept walking. I didn't ask him if he was okay and he didn't say anything or explain. When he hit the ground was about the time things got quiet and weird feeling. And I don't have any clue how he hit the ground. Neither does he. I don't know how I could forget that part, I've gone over that night in my head a million times since then. But as soon as he said that it came back to me.

I have no clue what they were, but that was the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me. Not really any identical stories on the internet that I can find, which is strange.


Tall Grey Alien Encounter

Linden, CA - 1988-06-30: I was about 7 or 8 years old visiting my brother in Linden, CA at his group home roughly around the summertime. i woke up to flashing lights and the dog barking at something, and i thought at the time it was like police lights outside, the bedroom, so i looked outside. i saw a cylinder shaped object in the front yard, with bright multicolored flashing lights and spinning around the top in a circle. it was hovering, close to the ground if i were to guess now probably 10 feet off of the ground, and i remember a strange buzzing noise. my brother was sleeping in the same room, so i tried to see if he was awake but he didn't wake up. time was very slow, almost like everything stopped, but i could still move. i saw a bright white light coming from the hallway, in the room my brothers group home mother slept in. the light was so bright almost like a big spot light almost blinding, and i thought i was dreaming, and being curious i walked over toward the door to see what the bright white light was down the hall. what i saw i will never forget ever in my lifetime. i saw a tall dark skinny almost human shaped body, figure come out of the room and stand by her doorway, it was not dressed it had no clothes, no genitals, it had dark charcoal grey skin, long fingers but it only had two or three fingers. the figure had a strangely large head, no hair, but the shape of the head was round with a point on the top. i remember the dark black eyes the most like black mirrors, that where teardrop shaped, they slanted up on the right and left side and they did not close, it also didn't have a nose, just 2 small slits below the eyes and a small mouth. i stood there trying to figure out what i was seeing and it stared at me. then i saw 2 more and they looked at each other, they didn't speak or make any noises at all, and then they started walking toward me, at first i froze, i was so scared, i panicked. is all i could think to do was to run, so i turned around and jumped on my bed, and put the covers over me and crawled into a ball, and closed my eyes, i was shaking so bad, i prayed that it was only a dream, and that they would not come. i don't remember anything after that.

i also remember i wasn't scared at the site of the first alien it kept tilting its head while it was looking at me, i was trying to understand what i was seeing, and i was curious as we just stared at each other for about 1-2 minutes about 8 feet away from each other, i did have the urge to walk towards it but never did, something initially was comforting to me, i cannot explain that feeling. it seemed to somehow report to the others without talking that i was awake and that is when they came. i did get spooked when the other two of them came towards me, and i remember not feeling the same way about them, i felt an uncomfortableness with them. i remember feeling like time stopped or slowed in some way, and everything around was completely oblivious to what was happening around me.

the part that i find odd was that the group home mother later had tumors, and deceased because of them. i always wondered if that was the cause, or if they were there to help her. i have only shared this story with 2 people, only because i don't know what to make of it. i usually questioned myself if it was just a dream, but i can remember everything, the feeling, the lights, slow movements, the encounter, the fear. i of course do not have any evidence also another reason for not really discussing it with anyone because i thought people would accuse me of making it up. - MUFON


Mystic Claims MH370 in 'Parallel Realm'...Will Return in 25 Years

SINGAPORE – The efforts by a self-styled Bomoh King of the World to find the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane and to save Malaysia from a North Korean invasion with coconuts and bamboo cannons have catapulted him into the limelight and raised mocking laughter.

But Ibrahim Mat Zin, in all seriousness, claims that he has in fact been protecting Malaysia from harm for seven decades – from even before the country’s independence.

“I don’t want money. I pray to ring-fence Malaysia,” he told The Sunday Times in an interview, claiming to have turned 86 on Thursday.

“We don’t have modern weapons like (North) Korea. If we go to war with weapons, we will lose. But we use ancient methods to fence the air, the earth and the water, so that missiles will go missing and not reach Malaysia.”

Videos of his rituals began going viral since MH370 went missing in March 2014, providing a lighthearted moment for many people amid the deep anguish over the missing plane.

The best-known techniques of the Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum (Clairvoyant Shaman King of the World) include looking through bamboo telescopes and waving coconuts around.

He has been mocked by urbane Malaysians and criticised by Muslim scholars, who declared his methods to be haram – outlawed by Islam.

But Ibrahim insists his methods are in line with Islamic teachings. He cited the work of other Malay faith healers and medicine men over the decades, and claimed that government officials, including Malaysia’s first two prime ministers, had in fact requested his help.

He refused to disclose which officials requested his help in the MH370 mystery or in the ongoing row with North Korea over the murder of its citizen, Kim Jong-nam.

Asked about MH370, Ibrahim said: “The plane is in a parallel realm. It will be missing for 25 years before it returns, but the people may still be alive because the air is different, a month is like a day to them.”

He said this was the first time he was revealing this to anyone.

Despite outlandish claims such as these, Malay shamans like Raja Bomoh – who says he is a fifth-generation shaman – commands wide following in Malaysia.

Thousands of medicine men are still sought out by the majority Malay community, despite warnings from Islamic authorities that many of them deal in black magic.

The most well-known bomoh outfit in Malaysia is Darussyifa’ (House of Healing), run by followers of the late Datuk Haron Din, spiritual leader of PAS until his death last September.

Despite growing Islamic formalism and puritanism – a push to introduce Islamic criminal law is gaining momentum and being supported by the ruling Umno party – these traditional Malay practices are seeing a revival, according to social anthropologist Eddin Khoo.

He said the Malay psyche has been displaced in modern times and is reaching out for identity.

“Some seek out religion because it gives great strength to those feeling victimised. But others reach back into their roots.

“There is a power struggle between different influences in Malay society and people do go to shamans for advice because Islamic scholars are very aloof from the people,” said Khoo, who runs Pusaka, an NGO working to preserve the viability of Malay art forms.

Ibrahim openly accuses Islamic leaders of oppressing and manipulating Muslims. Khoo said so-called “heathen” Malay practices that people like Ibrahim retain are a challenge to Muslim clerics, who have their own black-and- white Islamic narratives.

“Malay traditional culture is inherently liberal. Many of their practitioners loathe political control and want to be left to their own devices.

“But should Islamic authorities try to stymie their activities, there will be resistance,” said Khoo. - MH370 Bombshell! Missing Plane In ‘Parallel Realm’, Passengers Still Alive – Will Return In 25 Years: Malay Witch-Doctor Makes Startling Claim



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