Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Baltimore Phantom

The witness describes an anomaly that has been reported before, which I'll explain later:

“I was in Baltimore in the hood so I was paying attention to my mirrors and I was looking behind me stood a crowd of people in the corner. I saw this really really tall thing walk out from behind the crowd wearing a bright red robe with the hood over its head and using a cane. The arms of the robe covered the hands and the hood covered all of the face, but the weirdest part was how no-one paid a bit of attention to this bizarre figure walking by them...like it was a normal everyday occurrence or they didn't see it at all.

As soon as I saw it I'm thinking oh no, they are going to mess with this dude terribly and Baltimore isn't known as a warm and fuzzy type of place. It's not somewhere you really want to draw a whole bunch of attention to yourself, but it just lurched on by without anyone even looking at it...nevertheless messing with it.

It happened at least 10-15 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was wearing a bright red robe and had to be close to 7 feet tall even though it wasn’t standing straight up and it was daylight out. I remember because for a second I thought the robe was to keep the sun off. They definitely should've seen it but no one even looked twice. It walked straight through a group of six or eight people. You could tell it was hunched over like the robe was covering some serious birth defect and the cane kind have strengthened that thought but like I said a BRIGHT RED robe if you wanted to cover a defect up is a really strange fashion choice.

I've always wondered what that robe was hiding but I think I'm lucky I don’t know. From the second I saw it I got a weird vibe that quickly turned to concern for it and then right back to weird/creepy as I got to noticing more details yet it seemed like no one closer to it noticed a thing.”

Source: Robin Paydon, Youtube Comments

Transcribed by JLB

NOTE: I lived in the Baltimore metro area for almost 40 years. I have heard of this 'phantom' in the Park Circle neighborhood (near Druid Hill Park) in the 1980's...though, I don't know where in Baltimore this witness made the observation. Each sighting I received was from a vehicle and the unknown entity wore a bright red hooded cloak. At the time, I checked into the sightings, but was unable to gather any tangible information. I was a bit surprised to once again see that the 'phantom' was still active years later. Lon

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