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Friday, October 07, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: I'm a Reptilian / Human Hybrid -- Creepy Clown Pummeled by Baseball Bat -- Anomalous 'Robot' Captured on Trail Cam

I'm a Reptilian / Human Hybrid

Ohio - 2016-10-07 - 3:00AM: I've been in contact with Terrestrial "Aliens" since I was a child. It was weird lights and apparitions when I was younger.. Around the age of 18 it started turning into physical abductions at night and randomly seeing crafts periodically. This carried on all throughout my life until the age of 32, At the age of 32 it turned into something completely different. A week before I turned 32 my body started transforming. I have holographic orbs & serpents swirling around me now. It's an energy that I do not completely understand, It's part of me & incomparable to anything I've ever seen. It changes color & can move through solid objects; It reacts intelligently. This energy is inside and outside of me at the same time & It never leaves me or stops existing. The energy regenerates my body & mind, It heals me & can heal others. At one point during the transformation, There was an Etheric injection in my arm and I felt a spark jump into my body 'it shocked me", Now my eyes glow different & I feel like I have more Energy & Soul than did before. There's also a lot of energy work going on with my Chakras while laying in bed at night. This transformation has been going on for almost 10 months now, It will be a year around the end of December. The race of Aliens that I'm in contact with are "The Reptilians". The Reptilians send me holographs to communicate, They showed me our history through holographs "We evolved from Velociraptors" and then there was some kind of war that's still being fought. From what I've gathered, I'm a Reptilian/Human Hybrid, There's Hybridization program right here on earth with RH Negatives Blood types & other Hybrids do exist. Unfortunately most have been killed, or haven't evolved enough mentally, physically, & spiritually or Want nothing to do with The Reptilians "Out of Fear or being brainwashed by Organized Religion". As of right now, There's only a handful of Awakened/Empowered Hybrids.

So there it is.. I'm in direct contact with Reptilians "They Exist" & We've formed a bond; They're really good to me. They Guide, Protect, & Upgrade me. I wouldn't be alive without them, They've even saved my life multiple times; I trust them more than I do most humans. When The Reptilians Manifest on Earth "Sometimes the Women will come down to play", They look like The Celtic/Nordic Race. I can always tell when it's one of them because the women are always perfect, with a glow to them & stars in their eyes. It will only be for a period of time "A few days or months" and then after that they just disappear, never to be seen again. So basically from what I've gathered we have a Race of Reptilian/Nordic Terrestrial Genetic & Technological Alien Masterminds right here with us on Earth. I stand by this Firmly, I've spent almost 33 years of my life spinning in their web. - MUFON CMS


Creepy Clown Pummeled by Baseball Bat

This guy was clowning around the wrong people.

One US man got a massive beating after dressing up as a creepy clown and trying to scare a group of friends in a car.

Footage of the incident shows the clown, holding some balloons, walk close to a car where a number of men were hanging out.

'What the f**k is that, bro?' one of the man is heard saying as he spots the clown.

'Are you serious?' he adds, yelling to the clown: 'Get away!'

The clown seems undeterred.

One of the men gets out of the car with what appears to be a baseball bat and whams the clown on the side of the knee.

'What y'all doing?' yells the man filming, who stays in the car while the action is happening.

'I'm not getting out of the car, bro,' he adds.

The clown falls to the ground — and two men join in, pummeling him down with punches.

One of the men takes the clown's balloons and the friends head back to the car, leaving them the clown on the ground. Read more with photos at Creepy clown gets beat up with a baseball bat when he tries to scare a group of friends hanging out in their car

NOTE: Clown lives matter?


Anomalous 'Robot' Captured on Trail Cam

The photographs seem to show an anomalous object appearing and disappearing within a matter of seconds.

Discovered on Monday by an anonymous witness before being sent along to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the images were captured on a motion-triggered Moultrie trail camera.

The first few images taken by the camera that day showed nothing out of the ordinary, but then in one shot, some sort of strange mechanical apparatus seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

In the next image, which was taken only a few seconds later, the object was gone again.

"This object is less than 200ft from our house," the witness wrote. "We have nothing that would look like this thing on the back. I am sending two pictures taken in the same minute."

"The first shows it is there and the second shows it is gone."

The strangeness didn't end there either as around seven hours later another image from the same camera managed to pick up another anomaly - this time a metallic object in the sky.

"Also attached is a picture of an item in the sky too big to be a bird and not the shape of anything I have ever seen in the sky," the witness wrote. "It is here, again there, and then gone in about the same minute. The item in the sky is also to the right maybe 35 degrees, it is a black object." - UFO, Humanoid sighting: Robot as well as rocket-shaped UFO snapped, robot vanishes immediately


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