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Friday, October 21, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: High Strangeness & Black Helicopters -- Exorcist Priest / Soldier Arrested for Sex Abuse -- Michigan Camper Encounters Bigfoot

High Strangeness & Black Helicopters

Kentucky: First off, it's hard for me to summarize this stuff. My family and I don't have just an event to explain. Strange things have happened for years, so long it isn't uncommon to see something not star like in the night sky. I'd imagine the things unexplained probably correlate to one source, and possibly by explaining myself to people with the right knowledge base I can figure out more information on this issue for my whole family so here's my attempt.

When I was around 7 the first strange thing took place. I was about to lay down for bed. When I laid back, I closed my eyes, but immediately after was bombarded with any memory I've ever had in a third person perspective. The strangest part on this was the speed of the memories flying by my mind's eye and the memories that would be randomly stopped on, as if everything that had ever happened to me was viewed in a flipbook. When I opened my eyes out of the fear of knowing what was going through my mind wasn't what I was truly thinking, I saw the most beautifully white light. Words can't do justice to the brilliance. A silhouette arose from the vastness of white towards me. I tried to rationalize it as a family member being 7 & clueless, but it emerged what looked to be a woman, tall & slender, in a floor-length white gown, and the most compassionate eyes. Eyes kinder than any I've ever seen a human have, true compassion was in them. I immediately feared that was the white light from what church had told me I'd see before death, and being 7, I was not ready so I closed my eyes tight and opened them back up. Everything shot into a tiny ball of light when I reopened them and shot away. I could explain strange things about radio frequency being audible after that, but for lack of wanting to type, we'll slide past that.

For years, until I was 15, I can't recall anything strange. I lived in the woods, but we moved when I was 15 to live with my aunt for a couple months. That's when we started seeing what we refer to as 'nonstar' now.

One night I was lying in bed and felt that sensation of someone looking at you in the same room, but from the up above. You habitually look towards the energy when someone directs it at you so I looked up and saw what was looking I guess, a red, green, yellow, and blue light hovering outside my window. Weird, but I didn't want to admit that I saw it so I kept it to myself for the first couple weeks. Until I had a pretty good idea to when I could get my mother and aunt to see what I was talking about. It would appear around 10 every night and so I felt confident sharing. We watched it with binoculars and decided to call it a weather balloon after a week or so, so it wasn't abnormal to have outside and go on with life.

From then to around a year ago I would have times when I'd see it, but when it's not daily, it doesn't seem as significant to me, but it's getting stranger now.

Around a year ago, I saw a beautiful blue asteroid fall behind my great-grandmother's house across the road from my driveway while coming home one night. I kept looking up when I turned mostly because I wanted to keep my eyes ready to see another of whatever I just saw. When I turned though, I made eye contact with the same thing that was outside my window every night for months, that I was aware of, when I was 15. I woke up my mother to show her, but she said it's been there every night for about a week now. If it was going to hurt us, it would already, go to bed.

I did, but the next night I got her and my sister involved in watching it. We watched it for around 30 minutes out of our kitchen window. It hovered, figure-eighted, floated down and up gracefully while changing its lights. I got my sister's telescope and saw the bottom which looks like a strip of lights going really fast. As we were watching, a pack of coyotes came to our back yard and started howling. At that moment, a bright blue shot out of the bottom for around a two second time, strange. I'm trying to figure out what it is, and in the process read a few things. It sounds like the people in 1976 in Tehran saw a similar object. It pulsates lights quickly, in different patterns. It can have four smaller ones in a diamond shape that appear to do different light patterns around it. What troubles my sister and me most from it is the heaviness that you feel on the top of your head when it's out and the strangest vibration sound that is heard through the house when it's there.

I'm from a small town, you don't declare you are seeing things in the sky in a place like I grew up so we're really in the dark about what this is and it's still affecting us so any information about what that is would be amazing! I know how it sounds, but I really am doing this as a last resort for answers. We've also started seeing a low to the ground yellow orb that looks more like the white light I saw as a little girl when it's higher in the sky. That started last week. Within the week I've seen it with others twice. It moves about, the one we see routinely hovers until mornings. Then it either slowly flies away or dims until its gone.

Now I also saw I could click that black helicopters have been sighted and they honestly have given me the worst experience out of my family's unexplained files as I like to call them. We see them fly over routinely, and that doesn't bother me until they start doing things that I can't believe is by policy.

My sister and I were sitting in our living room watching something on Netflix. Then Boom! It sounded like a bomb, one second, the rumble started. It came closer and closer until it hit the glass of the front house windows. There was a strong, violating vibration that shook every organ of my body, saw it shake the ground, my sister, and hit the back of the house windows. We jump up and hold one another. We both, from what we just felt, thought we must've just been attacked by an enemy of our country. Then here comes the black helicopters. There were at least 8 of the regular black helicopters and then a black double winged helicopter in the middle. Immediately after seeing that coming towards the house, I ran towards the back door so they could watch me watch them doing whatever they were doing because it upset me. My sister came too with her phone out and got a great picture of the big one in the middle's back hatch open. I don't have the file to send now, but can if you'd like to see. We went in to look up what had shaken through us on her computer, with three fire walls. We find what it was, spot on with our picture. Her computer goes black. She immediately started getting expressive because of what had happened. She explained that her computer was hacked and wiped. When it reloaded it loaded to the sites she used the day prior. If violating us with a vibrational frequency or whatever it was wasn't enough, violating computer usage too. That's awful. We got back to the site though and found out what it was. A new model of the line of unmarked helicopters from ft.Campbell that is to be used in military services in battle scenarios. We read the hatch would only be open during battle scenarios so why did we feel and see what we did? If you have any information, any idea as to what happened, especially about the helicopters antics, I'd be forever grateful. I don't like the idea of this happening to my family again without knowing what it is. Thanks for reading a brief summary on the strange happenings I am tired of knowing nothing about! Please let me know what you think is happening if you are educated on these topics! - MUFON CMS


Exorcist priest and soldier arrested for sex abuse in Italy

A Sicilian priest and a soldier have been arrested for sexual abuse, which they carried out under the guise of spiritual 'healing', local media reported on Friday.

The pair, both based in Palermo, used the pretext of liberating victims from demonic possession in order to abuse women and children. The two were named by media as Salvatore Anello, 59, who belonged to the Capuchin order, and Salvatore Muratore, 52, who worked for the Italian army in Palermo.

The men reportedly convinced victims that they were possessed by evil spirits, before carrying out a 'healing prayer' in their homes which involved "repeatedly touching their genitals", Palermo Today reported.

Anello was arrested at dawn on Friday morning and is being held in police custody, following a six-month long investigation into Muratore, who was a member of a local prayer group, and claimed to be able to perform exorcism.

Muratore is thought to have abused at least four women and one girl, while the priest is charged with abusing two women and three minors.

According to La Stampa, prosecutor Giorgia Righi said Muratore "took advantage of victims in a state of psychological fragility", and justified his groping by saying he was freeing the 'demon of lust'.

The army said Muratore would be suspended immediately and that it would co-operate fully with investigations. - Exorcist priest and soldier arrested for sex abuse in Italy


Michigan Camper Encounters Bigfoot

Two men camping out in the Michigan wilderness claim to have possibly encountered Bigfoot.

A self-described avid outdoorsman posted about the experience on Reddit.

Never really was big in the Bigfoot scene until last month out in the middle of the woods in Waterloo-Pinckney for small game/backpacking trip with my buddy. Got there last night around 1130pm. We set up our camp by about 1230. Around 2am we wake up and my buddy mentions to me about how cold it was. We hear footsteps around 20 to 25 feet away from us. We both are just laying still at this point, just to hear what's with us. The most loud, freakiest, inhuman yell/scream/roar is shouted towards us twice before it took off fast from us with heavy two footed running. The only remotely close animal I've heard make this sound are mountain lions and cougars. The way it was running sounded two footed (as opposed to a four legged gallop, and the sound of it crashing through the woods made us realize it was BIG) We joked about it being a Bigfoot... Then we saw how much he's seen in these parts of Michigan. We think it must have seen us in the dark. We moved into the car for the night after this.

Background: both my friend and I are Marine Reserves, and have been raised to be very avid outdoorsman. My father and I are into bushcrafting and backpacking, my mom is into car camping, and my friends parents are avid hunters, backpackers, and his mom was DNR. We're no strangers to the woods and wildlife, and have experienced a lot of nature and different animals and sounds that are part of our natural habitat in Michigan. This is unlike anything either of us have heard.

Some in the comment thread responded, suggesting it was a cougar. But the user insists it was definitely running on two feet.

I'd say that it was running fairly quickly, because it was screaming as it was moving, and the screams moved pretty quickly as well as the sounds of its foot impacting the ground. Which also sounded like longer strides, as the impact wasn't very close together. Probably about the strides I'd take, maybe slightly longer, and I'm 6'2. As for where the screams were when we heard them, I couldn't tell you if they were high or low. They weren't ground level but being between 5-7 feet above the ground, I couldn't give you the specifics. It was so incredibly loud that it just filled the forest. - Man claims to encounter Bigfoot while camping in Michigan



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