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Friday, October 28, 2016

Abductee Describes Dog-Like Humanoids

Hello Lon,

I come from a family of abductees. During my life I have had several experiences, starting with seeing a large hexagonal UFO, the kind that blends into the night sky and that you can only make out the outline as it cloaks itself. Later I experienced shining lights coming through my ceiling, and eventually I began experiencing vivid memories of piloting a ship and being of an alien race, traveling to unique worlds, some of which I called home. Over the years I have had many experiences of being educated aboard a ship (in human form), and I was always a very active, questioning and disruptive participant. I am always trying to get people on the ships to open their minds up to new ideas, think differently and also to get off the ships and onto worlds.

Most recently I experienced being on a ship once more. I was lead through a corridor by a hybrid scientist, he was mostly human in appearance but with wrinkled, thick grey skin and wearing a lab coat. We passed beside a small group of dark skinned humanoid, dog-like, Bigfoot like people. I feel bad calling them that. They have a name, I just can't remember it. There were about 12 or so of them there. They were good looking, not quite human, but were so familiar, like a very close relative of human beings with something different about them that was jarring. They reminded me of Australian aboriginal people in complexion, features such as eyebrows, eye shape, smile, lips and hair color and texture. But they had sharp canine teeth, dark dog like noses and the men had a lot of facial hair. The men and women wore animal skin clothing. The women were mostly of older age, wore long cloaks and were hunched over and huddled together and they seemed to be feeling cold. The men wore less, more like loin cloths and were of varying ages. The scientist was very nervous in proximity to these people and tried to hurry me past down the hallway. He felt they were wild animals. In a telepathic environment, you just know how others feel, they don't have to say it or explain their feelings, they just are what they are.

I was approached by one of the men very insistently, he came very close into my physical space and he flashed his eyes at me urgently - they glowed bright green like cat eyes do. He was very passionate, animated and intense, and I was attracted to him, he smelled nice. He told me (telepathically) that he was lonely, that his people wanted to get off the ship, that genetically they were dying and had a very small gene pool and that they needed to start meeting people. It wasn't just to reproduce of course, they were very social beings. He had a lot to say and felt that I could help explain it to the scientist because he wasn't listening.

The scientist wanted to punish the man for being disobedient and I was appalled. I had a very good feeling about them culturally as a group and felt that they would fit in very well on Earth. Both the dog man and the scientist received my feelings on the matter- in a telepathic environment its all pretty obvious when someone hears you. The scientist was surprised at my reaction. This was another experience of dealing with grey hybrid humans and sort of shaking my head at their oblivious ways. They know so much but there is a lot they don't understand. I was definitely more interested in the people in the corridor than whatever the hybrid scientist was taking me to do. I don't remember anything after this point. Later, I was unnerved by my attraction to a non-human. But I guess it was close enough. Name / initials remain anonymous

NOTE: Is it possible that all or some upright canines (let alone, Bigfoot) are actually alien hybrids or engineered beings? It's a theory that some researchers have presented before. Lon

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