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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Giant Sea Monster Attacked WWI U-Boat? -- Big Cats in New Jersey -- Strange & Curious Encounters

Giant Sea Monster Attacked WWI U-Boat?

It is one of the strangest mysteries of the first world war - a story of intrigue, drama and sea monsters large enough to destroy a submarine.

But now experts believe they may be a step closer to unravelling what really happened to a German ship that was sunk in curious circumstances by a British boat off the coast of Scotland.

A £1 billion venture by ScottishPower and the National Grid to lay a subsea power cable big enough to connect Scotland and England has led to the discovery of the wreck of a German U-boat near Wigtownshire in south-west Scotland.

Experts believe it may be the remains of a UB-85 submarine that, according to folklore, was attacked by an enormous sea monster towards the end of World War I. Read more at Experts move a step closer to uncovering the mystery of the German submarine 'attacked by a sea monster' in WW1

Here's another article about the incident - The Prehistoric Sea Beast Of UB-85


Big Cats in New Jersey

WINSLOW TWP., N.J. (WPVI) -- Police are investigating possible large cat sightings in Winslow Twp., Camden County.

Witnesses believe the animals to be mountain lions, investigators said.

Grainy images obtained by police show what appears to be a large cat, but police say it's not possible to determine what kind of animal it is.

Police are investigating reports of a large cat in Camden County.

The sightings were reported near the border with Hammonton.

Officers point out that mountain lions were once indigenous to the area, but haven't been seen there for many years.

Police say there have been no reports of contact between people and the animals.

"At this time we don't believe that the animals pose a threat to people but we suggest that everyone use sound judgment and reasonable precautions with their children, pets and themselves," Winslow Twp. police said in a news release Monday morning.


Strange & Curious Encounters

I received the following information from a reader:

1) This event occurred about a year (2007) after we moved to Hershey, PA. I was in our second bedroom working on my computer. I must have been there several hours since it was now dark outside. I lowered the blind on the window and closed the louvers. I had a small desk lamp turned on the and that was the only light lit. My wife was not feeling good and lied down right after dinner (6:30PM) so the other lights in the bedroom were out along with the ones in the living room and kitchen. About a half hour after closing the blinds I had to go relieve myself in the toilet right across the hall from where I was sitting. I stood up and looked straight ahead and I saw in the bathroom mirror an older woman looking at me. I should have seen my reflection, but it was a lady with grayish hair smiling at me.

I immediately went and told my wife what happened. She was a bit groggy from just getting up, but was getting the idea something was not right. I explained to her what this woman looked like and she said that’s granny. I went who since I never met or saw photo’s of her grandmother before this. She got up and went to her dresser and in the bottom drawer she pulled out and old envelope. She was looking through them and pulled out one and showed me it. The face, hair, smile, everything matched the image. Like I said I did not even no she had any of these old photo’s. I asked her why she never showed them to me and her response was that she did not think I would be interested in seeing them. Hell they are part of my family so I was a bit put off by this. We eventually put the photo on the wall along with several others.

2) After this incident things went back to normal for a while until we started seeing a shadow come from the hall toward the living room. Hell even the poodles saw it. My wife would just say granny is going in the kitchen to do some cooking. Soon after the shadow disappeared as the hall entered the living room it would be gone, but now we heard pots and pans moving in the kitchen. This happened once a week or so until we moved in 2013 back to New Jersey. We live in the upstairs part of the house and we occasionally see shadows going across the wall above the stairs where you just can’t walk unless you want a quick way to the floor below. We have a night light in our outer room and we sleep most of the year with the door open. This is when we see this shadow. It seems lost since the house we are in is my 85 year old mothers place and the upstairs only has a storage room by the stairs and a bedroom at the far end where we sleep. My mother runs the kitchen and hates my wife to even cook. The shadow seems to know this and just moves around in the storage room. My wife say’s granny must either not know where the kitchen is or she is respecting my mother and leaving things alone.

Also, this encounter:

I currently live in New Jersey, but this takes place in 2008 while I was living in Briarcrest Gardens Apartments in Hershey, PA. One night (10:00PM) I took my two poodles (1 Mini and 1 toy) out for a walk. I was looking down at the ground when all of the sudden both poodles saw something and started to pull hard on there leashes towards Half Street that ran on 45 degree angle to our apartment. I looked up and saw a glowing mist about 3 feet off the ground. The mist was about 2 feet high by 2 feet wide by 1 foot deep and was glowing with a pulsing greenish-blue light. There was nothing around with a light that color. The only lights were two porch lights and that was all. I proceeded to run towards the light with the poodles leading the way. As we were in pursuit of the light it was heading for the end of the road. The road had a small circle at the end with a guardrail. Beyond that was route 422. We eventually got up to the road and the mist was still moving. We watched and as it neared the guard rail it just vanished. I mean poof it was gone. We went up there and the poodles seemed lost. They were looking around like crazy, but did not find a thing. There were no smells or anything in the road. To this day I still have no idea what we saw. It had to be something, but I still have no explanation other than a spirit. If so I wonder who's?



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