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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Phantom Breaks Into House

I recently received the following account:


Something happened to me over 50 years ago and I have been trying to tell someone that can give answers or understands what it was I saw. I tell friends and family and I get a blank stare then they change the subject.

It was 1965 and I was 8 years old and lived in the north east of England with my parents and two sister and a brother. I was the second oldest.

One particular night, it must have been a weekend because I asked my mother if I could stay at my nanna’s house. She took me and I slept in the dining room on a foldaway bed. My grandparent both slept upstairs, I don’t remember if there were any other adults in the house but I was the only child there.

The dining room was separated from the living room with dark red velvet curtains. The curtains were closed after I was put to bed while my nanna probably watched TV. I do remember well that it was a very windy night, I could hear the wind battering against the windows but I had no problem falling asleep.

I was in a deep sleep when I heard a loud crack which sounded like it came from the adjacent kitchen window. The kitchen was separated from the dining room by a door and the door was closed. However, immediately after I heard the crack that woke me up I heard someone climb through the window into the kitchen. I was terrified! I heard someone moving around in the kitchen, I remember hearing paper rustling my heart was pounding.

Suddenly the door opened to the dining room where I was laying, I hid beneath the covers and was afraid this burglar could hear me breathing. I could hear the blood pounding through my ears. Next the curtains swooshed open.

I didn’t know what to do, so I started to pray and recited the Lord’s prayer under the covers. I have goose pimples as I write this as it is bring back these terrifying memories.

All I could hear now was my heart pounding in my ears. I slowly peeked out of the blankets and directly above and inches from my face were two piercing luminous eyes with black pupils. I froze for several seconds before quickly returning to hiding under the covers. I did not see face as the room was pitch black. The next thing I remember I was screaming for help and eventually someone came downstairs and I slept upstairs with someone, I think it was my aunt.

The next day I was told I had a bad dream. It was no dream, I went through several minutes of real fear that I will never forget. I was afraid of being alone and to sleep in the dark for a long time after that probably took years to get over.

I don’t know what I saw but it was not human and not an animal. Nothing has eyes like that in our world as we know it. This event changed my perception as an adult on what exists in the paranormal world and I keep an open mind on everything !

Everything I have written here is the absolute truth. I just want to tell people about it who believe me, but unless something like this happens to you it’s difficult to comprehend. My wife is Catholic and she hates me taking about this, she tells me to not talk about it when she is around.

I live in California now, and I am intrigued by some of the stories about missing people in our National Parks. I believe something strange is happening and it is scary!

Colin D.

NOTE: There are malevolent entities that move from place to place, usually seeking discord and strife...preying upon the sick and young. Very similar to the 'shadow people...but they can assume many forms. Lon

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