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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Police Officer's Probable Bigfoot Encounter

The following account (audio) was found on the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team (M.N.B.R.T.) Facebook Group page. Officer Greg relates a bizarre Bigfoot encounter he had back in 1993 or 1994 while hunting. The day of the interview was July 8, 2016:

“It was '93 or '94 and I'm a big archery hunter. I was hunting south of here, about 10 miles or so. At the time I was die hard... I'm still die hard but I was really die hard then. I sat until a little after dark. And even after dark. I was quite a ways from the truck and I had crawled out. It was pretty much pitch black and the first leg of my walk out through like a spruce plantation. It was real dense and dark except for this old road I went through. It was fairly tight. It was dark and it must have been spruce needles on that road so it was pretty quiet and I remember the night was dead still. Dead still. Not unlike every other night.

So after awhile, I started walking out. I don't know, 30 to 50 yards from my site, I walked into a wall of stench. It wasn't... It was literally a wall. I mean I didn't do this but it was so solid that I know if I had stopped and taken a step back, I know I would have stepped out of it. But it wasn't rotten. To me, it smelled like body odor. It was so strong. I actually thought, 'What the heck is that?' It was so out of the ordinary. And I suppose, 5 or 6 or 7 yards, I think, I stepped right out of it. So it was literally a thick wall of stench. I didn't think much of it, you know, but I kept on going.

Soon after that, because it was dead still, I was walking down those pine and spruce needles, I mean it was everywhere, I heard something off to my right and a little bit behind me... it starts breaking twigs. Nothing loud but it was definitely there and it was so quiet that I could... it was a no-brainer. When I became aware of this, something was following me, off to my right behind me, I would stop and then one step later, it would stop. It did that. I purposely stopped three or four times and, same deal. I would stop, it would stop. I would wait. Nothing. There would be silence. I would start and then a step or two later, I would hear it. It would just be little twigs snapping. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. And it followed me for a hundred yards, maybe more until it reached the end of that spruce plantation and the woods kind of opened up to regular mixed trees. And I didn't hear it but there was another quarter mile to my truck. I was scared because I knew something was covering me in there.

I just came back from Montana. I'd been a big game guy there for a number of years and I knew something wasn't right. (the M.N.B.R.T. member asks if it was a quadruped or a biped) I couldn't tell. All I knew was that it was in the thick stuff and I knew that it was thick enough that if it would have been a man or a person in the pitch black in that, it would have sounded like an elephant. And I knew that... I had just come from Montana where I was (inaudible). It was something out of the ordinary. Something strange. Now do I know if it was a Bigfoot? I absolutely do not know but I knew it was nothing that I was familiar with and that coupled with the stench that I walked into just prior to that, you know, I'm saying I think it probably was.”

The officer followed up with a second incident that happened when he was hunting in Winona, Minnesota in September 2015:

“Like I said, I'm not sure that this was a Sasquatch but it was strange. I was on a hunting lease down in Winona, so East Minnesota. Bluff country. It was opening day of 2015. I think it was a Saturday afternoon. This last September. This stand that I was sitting in was toward the top of my, if you are familiar with bluff country, there's kind of canyons and ridges, so I was in the dead end of a canyon. There's a ridge to my right. A ridge to my left and I was facing downhill. Way out, I could see the main Cedar Valley. Anyone from here will know Cedar Valley and about an hour or so before dark, echoing up from the bottom... you know, the farmer who owns the land I was hunting, he's down there, so I'm kinda looking over. Of course I can't see him, but it's way way way away, echoing... it sounded like it would be coming from past the farmer's house, like down in Cedar Valley.

Anyway, echoing over this canyon, while I'm sitting there I heard this (makes roaring noise similar to the ones captured in the Sierra woods). Really loud. It sounded like a man yelling but it was really deep and it was really long. It did that seven or eight times. One right after the other. But I guess what caught my attention was the distance away that it was. How far it was from me... If it would have been like, let's say, the farmer, the landowner, down at his house, in his yard yelling, I wouldn't have... I know I wouldn't have heard it. It was that far away. But this echoed. It sounded like it was echoing up and down Cedar Valley and coming up my little drainage but it was so so loud. And it did that seven or eight times and then stopped. Each time was the same. You know the tone and pitch and length was about the same and I went down after dark and talked to the farmer and his wife and said, 'Did you hear that? It was weird.' They said, No, we were inside watching whatever on TV. So they didn't hear it, but it was odd.”

Source: Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team Facebook Group

Transcribed by JLB

NOTE: Because of the more recent evidence of upright canine activity in northern Minnesota, it may be advisable to consider that option as well. Lon

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