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Saturday, October 15, 2016

'Something hit the wall...'

Will in New York called in to tell of an event that occurred when he was a kid:

“I come from a place in Savannah, Georgia called Yamacraw. We were coming to New York in '64. I was 7 years old. My mother came down to get us, me and my two sisters and my brother. My grandfather told her to take us and bring us north because the area was changing. I came in late and she was fixing me some food. We were talking about leaving, when something hit that kitchen wall. It was like an 18 wheeler hit that wall. And we actually saw the wall give, right. And we ran out of the kitchen after being knocked out of the chairs – ran down this long hallway to our living room. My grandmother, my sisters and brother had no idea what was going on...they didn't hear it or anything. This thing was like a bomb going off.

The next morning we went out there...it was nothing. The fence wasn't moved, nothing was disturbed. And by all rights, the force of that thing would have knocked the house off the cinder blocks, because all of the houses are up on cinder blocks because the place floods, you know. To this day, we cannot explain what that was. My mom is 83 right now. We talk about it all the time. We have no explanation for it. Nobody else heard it except us two. A woman told me, said that it happened on another plain. Somehow we crossed it when we went into that kitchen and that whole area down there. Man there are stories that would curl your hair.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - October 7, 2016

Transcribed by JLB

NOTE: I agree that this may have been a tear in the dimensional fabric. I hear of anomalous experiences constantly...and it's not a new phenomenon. I believe that a majority of unexplained events are a result of dimensional shifts. Lon

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