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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Monster in the Orchard

A person responding to a previous post wrote to tell JLB about a bizarre encounter in Bardsdale, CA:

"Hi, I have two California "werewolf" stories for you. These events happened to me on a farm in Bardsdale, California between 2003 and 2004.

First event: My sister, her boyfriend, and I were all drinking beer in an abandoned bus (the farm was a school farm, where they also stored their old junk). It was about sunset when we heard crunching in the orchards surrounding the bus. There are lots of animals so we thought nothing of it. What happened next frightens me to this day. My sister's boyfriend decided to go take a leak in the orchard. As he walked off we heard something following behind him. After a few seconds he came running back yelling something was out there. We laughed at him until we started hearing banging from the back of the bus; a couple things to mention. The back of the bus was completely covered in overgrowth full of spiders, ticks, rattlesnakes, and God knows what else, so no sane person would go walking through it. And this was an old three inch thick steel bus. You would have to be huge to make the entire bus shake with each hit. When we heard whatever it was walk around the side of the bus opposite to the door, we bolted back to my house.

Second event: Skip forward almost exactly one year, late June/early July. I was standing on my porch smoking a cigarette and it was pitch black outside. I suddenly heard something HUGE running in the field in front of my front porch. My father was 6'4” 260 lbs at the time and whatever this was (I never saw it) was at least twice his weight and running on 2 feet. It sounded the way a person would run...just a very very large person. Now this frightened me so much, I spun around to run back inside my house...except my left leg stayed straight which caused my knee cap to dislocate, tearing all my ligaments and cartilage as well as my ACL tendon. To this day I can't walk right, and it's all thanks to whatever the hell was running through the field that night. I’ve only told these stories to my family and very close friends."

Source: Response / JLB

NOTE: There are a few historical reports of Bigfoot in Ventura County. There have been sightings in the Bardsdale area...including those in neighboring Fillmore, CA. There is also the legend of the The Billiwhack Monster. Bardsdale is approximately 6 miles from where the Billiwhack Monster was reported...which some believe was a deformed Bigfoot. But then again...this may have been another upright beast. Lon

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