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Friday, October 14, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'They are here to help' -- Venezuelan Inmate 'Eaten' by Fellow Prisoners -- Ghost in the Driveway

I wasn't going to post anything on Friday, since I had a heavy schedule. But I found a little bit of time late Friday...so here are a few items you may find interesting:

'They are here to help'

Winter Park, FL - Early morning of September 4, 2002. I found myself sitting on the sofa in the living room. I have no memory of waking up or falling asleep on the sofa. What I did remember what's coming in to the house after seeing a huge object in the sky over a grassy area behind my house - facing south. It is in an area with grass, tall trees and a wall blocking us off from another subdivision. I know I was sitting on the grass watching the object above me in the sky. I remember abeam coming down over me. After I was back in the house where I took out a pen and drew a picture of what I saw. I don't know how much time was missing and only have a bit of memory from this episode. I was in an enormous room with one other being. I also knew there were many many other people inside the object but they were in some other area. I kept asking the being with me when I could go home. His reply was, "you will go now". I asked about the others in the craft" and he said "it will be a long time before they will go home". "They are here to help". The next thing I knew, I was back home. - MUFON CMS


Man claims son was eaten by fellow inmates during riot in Venezuelan prison

CARACAS, VENEZUELA – Juan Carlos Herrera is beyond devastated. He says his 25-year-old-son, jailed in 2015 for robbery, was beaten, dismembered and eaten by fellow inmates at the Táchira Detention Center.

The shocking claim became public on Oct. 10, when Herrera told the local media he made the gruesome discovery during a regular prison visit.

He explained the alleged atrocity occurred during a month-long mutiny that had ended three days earlier.

“One of those who were with him when he was murdered saw everything that happened,” Herrera told reporters. “My son and two others were taken by 40 people, stabbed, hanged to bleed, and then Dorancel butchered them to feed all detainees,” he added, referring to infamous inmate Dorancel “people-eater” Vargas, who is in prison since 1999 for cannibalism.

“The [inmate] with whom I spoke to told me that he was beaten with a hammer [in order] to force him to eat the remains of the two boys,” Herrera added tearfully. - Man claims son was eaten by fellow inmates during riot in Venezuelan prison


Ghost in the Driveway

Scott in Seattle, Washington called in to tell of his ghost sighting from 1998 while living in North Bend:

“This was about 18 years ago. I purchased property in North Bend (Indiana). Five wooded acres just off Edgebrook Road. My first sighting of a ghost was a... I got off from work and took a nap. I woke up and I had this halfback couch so when I woke up, I was just like facing the window. I could see outside and I had this driveway light and you couldn't see... If that wasn't on, you couldn't see nothing. It's pitch black. And, I seen something floating in my driveway. It had like bright lines and I just stared at it. Then, like Casper the Friendly Ghost, it hung there... I just jumped up, scared out of my skin. It noticed me. It stopped.. (the man continued to talk but George cuts him off before he could finish)”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - October 7, 2016

Transcribed by JLB



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