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Monday, February 15, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Small Transparent Red-Eyed Beings Abducted Mother -- Government Lost More UFO X-Files -- Mass Hysteria Closes 57 Schools

Small Transparent Red-Eyed Beings Abducted Mother

Wyoming, MI - 9/27/2007: In 2007 my mother told me that she had been abducted by aliens. I was the only person she has talked to about her experience, because I was the only one who believed. So this is her amazing story.

My mother awoke one night around 12am in a paralyzed state, she looked over and seen a dozen or so pairs of red eyes, small and beady, but she said at first that was all she could see was their eyes, she said the rest of their bodies were almost invisible. Only visible enough to distort the view behind them. She said then that some of them came up to her and began poking her, with their three fingered hands. One of the creatures breathed in her ear, as she said it sounded like what movies typically depict them as sounding. After that the paralyzing feeling lifted, so she got up to walk to the bathroom, hoping she was just dreaming, but all 12-15 small creatures followed her to the bathroom, and then to the kitchen and back to her bedroom, She said they never said anything the whole time they were following her, but they were still semi-see through, and floating behind her as she walked room to room. After she got to her bedroom, she laid down and seen that there was a light in the backyard, so she leaned over to where the light was coming from, and that is the last she remembers till the next morning, when she woke up.

She doesn't remember falling back asleep. My mother has had insomnia for years and has always had trouble falling asleep, and staying asleep. She never lost sight of them, the whole time all this was happening. But they were gone when she woke up the next day. My sister shared a bed with my mom at that time and was never woken up or disturbed during the whole event. My mother has nothing to gain from making up such a story, if anything it has caused people to look at her like she is crazy. But upon researching the type of small humanoid she seen, I found many abduction victims reported the same semi-see through creature with red eyes, and is the size of a small child - MUFON CMS


Government Says It Has Lost More UFO X-Files

Government UFO-related documents seem to have a habit of disappearing. This time the files belonged to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

John Greenewald has been using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to get formerly classified documents from the government, and to post them online for decades. He began his efforts while in high school in the 1990s and continues his efforts to this day.

Greenewald was inspired to seek out these documents when he heard of UFO files that showed the U.S. government's interest in a UFO incident in Iran that took place in 1976. The government claims it no longer had any interest in UFOs since the official closing of its official UFO investigation, Project Blue Book, in 1969. He requested the document through a FOIA request and, to his surprise and delight, received it.

The file -- and the process of retrieving it -- fascinated Greenewald to the point where it spawned what has become a lifelong effort to retrieve formerly classified files and post them on the Internet. Greenewald's website, TheBlackVault.com, now has over 1.3 million formerly classified pages of documents.

In 1996, in response to a FOIA request, Greenewald received nearly 250 files from the DIA regarding UFOs. Supposedly, everything they had on the topic. However, several of the files were heavily redacted, meaning that there were blacked out sections, presumably, because those portions contained information that is still considered classified. Read more at Government Says It Has Lost More UFO X-Files


Historic Nigerian Building Haunted

It is known as the first storey building in Nigeria, because its foundation was said to have been laid in 1842 by the early missionaries. Completed in 1845, it is also famous because it is a place where returnee slaves settled, giving rise to a thriving society that bubbles with life till this day.

Here, there abound ghost stories told of spirits of tortured slaves, clanking their chains at night in remembrance of the awful punishment they suffered in the hands of merciless masters. The tales, sometimes told by residents dramatically, have claims of sightings. The reported hauntings are of people seeing, feeling and even hearing the ghosts of missionaries singing gloriously. There are even unconfirmed reports that Reverend Townsend and Crowther have been sighted around the area.

Behind every ghost story, is an object for it to anchor on. So there also are many relics from the slavery period, found around the area after the abolition of the trade, now housed in a museum not too far from the first storey building. The house itself was said to have been built by early missionaries who arrived the marina waterfront on December 17, 1842. Twenty three of them who were led by Reverend Henry Townsend arrived the shores of Badagry, from England.

On arrival, they found some locals whose main occupations were fishing and farming. They settled among the locals, and without a place to worship, the missionaries proceeded to plant a tree, from where they first preached the gospel. On December 25, 1842, the missionaries celebrated their first Christmas in Badagry. It is said that the friendliness of the missionaries attracted famous voodoo worshippers who later embraced Christianity.

The foundation of the building was laid by the Rev. Henry Townsend of the Methodist Church, making it the first church in Nigeria. The building which served as vicarage for Saint Thomas Anglican Church and was later used by Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the first African C.M.S Bishop that translated the Holy Bible from English to Yoruba, has six rooms, two big sitting rooms, four stores and a safe where valuable items were kept. However, there was no toilet, bathroom or kitchen in the original construction work as those who lived in the house took their bath outside. Almost all the materials used for the construction work were sourced locally. It was learnt that two of the six rooms were given to the labourers while one was allocated to Mr. Cladius Phillips, the first teacher.
The mission house which was also used as school had about 40 students who were all men. These students started off the primary school. It was also learnt that the school which was established in 1845, soon after the completion of the mission house, was named Saint Thomas Primary School.

The average age of the students was put at 45. They spent 12 years in the school. All the teachers were said to have lived in the mission house for about 23 years.

One of the rooms was given to Samuel Ajayi Crowther, a returnee slave originally from Oyo State. Crowther was said to have been born in 1809. Captured at age 12, he was sold to Portuguese slave traders. While at sea, the Portuguese vessel was hijacked by the British Royal Navy. The ship carrying the slave was moved to Freetown, now known as Sierra-Leone. Here, most of the slaves worked under some missionaries, while Ajayi worked under Rev. Crowther, accounting for the reason why Ajayi later adopted his master’s name. Ajayi was said to have attended Furabay College in Freetown. He was also sent to the School of Theology in England and ordained a reverend in 1825.

From the outside, the structure looks old and weak, but the wooden staircase looks strong enough to allow for just two persons at a time. It leads to one of the two rooms located on the upper floor of the building where there is a glass case containing the English and Yoruba versions of the bible translated by Bishop Crowther.

It was said that the English Bible is 173- years-old while the Yoruba version is 170-years-old. Historians say the once-beautiful main door was hammered out of cast iron, and to protect occupants from intruders, the builders fixed strong frames painted in dingy brown-black.

Ezekiel Viavonu, a tour guide, said, “The early missionaries were Thomas Birch Freeman of the Methodist Church, England, and his assistant, Reverend Deegraft. In December 1942, Reverend Henry Townsend of the Christian Missionary Society also came to join them in Badagry to spread the gospel. They used to preach under a tree, and the Badagry Town Hall stands where the tree was once located. The ground floor still has some of the materials used for the building including the bricks, nails, the hinges to mount the doors and the corrugated sheets to roof the building. ‘1842’ is written on one of the corrugated sheets in one the rooms where the labourers was said to have stayed.”

The floors are connected by a wooden staircase which seems to require renovation. Another staircase leads to the upper floor from outside. There is also a well inside the compound which the guide said was dug in 1842, and helped provide drinking water for the community.

Viavonu added that there have been several attempts by the Lagos State government to take over the management of the property from the Anglican Church, but they were declined.

When experts compare the building’s design to some modern houses in Lagos, it is clear that there is an architectural connection. Nevertheless, the first storey building in the nation holds a significant place in the country’s history and if well-preserved, will remain a remarkable tourist attraction and historical landmark for as long as it stands. - Ghost stories, history haunt Nigeria’s oldest storey building


Mass Hysteria Causes 57 Schools to Close in Bangladesh

It was just another day at Shibram RD Academy School in Faridpur, until a student Ritu Saha started experiencing difficulty while breathing.

Even as she was administered first aid, 37 of her classmates also reported similar symptoms.

Academy’s teacher Susanta Kumar said all the students were evacuated from the classrooms and gathered in the playground.

Meanwhile, 30 other students, mostly girls, also fell sick. They were all rushed to Faridpur Medical College Hospital (FMCH).

Fifty-seven schools of Faridpur Sadar Upazila have been closed for two days now .

Hundreds of students have succumbed to ‘mass hysteria’ .

Faridpur's Executive Magistrate (NDC) Mandip Gharai said 103 students of Shibram RD Academy and Khalilpur High School experienced sickness during school time from Tuesday to Thursday.

FMCH Supervisor Ganapati Biswas said that Faridpur could be experiencing an outbreak of Mass Psychological Disease (MPD). Hundreds of students, mostly girls between Class 6 and 10, have been affected.

The disease starts with a student feeling out of breath, with the rest developing symptoms driven by anxiety that rippled through the school, he said.

District Education Officer Parimal Chandra Mandal said, the schools would remain closed on Saturday and Sunday as a precautionary measure and to figure out what happened..

According to Magistrate Gharai, the district administration has set up a three members’ committee to investigate what led to the MPD outbreak.

“The disease is nothing serious. The situation would be back to normal after a few days,” said Ganpati Biswas.

The investigation committee is yet to identify the reason behind the domino effect of sickness. - ‘Mass hysteria’ leads to closing down of 57 schools in Faridpur



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