Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Screaming Banshee -- Are Cattle Mutilations Government 'Covert Operations?' -- Strange Encounter on Highway 89

Screaming Banshee

DJ called in to tell of a strange sighting he had while camping:

“I was out camping at a lake one night. We were all sitting around a campfire drinking and stuff when in the lake we saw a woman rising out of the middle of the water. She stood on the water and looked at us. One friend said we should check it out. I said, You are a moron, there's a woman standing on water. Then there was this giant skull-splitting scream that sent a chill up our spines. I immediately said screw it, I'm out and I ran to the car, as we drove off, I looked back and saw the woman. She was wearing all white and had black stringy hair but her face was like a blur, like it was being obscured. Suffice to say. I've not been back to that lake again.”

Source: Darkness Radio – February 10, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Are Cattle Mutilations Government 'Covert Operations?'

On five different mornings between June and October 1990, a Vancouver farmer named Richard Fazio found five of his cattle dead along the Columbia River.

The cows' carefully dissected remains -- including eyes, tongues and organs (ew!) -- were scattered across three different pastures along the Columbia River.

An Oregon State University analysis found the animals' wounds were consistent with "electrosurgical excision" and "heat-induced injury," possibly from a laser.

Without an arrest or any other possible explanation, students of the paranormal classified the discoveries as further evidence of "Moo-F-Os." In the past 50 years, space aliens, seemingly obsessed with our farm animals, have been blamed for mysterious livestock mutilations across the country.

In the Pacific Northwest, authorities have found evidence of at least 10 so-called bovine excisions, all unsolved, since the 1960s.

But Christopher O'Brien, an author headlining Sunday night's Paranormal Pub at Portland's McMenamins Mission Theater, says something far more sinister may be happening. Read more at UFOs, mutilated cows and Oregon: What's the link?


Strange Encounter on Highway 89

Arizona - 9/1984: Driving south on HWY 89 a few miles south of Keyenta, AZ at approx 60 MPH. A person dressed in total white appeared in the middle of the road, 40ft in front. Skidded to a stop, but not in time to avoid hitting the person. Checked the area and the vehicle and found nothing. Bright moon lite, so had good view of a large area. No sound of impact as if I had hit something.
Left area. 1/2 mile later, engine dies and headlites fail. Interior lites, brake lites, emergency flashers, radio are all dead. Checked battery with VOM and flashlite and registered 0 volts. Escorted family into a safe area off highway and returned to vehicle for blankets. Interior lite came on, checked battery again and registered 12 volts, so we continued on. Checked engine voltage at next lighted stop, and found 14 volts with engine running. Upon return to Denver, checked battery, cables, generator, other wiring and found nothing unusal. Considered a main fuse breaking, then in some way shorting itself to regain electrical power, but fuses showed nothing, burn marks, etc. Had vehicle for many years after event and nothing similar happened. - MUFON CMS



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