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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Abductee Predictions For 2016

By Chris Holly - On the other hand those who do not like things they see or hear on social media comment with hate and anger instead of with facts and knowledge. We have become nasty ignorant and abusive. The abductees warn this is clearly the road to complete destruction once we turn on one another. It is how we are being made weak and kept stupid. It is time we all need to think about if we want this to be the way we want to live our life as well as the level we want to stoop to? . Their advice to you all for 2016 is to turn off your phone, computer and gadgets and engage fully with those around you . It may mean the difference between life and death for you one day and the abductees fear that those who live in their fantasy bubbles will not be people who survive what may be ahead for us all.

The abductees feel the obvious mind control being done to society via your smart phone and social media addiction is and was fast and easy. You are all being spoon fed what to think and to make quick judgments on important decisions by way of sound bites or what others tell you to think and have given up free thinking or researching your facts. It will be a year of knee jerk reactions due to technology addiction and control making many decisions poor ones that will end up biting you right in your smart phone keister.

Politics will be a main issue this year but not in any way seen before. There are enough people in the world disgusted by the state of things from the economy through all the topics including war. They believe that the people who are disgusted will start to fight back against the numb and controlled technology blinded brain dead addicted among us making this a time when we will fully see the damage done to us all by way of the divide and conquer method that has been placed upon us by way of technology.

There are enough people who do want to take back their world, however, there are also many who have become so addicted and self-involved that huge change will mean a world outside of their small bubble narcissistic worlds. This will find us in conflict between people divided by addiction to technology and those who want back what we once had. The conflicts will make for a very caustic year ahead for us all - so say the abductees.

The world explodes as war continues and terror presses on and outward in all directions. The abductees see increased attacks of terror in a world that still does not understand the long term war ahead of them. Our day to day life will become more and more involved with the on going fight against terror. We are not use to this way of life and find it hard to grasp however as attempts and attacks on us increase our lifestyle of feeling safe at all times will continue to slide under the weight of this time of terror and war. Many will continue to hide and deny making it extremely hard for those who understand what is real as our world continues to tumble out of control during the year ahead.

The economy in the new year will be a bouncing ball of fear for most. The abductees feel that many events that will soon take place in the United States will continue to keep the country nervous and sliding down a dangerous road built by fear more than fact.

The unknown will take a backward trend leaving real research and headway in understanding what is real and what is not. Things considered unknown will not be investigated by anyone or any organisation or credible source but instead will become consumed by those who have been keeping the subjects considered unknown in the dark ages without advancement or understanding.

The abductees know that all things covered in the world of the unknown are simply science we are not yet able to understand as we are too primitive in our science and we seem set on staying this way. We would much rather have things looked at as spooky, scary and frightening to entertain and thrill us rather than actually understand and learn what it is that goes on above our heads, around us and to us by those who are far more advanced, The fact is we do not want to evolve to that point. If we did we would stop all the childish nonsense of fake fraud and fantasy and get to the business of serious research to find answers. We love the three F's of the paranormal and will hold tight to them during 2016.

The last issue discussed was the need for change in the world and the fight ahead by those who want change to a better stronger place and those who want to remain as things are and simply want to go down with the ship. This time of extreme importance ahead is seen with a sad heart of doubt in our ability to grow by the abductees. They ended the conversation on the year ahead with discussing the need for us all to keep prepared at all times for disaster with extra supplies and food on hand due to the many different arrows of disaster heading towards us as we blast head first into a future they see filled with hard roads and upheaval for our new year ahead. The abductees wanted to warn the public that what you think is real may not be true reality but one that has been fed to you via false information. They all feel that our smartphones and i-pads are being used to send a form of control over our thinking via impulses sent via our gadgets similar to technology attributed to Tesla's work as well as plain flat out brainwashing via subliminal material constantly being loaded into our heads. They know the public will view this warning as insane however they all agreed they were sure these things were true due to experiences they have had as abductees.

I know this is not a joyous happy look at 2016. My job was to ask what this group thought our new year ahead would hold for us. All I can do is tell you what they said.

I hope we have a good year where we all ban together to walk away from the self centered robot like lifestyle so many have taken to living and return to a time we talk directly to one another, Put down your phones and reconnect with the world around you and those you love. We all need to become less self absorbed and rude and more kind and connected with the world around us, Turn off your gadgets and turn on to real people in real time and real life before you allow it all to be taken from you,

If you are part of the paranormal community stop pushing and shoving fantasy, fiction and ridiculous ideas you dream up because you want it that way and start looking for truth by way of research and fact Not all paranormal subjects are movie plots. They are more black and white and science based. Things you do not understand are not all a big movie script . The Truth is that it is simply science that you just do not yet understand, We all need to look for the answers and stop acting like children who need to be constantly entertained instead of educated.

I understand this is a sad look at the year ahead however if we all stop and start to think about where we are going we can halt our downfall and return our society to one that is connected not divided and kind to one another not hate-filled and nasty. We can join together on many problems that face us now and work to bring us all to a better way of life If we are willing to change and work together we can make this planet a better place. The problem is we have to join together and give up our willingness to be divided , detached and distracted as that is what will destroy us.

I hope we all have a good new year and the harsh view of the abductees can be proven wrong however I know in my heart that they speak the truth.

I will do all I can to fight against that which will end our freedom. I do turn off my computer once I am done working and do not own a cell phone or any gadget that would distract me from the world around me. I try to communicate one on one with others but find often I am in competition with their smartphones and end up being rudely ignored. I will do all I can to have a happy productive positive 2016 and wish the same for you.

♥ Copyright © 2016 Chris Holly's Endless Journey with the Unknown

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