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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: The Ghosts at Home -- Mysterious Red Beam in New Jersey -- Attack of the Tumbleweed

The Ghosts at Home

An anonymous person wrote into Dave Schrader about the strange things going on around their farm:

“My family has a few horses and we have a trail through the woods connecting two pastures. One day my mother was walking this trail. She heard one of the horses running up the trail behind her so she jumped to the side to let him pass. She heard what sounded like the horse running past her and she felt wind as it passed but she saw nothing. My mom's horse which she had when she was little is buried in one of the pastures. The trail connects so we assumed it was probably him.

When I was little, I was outside playing when I saw a young man walking next door to my grandfather's house. I didn't pay him much attention but I did notice he had a wheel-barrel. When I retired to the house for the evening I asked my mom who the man was. I remember her going into the immediately worried mother mode as she questioned me on what he was wearing and what he was doing. When I got older she told me that there was no one there that day and she had seen the man there to, just as I had described it to her – wheel-barrel and all. Years ago, my parents repeatedly saw a man on their property. He was always watching my stepfather Rusty working in and around his shop in the yard. They described him as abnormally tall and dark so that you couldn't see through him so they called him Dark Man. One day Rusty spent the afternoon welding on the horse trailer and he could see Dark Man in the reflection in the welder's helmet. Rusty was laying on his back under the trailer when my mom got home. Since he was welding he didn't hear her walk up or drive over to him. She laid her hand on his leg so he would come and talk to her but his first thought was that it was Dark Man. He had come out from under the trailer as fast as he could.

Last month for Thanksgiving my mother and I were preparing food for my mother and we both heard bells. She always kept bells on the doors so that when someone opened it, she'd know. My stepfather heard nothing. But we made him go see if anyone came in the door. He said it was locked. He then then realized at that moment we were making my deceased grandfather's favourite dish so we joked that it was him coming to Thanksgiving lunch with us.”

Source: Darkness Radio – February 10, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Preseli Bluestone 'Disappearing'

Preseli bluestones are being illegally removed from protected quarries in Pembrokeshire, "robbing" Wales of its history, geologists have warned.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is urging people to stop removing them from sites such as Carn Menyn in the Preseli Hills.

The stones, from the same site as those used in Stonehenge's inner ring, are said to be "disappearing".

The area is part of the Mynydd Preseli Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Park ranger Richard Vaughan said: "It is very sad to think that to many, the stones are very important, yet to others they are a possible source of income and taken away from where they belong."

The park's culture and heritage manager, Phil Bennett added: "If somebody took a hammer and started bashing chunks off a bluestone at Stonehenge there would be an outcry.

"To me, what is happening at Carn Menyn is just the same."

Archaeologist, Prof Geoff Wainwright, said: "As an archaeologist, Preseli is of far greater interest to me than any single monument.

"When a piece of bluestone is removed from the crags at Carn Menyn, unique information about the past is lost and cannot be recovered. We have all been robbed." - Protected Preseli bluestone being 'robbed' from hills

NOTE: for those people, like myself, who believe in and use the metaphysical properties of crystals and stones, Preseli Bluestone has a unique and powerful vibration. I was fortunate to acquire a fist-sized piece many years ago. It was obtained by a US bomber pilot who was stationed in the UK during WWII. It was given to his sister, who gave it to me. The stone was said to have come from the Stonehenge site...though I cannot verify that information. It's an amazing gift and tool...Lon


Mysterious Red Beam in New Jersey

The puzzled witness has asked for others who saw the strange sight in New Jersey, on Monday, to get in contact to help get to the bottom of the mystery.

The unnamed man filed a report to the US-based Mutual UFO network (MUFON), asking that it investigate to see if there is any connection to the UFO or alien phenomenon.

He was able to film the event and sent the footage and stills into MUFON for analysis.

He wrote in his report: "Did anybody report seeing this beam of light in the sky?

"It was visible until about 6.45am this morning, not sure what time it originated.

"I first saw it at 6.30am to the north west of Pedricktown, New Jersey.

"The centre of the beam was the most intense and tapers off at the top and towards the bottom.

"It pulsated until it disappeared around 6.45am."


Attack of the Tumbleweed

A fast-growing tumbleweed dubbed "hairy panic" has taken over a street in a rural Australian town with homes and gardens clogged with the weed.

Residents in Wangaratta, Victoria, have complained they have had to spent hours clearing away the weed only for it to come back the next day.

Extremely dry conditions and winds mean that the weed, with a Latin name of Panicum effusum, is engulfing homes sometimes up to roof height.

One resident Cherly Lengrand said she had spent eight hours cleaning out the tumbleweed from her garden only for it to return the following day.

The grass is found in every Australian state but a nearby farmer is being blamed for the outbreak accused of failing to tend to his paddock.

The weed, which is called "hairy" because of the long hairs along the edges of their leaves, can cause a potentially fatal condition called "yellow big head" in sheep if eaten in large quantities.

Australian authorities say they are unable to help with the clean-up because the tumbleweeds, made up of dead grass and seeds, do not pose a fire threat. - 'Hairy panic' as tumbleweed engulfs Australian homes



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