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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Huge Bird in Vietnam -- Shark Attacks in 2015 Hit Record High -- Weird 'Clouds of Suds' Fall From Moroccan Skies

Huge Bird in Vietnam

Donald in Kent, Ohio called in to tell of something he observed while serving in Vietnam:

“I wanted to relate a story about an event that happened to me in Vietnam... Back in '69 I was stationed in a place called DiAn (he spells it out) in Vietnam. This is about 12 miles north of Saigon. I was on a tower on the perimeter, protecting the base-camp. We had what's called a Crew Served Starlight Scope. This is a first generation starlight scope. They are kind of primitive but it amplifies the light from the stars or any kind of background. Even decayed vegetation will put out a glow and about 3 to 400 meters outside the base-camp, everything was ploughed so we had a field of fire I saw this huge bird come out of the jungle line. George, this thing had to have the wingspan of a Cessna. And what it was was that it had a very lumbering beat, not like a sparrow that would have a hundred beats per minute. It was very low like it was carrying a huge load or something but I couldn't make out the body or anything other, I was just absolutely shocked at seeing this creature from this distance.”

Source: Coast To Coast - January 22, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Shark attacks in 2015 hit record high

Sharks attacked people a record 98 times in 2015, which was largely due to the rise in shark numbers, research shows.

Six people were killed by sharks, including a snorkeller in Hawaii.

Two deaths were recorded off the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, and shark attack victims also died in Australia, Egypt and New Caledonia, according to data submitted by scientists worldwide.

While last year saw twice as many fatal attacks as 2014, the number of deadly encounters was roughly on par with the past decade's average, said George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File.

The University of Florida database was established in 1958.

The 98 unprovoked attacks surpassed by 10 the previous high recorded in 2000, he said. The rise reflects growing populations of both people and sharks, he said.

Shark attacks are occurring further north in the United States, Burgess noted. In a rare incident, a New Yorker was attacked while boogie boarding off Long Island, he said.

"We're going to be seeing more bites north of Virginia in the east and California in the west in the years ahead as long as this warming trend continues," Burgess said.

Unseasonable warm water off the coasts of North and South Carolina likely contributed to 16 attacks there last year, including rare attacks in which two children were bitten in separate incidents less than an hour apart, he said.

Florida saw 30 shark attacks in 2015, roughly half of the 59 recorded in the United States, as is typical, Burgess said.

After the United States, Australia and South Africa recorded the next highest number of attacks, at 18 and 8 respectively. - Shark attacks in 2015 hit record high


Weird 'Clouds of Suds' Fall From Moroccan Skies

Click for video - Morocco: ‘Clouds Falling from the Sky’ Spark Discussion on Social Media

Rabat – A video appearing to show cloud-like shapes covering the ground in the region of Doukkala in Morocco was widely shared on social media after it was published on YouTube on last Wednesday.

The video shows the whole area covered in a thick, foam-like substance.

Large chunks of the mysterious substance were captured on video rolling on the ground as if pushed by the breeze.

The people who filmed it said they were amazed by these mysterious substance.

The cameraman said that he has never seen a similar substance before and that he believes the substance is clouds that fell down from the sky.

“I have never seen clouds fall down to the ground. It is strange,” he said.

The strangeness of the substance and rarity of such a phenomenon divided YouTube commenters on the logical explanation for the appearance of the thick foam.

Some said that it is a result of chemtrails—a long-running conspiracy claiming poisonous toxins are deliberately sprayed from planes onto the public for sinister purposes. This theory has been dismissed by the scientific community.

Some others believed that they are real clouds that fell into the ground, while another opinion says the substance is just the foam from the river carried over by the wind.

Addressing those saying that the mysterious substance is foam from a polluted river, a YouTube user said “It can’t be so. That foam would be too heavy to float around like we see in this video and would be wet and not like cotton.”

One commenter argued that the substance could be “artificial” foam “created…to float in the sky to look like clouds.”

“My best guess would be something to do with chemtrails,” said another commenter.

The cloud-shaped substance has sparked discussion of mystery among social media users in the absence of a logical scientific explanation from an expert. - Morocco: ‘Clouds Falling from the Sky’ Spark Discussion on Social Media


Starship Enterprise in the shop for repairs, to voyage again later this year

Captain’s log.

Star date: Jan. 31, 2016.

After 50 years of imaginary intergalactic service and epic flights of science fiction, the starship Enterprise, registry number NCC-1701, lies in pieces on a table at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia.

X-rays of its insides hang on the walls of the conservation unit. Parts of the ship’s poplar-and-fiberglass hull are exposed. And the bridge, where fictional Starfleet Capt. James T. Kirk once sat, has been removed.

Enterprise is a venerable ship — launched in 1964 at a Burbank, Calif., prop maker’s shop for the original “Star Trek” television series.

It’s also a piece of history, along with the Wright Brothers’ “Flyer” and Charles Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St. Louis.”

The museum is now restoring the make-believe voyager as a part of America’s real-life air and space heritage. Read more at Starship Enterprise in the shop for repairs, to voyage again later this year


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